Mets Chat Room: Big Pelf on the hill



The Mets seek to open their season at 2-0 tonight behind Mike Pelfrey (1-1, 4.43 ERA in four games against the Reds). After a dismal 2-6 start last season, Pelfrey won 11 of his last 16 starts.

Don’t expect to see Gary Sheffield in the field any time soon. He said he needs to drop a few and isn’t ready. Manager Jerry Manuel said perhaps the last game of the Florida series or when the team returns home.

“There will be a point when we put him in the field,” Manuel said. “We’ll find a place for him.”

Until then, here’s tonight’s line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Daniel Murphy, LF
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Delgado, 1B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Ryan Church, RF
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Mike Pelfrey, P

160 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Big Pelf on the hill

  1. Keith said Murphy reminds him of Pete Rose. That’s pretty high praise. That was a tremendous AB on the homer, going from 0-and-2 to a full count before fouling off a couple and putting it over the wall.-JD

  2. Why didn’t the Mets simply assign Sheffield to extended spring training as a condition of his contract?

  3. Gil (2): Would have been the smart thing to do. Right now they are keeping him around to pinch-hit. I would have kept Evans around and let Sheffield work his way into shape down there.-JD

  4. That was still a good at-bat by Reyes. He fell behind and ended up going to the opposite field. An out, yes, but you have to like the approach.-JD

  5. On Pelfrey: that’s what happens when you get behind in counts and start walking guys…

  6. dave (7): Of all the Mets, I think it is Delgado who needs to get off to a fast start. At least for a position player. … I think Pelfrey it the pitcher who needs a fast start. And, he’s not getting it tonight.-JD

  7. Hear about the Braves today? Their bullpen blew a 9-3 at Philly and gave up four bases loaded walks. Bobby Cox must’ve had a conniption. They could’ve started the year by sweeping the World Series champs.
    What a shame.

  8. What was Delgado doing there, pulling away his glove? Reyes’s throw wasn’t bad at all…

  9. JD: Especially with no true longman on the roster. This is why I would’ve picked Elmer Dessens over Brian Stokes to make the team.

  10. All I gotta say is after watching the Braves vs Phillies games, the Braves bullpen is as ugly as their black top jerseys. Even the “softball uniforms” they wore in the seventies (“Are we play fast-pitch or slow-pitch tonight?” as Doug Rader memorably asked) looked better. Braves vs Phillies..can we root for both to lose?

    Is Sheffield in sghape? If not, why isn’t he?

  11. This is what drives me nuts about the Mets sometimes. Their impatience at the plate. Volquez has thrown four pitches and gotten two outs. Say what you will about Luis Castillo’s offense, but he’s adept at spoiling pitches, taking them and extending at-bats.

  12. Actually, Dan, the Braves’ jerseys are navy blue. Hate to admit it, but I like those unis.

  13. Dan (20): Manuel said he’s not in shape to play the outfield. He’s been a DH all spring.

    Gil (21): I liked that Castillo ran up the count to give Pelfrey a rest.-JD

  14. And now look what Hairston did — grounded out, but made Pelf throw nine more pitches…

  15. 35 years ago I was a sophomore in college with a 13″ black and white TV watching Hank Aaron hit number 715 off Yankee reject Al Downing. Still disappointed a .196 hitter named Mike Schmidt ruined the Mets opener with a bottom of the 9th home run off Tug McGraw on opening day, thereby getting next 10 years of the Mets off to a lousy start.

  16. John, I think the game that did it was the one in 1970 when the winning run scored from second on a Tom Seaver wild pitch. But that 2 run home run to an 8th place hitter (who knew Schmidt would become the greatest 3B in history?) is real memorable. Sent McGraw off to a two year slump (actually he was bad most of 1973). Some shoulder problem fixed with surgery as soon as he became a Phillie. More Mets medical mishaps.

  17. I think Sadecki watched the first inning, thought OP became a righty and gave up!

  18. How many teams besides the Mets don’t bother providing Closed Captioning. I have White Sox and Blackhawks games on the other two TVs and they have it. Mets don’t.

  19. (37) Agree about Pelfrey. One more inning and you kill an inning. Bad move. If Willie were here, there be blasts all around for that bad move.
    (18) Disagree @ Stokes. He started good deal of year last year and he pitched up to 4 innings last year for Mets. He can be fine long man.
    (34) Not sure. Seems Manuel doesn’t loveChurch and Minaya is in love with his cheap sign. They may force feed the great one no matter what for a while. Gotta make Minaya look like the man.

