About Yesterday ….

A lot of things stand out about Opening Day, but two in particular are important to me.

The first is the effort by Sean Green who finished for Johan Santana and worked the seventh. We’re optimistic about JJ Putz and Francisco Rodriguez on the back end, but the bridge to them was an issue. If you go by the weakest link in the chain theory, then there were none yesterday.

It will be interesting to see how Jerry Manuel juggles the back end when he wants to give K-Rod or Putz a day off. Having confidence in a guy like Green makes it all the more easier.

What I didn’t like yesterday was how the Mets hit with RISP. That’s been an on-going problem the last two years. It’s only one game and the weather yesterday was horrible, but another hit or two and the game was a blowout. Playing with a lead is always easier and you know there will be games when the pitching gives it up and it’s not Santana on the mound.

6 thoughts on “About Yesterday ….

  1. JD- Your assessment is right on the money. It was great to see the ‘pen come in and shut it down but a lot of pressure would have been alleviated if we got a couple hits with men on.

    David Wright appears to have changed his stance..i hope he still emphasis staying back on the ball and driving it to all fields..thats when he is at his best…the new stance makes me a bit wary as it appeared he was pulling off the ball a bit and trying to HRs all the time is not his game.. it is just 1 game but something to keep an eye on as a productive, CONSISTENT wright is what the mets need

  2. Im not worried about the offense. Definitely not worried about Wright. My main worries are Maine and ollie coinflip.
    Regarding days when the regular relievers need time off, I think the Bp is deep this year. Parnell had a great spring, Stokes can get strikeouts. Feliciano is a good loogy, Oday takes smiths place. Much better than what we are used to seeing.

  3. Ray (2): Yeah, Maine and Coin Flip are the two biggest concerns for me overall. The offense will score a pile of runs. But, after hearing all spring of situational hitting and good at-bats, yesterday wasn’t a good start in that regard.-JD

  4. I know it looked bad going 1 for 12 with RISP but it was one day in lousy weather. I’ll give them a little longer before I worry about that. I agree that Maine and Perez are the big questions. I think Pelfrey will be fine and Hernandez will give you what you expect from a 5th starter.

  5. It is good to see that my man Murphy is on pace for 162 hr’s this year with 324 rbi’s. Slightly better than average numbers for a sophomore player.