METS CHAT ROOM: Game #3, Heads or tails?



It turned out tails. After a miserable spring training which ended with Oliver Perez giving up six runs in two-thirds of an inning Saturday against Boston, Coin Flip gave up eight runs today.

He walked five, three of which came around to score.

I had guessed a good start by Perez based on his 9-4 lifetime record against the Reds, and he was great through the first two innings. But, they play nine.

Perez couldn’t live with prosperity today. The Mets gave him three and he gave up four in the bottom of the inning. The Mets tied it for him and he gave up four more.

Served me right in thinking he’d have a good start. I’ve watched him since 2006 and I really don’t have any idea of what I’ll see from him from one start to the next.

I know the Mets won’t do it, but Perez should be sent out for work. His fastball isn’t there and neither is his command. It wouldn’t hurt him to stay behind in Florida and work on his arm strength.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

75 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #3, Heads or tails?

  1. Got my gameday audio now. A big improvement over gameday. Lets go for the sweep.

  2. I’ll go for Ollie doing well today – he’s needed to keep the streak going.

  3. (2) Good luck listening to that whiney Hagin guy! How about that OP. Perfect thru all of 1 !

  4. Ray/John here’s an email I got today from SNY – However, after four years, I’ve adapted to Howie and crew.

    Thank you for your interest in our network. Our goal is to deliver SNY – the TV home of the New York Mets, Jets and Big East Conference – to the widest possible audience. We are more than willing to have meaningful dialogue with Cox, but their rigid stance hasn’t allowed us to find common ground. In addition, our research combined with the emails and viewer calls from your area indicates there is a great interest in our network. We share your frustration in Cox’s refusal to carry SNY. The best course of action is to keep calling Cox directly to express your interest and request the network. Hopefully our efforts combined with yours will result in a future launch.


  5. (6) no doubt about it!

    Last nite I was watching with the Reds announcers who are super homerish, but they were raving about Daniel Murphy.
    Ron Darling must have a new contract requiring him to make an excuse for every little thing real or perceived.

  6. Yes! How many runs ahead to we need to feel comfortable here? Last night’s ninth inning is still fresh in my mind.

  7. So much for shutting a team down after getting a lead. So much for my hunch about a strong start. Two walks translate into four runs.-JD

  8. (11) I think you jinxed OP with your statement. So much for renegotiations. Good thing for Minaya that Boras is never in a rush.
    Joey Votto = real deal. I remember Keith liked him from day 1.

    Annie: Good luck. The never ending battle between greedy sports companies and greedy cable companies always screws the fans.

  9. Yes Harry, JD did. But you knew it was going to be too good to be true with OP

  10. Harry (15) I know – I’ve been through some of the battles. However, I really don’t mind the radio – you get more information and a lot less commercials and those annoying noises that are on the telecasts.

    I prefer a quiet sportscaster – Vin Scully is the benchmark for me, so Howie, Wayne and Eddie suit me fine even though they aren’t nearly in his class, they are quiet.

  11. John (14) I just hope that Ollie doesn’t become the ‘mistake of the year’ for Omar. Everyone else seems to take the game seriously.

  12. Ray (19) Yes Bob was – even Ralph Kiner had his moments. It’s the screaming and stupid remarks that I don’t like.
    John Sterling comes to mind immediately.

  13. Why does Ollie giving up the lead make me so much more upset than when Pelfrey gave up the lead last night?

  14. No one is as good as Vin Scully. And to think he does the broadcasts by himself too.

  15. OT – anyone else need Masters updates? I’m in a pool where you choose 8 players to finish well. So, they have to first play well enough to make the cut. That started today.

  16. dave you can go to the million dollar booth in cityfield.
    look at the new ballpark in Cincy. bad team = bad attendance after a year or two. dollar stand doesn’t help.

  17. (27) I wanted him signed too. Look at this way. You can’t be dissapointed with Ollie’s outings.

  18. (24) Did you ever hear Mel Allen? Scully is best today, altho I’d put Murph with him before he left us, but I don’t think anyone was as good as Mel Allen.

  19. Oh Coin Flip… (sigh). Not sure if there’s been a more frustrating Mets pitcher. Nolan Ryan? Fat Sid Fernandez? Randy Tate? But there is time left for a comeback.

  20. (30) Randy Tate the guy was on the Mets one year. and in the mid 70’s late 70’s? And did he ever pitch anywhere else? How can you compare him to the rest. He pitched for a team on a rapid downward spiral.

    Why was OP kept in after Vott’s AB? It was lucky Phillips didn’t hit a 3 run shot. That’s why baseball in general is flawed today. Starter is going good we take him out becuase of pitch count. Starter is going bad we leave him in to get to pitch count. Don’t need managers just counters.

  21. (32) Don’t agree. Stokes is the theoretical long man. And O’Day is really Matt Wise in drag. Did we keep him because of the big Rul5 investment?

  22. Steve Original (23): Because you know he’s going to give it up. You just don’t know how bad it is going to be. … Serves me right for trying to be positive and saying he’d have a good game. Yes, blame me.-JD

  23. The thing that impressed me so much about Scully is the fact that he does it alone, and you don’t miss the fact that there isn’t an analyst with him. Unfortunately I do not remember much of Mel Allen but I do remember his call of the Righetti no-hitter in 1983.