  20. Great AB by Delgado. Totally unselfish. Didn’t try and hit a bomb and strike out and managed to make a productive out to give Beltran a chance.

  21. 35 chiti, unfortunately, i am stuck watching gameday. Tried to sign up for mlb. radio and the damn thing didnt like my debit card. BTW at least pelf knows how to shake off a bad inning.

  22. Gil (45): Absolutely. And, ditto for Beltran. Instead of swinging for the downs he used a short stroke for the hit. … Let’s see if Pelfrey can make the most of this.-JD

  23. Has anybody seen the news about Phillies fans booing one of their own during ring ceremonies today? gotta luv it

  24. Not me, JD. Can’t manage an April game as if it’s October. Plenty of baseball left tonight.

  25. Hi John – It’s Easter week and choir rehearsal just finished for Easter Sunday. Sorry I’m late.

  26. Hey, Annie.
    Ray: Eaton may have been booed because he’s with another team now. I just can’t believe we’ve NEVER beaten Eaton.

  27. What would this site be like without Annie letting us know that Howie put it in the books?

  28. Gil, The Phils fans have a hate relationship with that dude. Read the yahoo article and the Phils fans quotes there. They say he is a thief who stole thier money.

  29. Thanks guys, it’s good to be here when the game is still exciting. Heard in the car radio on the way home that the Yankees are losing 7-2 in the top of the 8th. So glad to hear we aren’t. Truth be told, I’d love to see Santana pitch every day :)

  30. JD, what about Tiffany? Only Chiti can match that sarcasm. But she had such wit.

  31. I’d get Parnell out of there now and get Feliciano in to pitch to McDonald.

  32. My bad. I thought Dickerson was up next. I’m scoring the game and really have no excuse…

  33. Out of 20 pitches, Bobby threw 18 fastballs. Hes gonna have to mix in a few other pitches if hes gonna last in the bigs.

  34. Checking the Box, I see that Beltran and DelGado are doing their job here tonight – driving in the runs.

  35. Wow! I finally ID’d the song Tim Lincecum scolds the animated version of himself for listening to in that MLB 2009 video game spot…”Dance Hall Days,” by Wang Chung.
    Lincecum has no taste!
    That was a classic ’80s tune.
    Brings back great Mets memories of the summer of 1984…Gooden’s rookie year, Keith’s first full year as a Met, doing the wave at Shea, first pennant race since ’73, Rusty’s pinch-hitting, Strawberry’s homers…

  36. Ray (69): And he’s going to have to throw fewer. Twenty pitches is a lot for a reliever in one inning. He got lucky in that the walks didn’t bite him.-JD

  37. Gil (71) I was at Shea about once a month during the summers of 84 – 86 with my niece. Your memories are ours, too. We saw Gooden as a rookie, too and saw him hit his first home run.

  38. Gil, Most kids his age think eminem rappin about killing his wife is good music. Its pretty sad.

  39. John (76) Thanks, OK here we go – 9 runs now – remember what Crash said about how this is a Simple Game.

  40. 74 JD, that’s because I have more than 300 ’80s songs on my iPod playlist called “Classic ’80s.”
    Greatest musical decade ever — the birth of MTV and music videos, new wave, hip-hop, punk, metal, hair bands, b-boys, neo-hippie chicks, synth-pop, it’s still rock’n’roll to me.

  41. Gil – I got an IPod for Christmas and it’s loaded with a friends’ great music. I keep it going all day – and one of our tenors says it has helped my range. Have to admit it’s great fun singing with Elvis.

  42. Ray: In all fairness, the great Johnny Cash sang about a character murdering his wife a few years back in the song, “Delia.”
    What’s the difference?

  43. Sad note: SNY is reporting former New York Knick Marvin Webster was found dead last night in a Tulsa, Okla. hotel room…

  44. I cross the street to her house and she opened the door
    She stood there laughing
    I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more
    My, my, my Delilah-JD

  45. I realize that, but you all need to know, don’t you?? What’s that line from the Godfather about friends and enemies?

  46. Eminem has a follow up song about him telling his young daughter help him dispose of the body. Delilah was about a crime of passion. He says why? why? why? did she make him do it. Tom Jones is the one I know. Eminem has no remorse. He glorys in it as do other gangsta rappers.

  47. 86 JD: Different song, dude. Johnny Cash’s song is “Delia’s Gone.”
    “…If your woman’s devilish/You can’t let her run/Or you can bring her down/And do her like Delia got done/Delia’s gone, one more round/Delia’s gone…”

    Stuck in PA. cant get the met game. This sux.

