Chatting on Easter ….

If you’re taking a break from the holiday to watch the Mets, chat with us. The Mets are coming off their best game of the season, and Luis Castillo is coming off his best game in years.

It has been written here and elsewhere Castillo needs to enter Opening Day at Citi Field on a high note to make for a warm reception. He appears to have done that.

Johan Santana starts for the Mets today, making his second start of the season after a strong start at Cincinnati.

Here’s today’s line-up:

Reyes, SS
Murphy, LF
Wright, 3B
Delgado, 1B
Beltran, CF
Church, RF
Castro, C
Castillo, 2B
Santana, P

59 thoughts on “Chatting on Easter ….

  1. Paulino makes a perfect throw. That was hard to beleive.
    If Castillo gets booed or not booed based on one game then the richies sitting in taxpayer field are more clueless than I originally beleived.

  2. John – At least Santana seems to be his old self – I just hope the team really backs him up today, and that last night wasn’t a fluke.

  3. (4) I remember that. I know he can hit but I remember him being a defensive liability. That throw was perfect to get Reyes. Maybe I have Doumit and Paulino backwards?

  4. OT – Just got an IM from Brian that the pirates have been killed and his friend the Captain is free. I’ll check CNN for details.

  5. That was something. And then giving up a hit to the 8 man with 2 out was bad on Santana’s part. Error compounded by mental error.

  6. Sadecki Are you the guy whopaid 7,500 bucks for the two Madoff season tickets at cityfield? Good deal….

  7. Chiti- No I just decided I would buy 2 premium tickets for one Yankee game. That way I can pocket the extra 2.5K

  8. Speaking of seat prices, Lupica has an article today saying the avg. ticket price at yankee stadium is $72. that does not include my premium seats! avg citi price is $36.

  9. (20) Arming the cargo ships will have a positive impact on the stimulus package.

    I read about the prices, yet the Yankees have still sold more than 3 million tickets already. Its incredible.

    So is Josh Johnson so far. Maybe you guys should chip in get TJ surgery for OP.

  10. I’m hearing these guys talk about Castro being in prefect shape, which is what they said about Castro last April.

    Look at that Sadecki the slugger Castillo busts up the no-no with that smash!!!!

  11. JD (23) Banish that part of you, unless it’s a Mets pitcher throwing the no hitter!

  12. John (23) were you covering the Yankees when DAvid Wells and David Cone had theirs?

  13. John (28) I’ve always thought it ironic that so many Mets pitchers had no hitters after they had left the Mets.

  14. 26. delcos- wouldnt it be something if coinflip threw the first no hitter? over under on walks? the middle being 5.

  15. Now that Luis has broken the Marlins’ spirit and Johann has found his stride, I like the Mets’ chances the rest of the way.

  16. BTW, with all the “old-time” baseball touches they tried to fit into Chiti Field, isn’t it a shame they couldn’t find another Jane Jarvis and include an organ?

    And there’s the offense coming alive against the now-demoralized Marlins!

  17. Is there any way to lobby whoever runs the PA system for the Mets to play “Louie, Louie” whenever Castillo comes up? That would certainly help get some crowd support going for him at home.

  18. Never at one in person. Closest was 1959, 2nd game of a DH between Yanks and Senators> Bob Turley lost it with one out in 9th PH named Julio Becquer got a single to left bouncing a few feet in front of Norm Sieborn. Hated both of em!

    Brother in law (not then) saw one in 1952, Virgil Trucks no hit the Yanks in a year his record was 5-19.

  19. I don’t know what was more bizarre about the break on SNY: the interview with Gooden, with all those people wandering by who obviously had absolutely no clue who he was, or the fact that the Marlins have cheerleaders!

  20. (39) Thanks for renaming the new place for me!! I always thought that the Mets owed some sort of recognition to the late great Harry Chiti, one of the few players in MLB records to have the word RETURNED on his transactions.
    (36) How did Luis break the Marlin spirits. If he did, he certainly gave them back their spirit with that fielding gem.

  21. Harry (46) You’re welcome. At least Chiti Field is more polite than the possible alternative.

    Luis broke their spirits by breaking up the no-hitter — or so I was hoping at the time. :-(

  22. Johnson is starting to look like he could go all the way. Mets bullpen NEEDS to shut down the Marlins now for there to be a chance!

  23. Gary Sheffield a guy who hit 499 HRs against major league pitchers, obviously he must have hit at least a couple against a righty. Two outs, trying run at the plate in the 8th and if you ain’t gonna use sheffield in that spot then I just ask what the hell is he doing on the roster, other than wasting space. I think Manuel said it all about what is left of Sheffield with that move.

  24. Even if the Mets lose this game, I will have a smile on my face just thinking about what Heilmann would have done in that last half inning.

  25. Dang. Well, at least they made it interesting. Johnson was just dominating. But I’ll say it again: they wouldn’t have even had a shot in the 9th if Parnell hadn’t shut down the Marlins. They would have tacked on an extra run or two FOR SURE last year.

    I’d call this a “good loss.”

  26. Tip of the hat to Johnson. We lose but I love it the pitcher going the whole way in a close game and not leaving it to some other guy to finish it out. Old fashioned baseball for one day!

  27. Howie’s at the hockey game, but Wayne has put this game ‘in the book’ for him.

    See you tomorrow

  28. I’ll clarify “good loss”: it didn’t leave me feeling sick to my stomach.

    Have a great day, everybody!

  29. Crisp game at 2:04. Not the result or weekend we wanted. Time to go and watch the final game of the George Bamberger on ice 25 years later, the Islanders last game of the season.