METS CHAT ROOM: Game #4; Maine vs. Marlins.



The Mets are in Miami tonight to face the Marlins, the team that eliminated them from playoff contention in the season’s final game in each of the last two years.

The 3-0 Marlins are for real and have loftier goals than being a spoiler this year. The 2-1 Mets will go with John Maine, who will make his first start since surgery to remove a bone spur from his throwing shoulder last August. Maine was 10-8 with a 4.18 ERA in 25 starts last season, and is 3-1 with a 2.75 ERA in six starts against the Marlins.

We can draw a couple of conclusions from the series in Cincinnati, beginning with the Mets’ starting pitching is an issue. To think the Marlins can’t handle Maine and Livan Hernandez tomorrow is absurd.

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  1. These umpires tonight are brutal to both sides. Neither of the called third strikes to D-Wright looked like strikes, neither did the called third strike to Beltran and twice in a row it looked like Anibal Sanchez picked Jose Reyes off first.

  2. I’m not thrilled with Murphy batting behind Reyes. He doesn’t give Reyes enough of a chance to steal.
    Also, JD, why’d you characterize yesterday’s game as a “must-win” for the Mets? A little early for that, no?

  3. John/Gil – I just had to see the opening scene from HEAT with Pacino and DeNiro on AMC. “Those guys are good!”

  4. I agree with you, JD, about Castillo in tghe No. 2 hole, but then where do you bat Murph? Seventh? Eighth?

  5. Jose Reyes has had two great at-bats tonight to draw those walks. But Murphy MUST let him swipe a base. Murphy has good enough bat control to spoil two-strike pitches to not worry about getting two strikes on him.

  6. John (15) I never thought those two HRs would be the only score this far into the game.

  7. I guess I can keep peeking into my room to see the movie – it is endless and wonderful although a bit violent…

    Maybe the Mets had a bad flight…

  8. John (19)Exactly – I remember Mike Mussina saying that he really never minded the solo homers – it was the rallies with the multiple runs that made him angry (at himself, of course) Maine’s doing fine.

  9. John (28) of course he shouldn’t – there is something about this whole Detroit/Sheffield situation that doesn’t ring true.

  10. Guess it’s true what folks said about Sheffield having value in that it affects the opposing strategy — the pitching conference on the mound, the eventual intentional walk…but an awful at-bat there by Jose, seing just two pitches and flying out…

  11. There’s something about the 14 Million that Detroit still owes him that I don’t understand – I can’t explain it, but it just doesn’t seem like a normal deal.

  12. Annie: The Tigers just actually had the stones to do to Sheffield what many said the Mets should’ve done this off-season with Castillo.
    Years back, the Tigers did the same thing with former Met, Damion Easley.

  13. As much as I want to embrace all the new guys, I’m not completely sold on Sean Green.

  14. While his breaking stuff seems wicked sometimes, if he gets the ball up, batters smoke it — as Cantu did a few minutes ago on that RBI single.
    Remember Opening Day? The first pitch he threw resulted in a blistering line drive to the gap that Murphy had to run down.

  15. Gil (35)
    I can see the sense in that.

    Perhaps because I spent the afternoon watching the Masters with the elegant guitar music, the flowers and the players who are all independent contractor who call rules on themselves, I’m still in that world. Forgive me.

  16. Ray; No, I’m not saying the Mets should’ve released Castillo. But Omar shouldn’t have given him four years for all that money for a very solid month-and-a-half with the Mets. Two years max would’ve been appropriate.

  17. By the way, y’all, my wife and I are making the 3-hour drive to Miami Sunday to see Johan and the Mets against the Marlins. JD, any takes on Dolphin Stadium? It’ll be our first time there.

  18. 41 42 I will say at this point that I feel a lot better about Looies deal than i do about coin flips. who is making twice as much money by the way.

  19. John (48) Isn’t that the old Joe Robbie Stadium?
    Finally some bat action from the Mets – is it possible they will be able to pull this one out?

  20. It would be nice to see the Mets actually do some major damage with the bases loaded for a change. C’mon, Castillo…

  21. Castillo generally doesn’t strike out much, but this year, he’s already gone down looking three times.

  22. I think Sheffield better start producing too, I like Tatis alot. Also, JD, You forgot to mention Webb and Haren. The Dbacks look pretty weak this year.

  23. True, but let’s give the guy a break at Citi on Opening Day. New year. But I can already hear the fans booing Ollie.
    I mean I remember back in the day at Shea even George Foster got a break on Opening Day in ’83 after a putrid ’82.

  24. Ray: Sheffield better START producing?
    Kinda hard to do that when the opposition walks you intentionally. Other than that, he’s has ONE at-bat! :)

  25. Putz should’ve been in there to face Ramirez. Use your best against their best. Isn’t that why we got him?

  26. Couple things I don’t get about last half-inning. Bonifacio gets on base.
    Wouldn’t that have been a good time to bring in Pedro Feliciano to do two things: 1)keep Bonifacio close at first base and 2)face the lefty-hitting Baker?
    Then, even if Baker does what he does, I go to Putz for the 7th and 8th.
    I would’ve double-switched Alex Cora to bat ninth and play second and put the pitcher in the eighth spot.
    Oh…by the way, that may have been Marlon Anderson’s last AB as a Met.

  27. 62 Gil, This signing was a mistake. He cant play the field by his own admission unless he drops twenty pounds. I hate to see Tatis lose at bat because of this guy.

  28. JD (73) About that promise: Can you be a bit more specific? Will that be in a game in June?

  29. Ray, I agree with you on the Sheffield signing, but the reality is, he’s on the team, nothing we can do about that.
    So now that he’s one of us, I have no choice but to hope he succeeds. So far, I can’t say he’s been unproductive.
    Oh and speaking of unproductive so far, D-Wright has now left three runners in scoring position.
    I love D-Wright, but the last couple of years he’s been a slow starter.

  30. Gil, I hope so too, but I am not very hopeful. DWrights slow start is frustrating, probably more for him than us. Daniel my brother Murphy has been the best Met so far. damn i wish he could qualify for ROY this year.

  31. Okay, Reed comes through! Tie game!
    Now, to betray my ignorance: Who the heck is Reed?

  32. Howie has put this game “In the Books”, but it’s not really worth keeping.
    ‘Night everybody.

  33. (92) There’s a new law in baseball Sadecki that says take your starter out no matter how’s he’s doing when he gets to the legal limit of pitches. Then, if the game is close you go thru your no more than one inning per pitcher so that when you get to the 9th there are two rules, if on the road pitch your worst pitcher because you have to save your closer all night in case you ever get the lead and you have to save your pitcher who has a one inning exemption card (like a get out of jail card in monopoly) for the 2nd to last guy. So by these rules Stokes and KROD were ineligible to pitch. If at home, KROD would have been pitching the 9th because he woouldn’t have a save situation, and then the worst remaining and then the guy woth the one inning exemption. We don’t need managers. They all use the ame book.
    Here’s the unhappy recp: SOM. Same old Mets. Bad pen, bad clutch hitting, bad managing. Florida had only two of these, bad pen and bad managing. Everybody like the move to have Sanchez bat even tho he wasn’t pitching the next inning.

  34. So the big news is out. Marlon got the axe. The Wilpons gonna have to raise the price of hot dogs to cover his salary!