    I had to watch the philthies clutch the win while in a bar wondering why i cant watch my mets :-(


  49. its the 8th and we are winning!
    oh man please let this be a good end to a crappy week.

  50. Greetings Steve C. … The highlights: Pelfrey got ripped in the first for four, but settled down and gave them five. … Delgado hit a bomb in the first. … Beltran drove in two. … Schneider hit a bases loaded double (RF fell down on the play).-JD

  51. Steve (99) I know the feeling can only get a couple of Mets games on TV every month – have gotten used to WFAN radio.

  52. Ray: The challenge is drawing the line between art and life, fantasy and reality. Stephen King is a great novelist whose characters are deranged, psychotic and violent. Does that make King any more or less deranged than Cash or Eminem?
    Remember the Aerosmith song, “Janie Got a Gun,” about a girl who murders her father who sexually molested her? What about Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff”?
    One could argue that all those songs glorify violence, or one could look at these as compelling, textured stories.

  53. Gil(98) I know a lot of Johnny Cash’s songs, can’t say I ever heard about Delia before this. Was that on the Folsom prison album?

  54. Gil, I will agree with you that the eighties were a great time. I love the music from that time. Also, i love a lot of the sixties and seventies music. I am grooving to Steely Dan right now.

  55. Ray: Steely Dan rules!
    “Peg,” “Ricki Don’t Lose That Number,” “FM,” “Kid Charlemagne,” “Hey 19,” the hits don’t stop.

  56. As long as we are talking music – do any of you guys sing or play an instrument?

  57. Gil, Yes and very sophisticated lyrics and arrangements. One of my favorites for sure.

  58. Gil (110) That’s not serious, that’s just the intro to being serious.

  59. Annie: Don’t play or sing, but was a music critic for newspapers and magazines for 10 years…

  60. You guys do realize we can’t have games like this all year, trotting out J.J. and K-Rod so much…they’re only human after all, as Level 42 sang in ’86 in “Something About You.”

  61. man it looks like we will see nothing but tired bullpens this year if they keep this up.

  62. SteveC. (122): With Ollie and Maine the next two days, we could see a lot of the pen. They need their starters to work into the seventh.-JD

  63. JD: how sad is that? starters need to go 8! 😉

    Ollie is good for 4 maybe!

    Maine if he stays focused maybe fine.

  64. is it me or cant rodriguez find the plate? Remember i am going off the website showing me a graphic,

  65. fricken delagdo. Thank you david for the save. yeah yeah i saw delagdos bat was here tonight,. but the fricken glove can cost us.

  66. So we’ve got some sloppy play here… could be Big Trouble, couldn’t it…….

  67. I don’t believe this is happening…
    oh, wait a minute. Yes, I do. I’m a Mets fan.

  68. i want the 80’s back when pitching went 9 innings and a reliever dreamed of getting into the game.
    not wishing they werent called to pitch!

  69. 123 Ray: Human League did record a called “Human,” in 1986, but Level 42 had the lyrics “making mistakes is a part of life’s imperfections/borne of the years/it’s not so wrong/we’re only human after all…”

  70. wow make it exciting why dont you. typical mets win. :-)

    there’s no better rollercoaster ride.

  71. Howie’s put this game ‘In the books’ finally……..and, it’s only 13 hours to the next one.

  72. Folks, I gotta go. I taped “Lost” tonight and gotta watch it. Also, I invite all of you to saunter over to my own Mets blog,, where I’ll have a happy recap within the hour.

  73. at least i can sleep knowing i kinda saw my mets win. after having to sit through philthy fans cheering a clutch.

  74. SteveC

    It is early and it is cold. I do not expect the starters to go 9 in April. June/July yes, but not now.

    And if Delgado can hit like he is now, I will take his D. He also saves Wright from a lot of mistakes. So you take the good with the bad.

  75. 154

    Yes, but didn’t Machiavelli say it in The Prince? Wasn’t that earlier than Napolean?

  76. Sorry I missed you guys — wasn’t near the computer, but saw parts of the game. 2-0, nice to see the Mets clicking on the road to start the season. Time to bring in Sheffield and mess up the chemistry. See you tomorrow, maybe.

    And yes, anything by Steely Dan, and “Dream Police” — definitely.

  77. Nice comeback by Pelfrey today after the first where he should have only given up 3 runs instead of 4. I’ll take it for his first start of the year. As far as the anticipation of the starters not being able to go deep, well we know Santana will, Pelfrey should be able to, Perez and Maine will always be hit or miss, but the biggest key will be Livan. If he can give them a solid 6 like he has done in the past, that will do the job of saving the pen, IMO.