Are you concerned about Pelfrey?

Mike Pelfrey isn’t concerned about Mike Pelfrey, which is the most important thing. Early in their careers, when some pitchers reach a high in innings pitched, they hit a wall. Sometimes, it’s injury related. Other times performance driven.

Pelfrey doesn’t want to hear about injuries, especially the little, nagging kind. In that regard, I’ll take him at his word and expect him to pitch well tonight at Cincinnati.

Pelfrey is the Mets’ No. 2 starter, but by default. If John Maine and Oliver Perez were pitching to expectations, Pelfrey would be the No. 4 starter. Because Maine and Perez have issues, I don’t like the idea of throwing them back-to-back because of the potential toll on the bullpen.

I’ll have a Mets Chat Room tonight at 7:00 p.m., for Game #2, Mets at Reds. Hope you’ll join me.

6 thoughts on “Are you concerned about Pelfrey?

  1. If Pelf is not good that’s a bad sign for this club becuase if you want to worry then OP, Johnny boy and Livan (the innings eater) all have a lot to prove. I’d also be more concerned with Gary Sheffield being allowed to play tight field in cityfield as big as right center is. He can make all the pitchers look good if he plays a lot.

    PS” Did anyone see Bonifacio’s inside the parker Monday? Hit over Milledge which should be impossible as deep as he plays but the guy might be faster than Reyes. If he can hit, the Marlins have quite a lead off man.
    On a more positive note, I think I can hear the booing from phillypark hundreds of miles away. Can you guys hear the booing?

  2. i hear a lot of booing actually…and whining…how can they get angry at the mets? santana’s handshakes before the game maybe? anyway..cautiously optimistic is my feeling on Big Pelf.. i expect a good year to be honest.

    the marlins can certainly score some runs again and pitching is improved with another yr of seasoning…and the braves look good when those first 3 starters pitch so well. division play will be tough this yr

  3. I’ll be at Easter choir rehearsal for a while this evening. Hope Pelfrey is still there when I come home.

  4. The boos turned to cheers in philly. 8 run inning pretty impressive. so we can boo.

  5. nope.

    he may have issues early if he did not get enough work and with the minor injury he had in spring. but he is young and has good stuff and is confident.