  24. (40) It better be Marlon Anderson JD…he just serves no purpose on this team

  25. Ray (44) yes it was, Ray. Steve is probably right naming Marlon Anderson.

  26. Annie (42): That’s not a bad idea. Coin Flip is so messed up right now it wouldn’t hurt to give him some extra work. I mean, they’ve tried just about everything else.-JD

  27. (38) Back in the 50’s guys announced alone. In the World sEries they used the guys from the 2 clubs, and they “worked together” but say in 55-56 Scully would do half the game by himself and Allen would do half the game by himself. Scully still works the same way. I think the Brewers radio guys do it themselves also.

    Agree Anderson should be gone. He should already be gone…. but…

  28. 46.Whats he gonna be like when the boo birds serenade him at The New Citifield.

  29. (48) Don’t think the booing will matter. Where’d his fastball go? When he came to NY he could throw 93-94. Now he’s an high 80’s guy. Me, I kinda think he has his ideas of what to but wants to please and listens to anybody and everybody and this is the result.

  30. (47) Harry: I always thought that Mel Allen and Red Barber worked together when they broadcasted Yankee games? Scully on T.V. does the entire game by himself b.t.w.

  31. Harry (50): His fastball is way off. He didn’t have a regular spring training and this is the result. Warthen is going to blame the WBC after the game, and he won’t be far wrong.-JD

  32. Red worked for the Dodgers and came to the Yankees when the Dodgers moved West or shortly before that. He didn’t go on the road excpet when the Yanks went to Boston. I beleive you are right and they worked together and that may have been the start of it.

  33. Steve (52): Like yesterday, the offense is going to have to win it. That’s not ideal, but those are the cards Flip left for the Mets.-JD

  34. John (55)I thought that Mel Stottlemeyer gave Flipper some attention at the WBC, or perhaps he just doesn’t listen or want to change.

    Hard to tell, but he’s going to cause a problem for the whole team if he doesn’t get himself together.

  35. (56) Annie: Warthen was supposed to be the magic pill for Ollie. I think JD is right, he’s suffering from lack of work in ST. They’ll have to work with him in the pen between starts and hope he regains his arm slot and all that pitching stuff.

  36. Steve (57): Which is why a week or so wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just me, but I have no problems with a drastic measure this early. And, I don’t think it is panic as much as it is overdue.-JD

  37. Nice job by Stokes. I really didn’t mind Manuel bringing in O’Day when he did. Have to see what the guy is capable of doing.

  38. Dave “Stormy” Weathers and Arthur Rhodes still have jobs? Time for contraction. I was surprised in looking up Mike stanton that his last year was 2007.

  39. In the immmoral words of Bob Murphy, “Let’s fasten your seatbelts, top nine, Reds 8 Mets 6”

  40. Dan (61) I can’t see where all that cash has made a penny’s worth of difference in his game. I think a couple of weeks out of town just might do the trick.

  41. You can’t win them all but two out of three isn’t bad. And maybe next time Coin Flip has a “heads we win” performance.

  42. John Maine goes tomorrow and he’s not right. Bullpen could be tested again in Florida. The early trend suggests when Livan Hernandez comes back they will keep the extra reliever and say goodbye to Marlon Anderson. They need the pitching.-JD

  43. (23)

    Ron said on the telecast that OP has better stuff than anyone besides perhaps Santana on this staff. He was nice about the differences. Santana has a Phd in pitching and he should have said OP is still in HS.

    I said in the offseason that I wanted the guy who went to ATL instead of this one.

    I said yesterday that will get maybe 10 wins. This is why. It is still early and at some point he will go on a role and look like Cy Young. Then he will fall off the bus again.

    This is Ollie. We have seen it for 3 years.

  44. (70) Gee, three games into the season and the pen is worn out?!? This doesn’t apply to just the Mets but until baseball figures out how guys should pitch and be able to pitch more than 100 pitches and until the Tony LaRussa mentality of one inning per reliever is gone teams will need 7 relievers. All these changes and pitchers go down left and right anyway.

  45. (70)

    Yes John is another one. But at least his excuse was he had a physical problem that required surgery in the winter and he still needs to get his body back.

    I do not know if Maine will be a starter for us in 2 or 3 years time.

    But by that time I expect one or more of the following to be on the staff: Parnell, Gee, Niese, Holt. They will be cheaper than 3/36 too.

  46. So we are one finished with one series and have 2 wins to show for it.

    Do we still think we will hit the 93 win number? I am not sure.

    It is nice that our big guys in the order are hitting right now and that includes Murphy and Church. It also seems as if Castillo will be a productive player for us.

    Our pen looks like it might be a very good one this year and we come back to starting pitching… again.

    I think Sanrana and Pelf will give us what we need every 5 days. Livan will give us what we got him for 200 ip and a 5-6 era. The question is what will Johnnie and OP give us this year?

    I think that is the key to the season barring injuries.