METS CHAT ROOM: Game #5; Marlon gone; Livan starts.



Please don’t ask about the arcane blackout rules, I don’t understand them, either. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the Mets to come on a half-hour late.

Tonight we get our first look at Livan Hernandez. Room was made for him today by designating Marlon Anderson for assignment. As expected, the Mets said they hope he clears waivers and will take a minor league assignment.

Anderson was really the only decision the Mets could have made as they need the extra reliever.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Daniel Murphy, LF
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Delgado, 1B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Ryan Church, RF
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Livan Hernandez, P

135 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #5; Marlon gone; Livan starts.

  1. Sheffield was on the pre game radio show and said hes lost five pounds. Says hes confident he will be outfield shape soon. We shall see.

  2. (1,2,4) HaHa!!!!
    I’d be happier if they ate 50K and got rid of O’Day.
    (3) Now that’s funny! Is he gonna take someof the cream without knowing what they are of course to play like he’s 33 again?

  3. Seriously, I hear they’re raising the hot dog prices to pay for Marlon’s contract.

  4. (7) You saw Right Field. Do you think a 40 year old who hasn’t fielded for 2 years can play that field?

  5. Hi Everybody – I was cool on Sheffield the whole time – I don’t think he can still play the outfield and, I’m not sure he can still hit – how long since homerun 499?

  6. Heres another funny. Manual said they released Marlon because he is not versatile enough. You gotta be versatile to play in the NL. I heard it on the radio so I cant say if he said it with a straight face.

  7. John (12)
    Tomorrow I will have TBS and the Mets live at 1PM.
    Are these the same Mets who played last night??

  8. Ray (13): That’s odd. Anderson’s versatility is why he was on the team in the first place. At least, that’s what they said.-JD

  9. Ray (13) Interesting comment, Ray – wonder if some guys prefer radio for that very reason.

  10. Ray (20) El Duque had a unique presence on the mound. Livan is so different from his half brother, but they both know the game well – wasn’t their Dad a well known Cuban pitcher?

  11. I don’t mind sheff on the bench – he’s that power threat that makes the opposition think twice about switching pitchers but I dont want him starting over church

  12. Ed (28): You noticed that stance, too. It’s like he’s leaning forward and off balance. … Big night, by the way, for Castillo.-JD

  13. his knees are more bent, back leg turned and closer to the plate but the most noticeable thing is his body turned towards the pitcher back hip is already open before he swings

  14. 24 Annie, not sure about thier Dad. Duque was fun to watch. Too bad he couldnt stay healthy.

  15. 34. Ed, I remember lots of people dissing Omar on that signing. Its nice to see Church getting off to a hot start. I have always liked his game.

  16. i wish El Duque would have come over younger he was such a master of pitching when he was on it was fun to watch him manipulate hitters he would have been a HOF

  17. Ray (37): He’s the perfect No. 5 at this stage of his career. He gives the Mets 200 innings this year that’s all they can ask for.-JD

  18. Ed (38): I remember covering El Duque when he was with the Yankees. He was a magician on the mound. An artist. Nerves of steel, too.-JD

  19. Ed(39) I think some hitters were scared to death of him… He’d pull down his cap and stare at them.

  20. His brother seems to be becoming a better pitcher instead of a thrower since I saw him last

  21. he’s not as turned this at bat – since the start of the season you could see his back hip

  22. Beltran is the best hitting center fielder in the league ( IMO) but if he played the corner would his numbers improve form less wear and tare or would he look like an average corner hitter


  24. No problem. Thought you were yelling at me. You’re right about his knees. He might be fresher, and I guess that could translate into more power.-JD

  25. there should have been a reliever up to start the inning – this was very predictable

  26. now here’s my question – stokes did nothing wrong that was a lucky hit – how come the Mets aren’t getting those they’ve left 38 RISP to start the year

  27. man this feels like last year – nothing is safe they have no luck and everything is a risk 5-0 should be a breeze but it isnt

  28. Ed (73) You’re right, Perez is a head case. My question is why doesn’t the team address this issue by sending him down for more work on the field and a bit of counseling about playing Major League baseball.

  29. he wouldn’t get picked up off waivers because another team would have to pay the contract but he could opt out and we’d be paying him while someone else got him at league min.

  30. three different teams – with dominant seasosn I also thinks puts him over the top

  31. John (89) Hernandez was terrific, but everyone seems to have perked up since yesterday. Wonder what happened to this time between last night and tonight…

  32. Annie (94): Everything fell into place. It helps when you get a well-pitched game like Hernandez gave them. And, everybody is hitting tonight.-JD

  33. We shouldn’t have to wonder “why” they’re playing well. We should wonder why when they don’t!

  34. Ed – that’s a great answer, and John you’ve made good points, too. It’s been a delight listening to this game.

  35. Castillo’s 4th hit of the night? If he resurrects his career the way Delgado did, this will be a great Easter weekend indeed!

  36. What happened to Ray Sadecki? After last night’s Elton John comments, I was waiting for him to say “And he shall be Livan, and he shall be a good man” tonight…

  37. best catcher I ever saw was when I was stationed in San diego bennie was still young he could throw a guy out from his knees

  38. Looie was playing hurt last year. This year we are going to see the real Castillo.

  39. ed (110) it took me a minute to realize that “bennie” was Santiago, not Ayala. (Or “and the Jets” but Ray’s still not here…)

    ed (111) yeah, that’s a good line, but I’m not sure I understand what “stop thinking meat” means…?

  40. Sorry, Ray… I tried to call you back!

    I think Anita signed off. Good thing. It would be bad to think that what just happened was witnessed by Anita – O’Day.

  41. O’Day could be a nice story – when was the last time a rule five made it in a large market

  42. Howie’s put this game “In the Book” – and it’s a good one.

    ‘Night everyone – Santana tomorrow :)

  43. Are the fish ready to make another surprise run to the World Series? they are dangerous. And Howie puts it in the books. Whew

  44. JD, It Don’t Come Easy, as Ringo would say.
    (Unfortunately, I was the only one here old enough to get the Anita O’Day reference!)

  45. Release Marlon and everyone relaxes. No fear of losing their job anymore…..LOL.