WANTED: Pitching

Sorry for the late post today.

I know it has only been three games, but I didn’t even need them to tell me the Mets still need to improve their starting pitching. After Johan Santana are you really convinced of what you’ll get from the other four in the rotation.

I believe in Mike Pelfrey, but his first start shows there are still growing pains. After reaching a career-high in innings pitched last season, will he hit a wall? There’s no way of knowing, but the assumption has to be made, and it has to be addressed.

John Maine goes tonight and he’s coming off shoulder surgery. Supposedly, it is minor, but everybody else’s surgery is always minor. Tonight will not be conclusive, one way or another.

Livan Hernandez is an innings eater at the end of his career. I liked the signing. Still do, but he is what he is. He’s a .500 pitcher these days, which is the definition of a fifth starter.

OK … Oliver Perez is next. He can be nails-on-a-chalkboard annoying to watch at times, such as yesterday. I don’t want to say the Mets can’t win with Perez, because afterall, he did win 15 for them two years ago. But, that’s looking more and more like a fluke.

Jake Peavy, Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt could all be available come the end of July. The Mets can’t afford to be timid then. If it costs them F-Mart, then so be it. Quality pitching is more important anyway.

2 thoughts on “WANTED: Pitching

  1. That lineup needs to be fixed first. Castillo needs to be taken out of the 8th spot and either bat 9 or 2, preferably 2 and Murph needs to bat 6/7. This lineup with Schneider/Castillo/pitcher is going to be costly. You have to PH for all of them late in the game and with a 5 man bench that doesn’t last too long as a strategy
    The rotation is what it is. It isn’t changing for a while unless there is injury.

  2. I’m with you, Harry. Castillo’s assets (working the count, drawing walks, bunting, stealing) are perfect for #2, virtually useless at #8. And Murphy should be in an RBI spot, preferably behind Beltran or whoever ends up #5, though we certainly can’t complain about what Church has been doing there so far.

    As for the rotation, why don’t we wait till June to see what the needs are? We may need 2 more SPs, or we may need none. It’s up to the guys we currently have, and Niese/Gee at AAA.

    Martinez may become expendable, if Murphy, Delgado and Church all have solid seasons and Evans is waiting in the wings. But in any case, it’s MUCH too early to come to any conclusions.