Mets Chat Room: Opening Day

With apologies to some Christmas songs, maybe Opening Day is the best time of the year. There’s the feeling of hope and dreams. There’s something special and fresh about Opening Day.

My favorite Opening Day was when my father took my brother and I out of school to see Opening Day in Cleveland against Baltimore. School wasn’t crazy about the reason but he took us out anyway.

Nasty weather in Cincinnati, but the feeling is they’ll play.

Here’s the Mets’ batting order:

SS Jose Reyes
LF Daniel Murphy
3B David Wright
1B Carlos Delgado
CF Carlos Beltran
RF Ryan Church
C Brian Schneider
2B Luis Castillo
LH Johan Santana

44 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Opening Day

  1. Blacked out again here in ESPN’s own neighborhood, but I’ve got Howie, Wayne and Eddie. Seems like old times….

  2. (2) MLB certainly does its best to turn fans off. We stay with the game despite them don’t we!!!!
    Bad start. If I go to metsblog will I see 50 people saying Wright is pressing already????

  3. WFAN is great, and I usually find a play by play account and/or box scores somewhere on the web for the games. I’ve gotten used to the radio and I love the word pictures that Howie uses. Since we all know what these players look like, it’s easy to have the game in your mind.

  4. Yay Howie, but that Hagin, ain’t no Bob Murphy or Lindsey Nelson.
    Santana an amazingly high pitch count for an inning with no hits.

  5. Harry (6) If you listen to them as much as I do, you’ll realize that Hagin doesn’t get much of a chance to talk – nor should he. Howie just glides along, painting those word pictures.

  6. Where’s Sadecki? Sadecki; I can;t take 3 more years of Luis!!!! Just kidding man.
    Castillo in the 8 hole is not going to work. Even he swung he’d never drive i the run. Put him at 2 and let him stand there until Reyes steals and Luis either Ks or Ws.

  7. (12) HaHa… We’re even then…. Think Sheffield was on the bench telling everyone he’d of made that DP easy!

  8. Harry (13): Sheffield has been saying all the right things so far. That is, so far. Should add another over/under. When will Sheffield go off about something? I’m saying before the All-Star Break.-JD

  9. John (14) Before the All Star Break? I’m thinking the day after he hits the 500th HR.

  10. (11) Chiti,Nice to know I am missed. I will be joining Annie listening to the radio alot this year. I made a mistake and signed a 2 year contract with the dish network. No Mlb package, no mlb channel either. Nice play by my man Church on that DP. Hate to think about Sheffield out there.

  11. Hi Ray – You’re in the WFAN area aren’t you? I think Howie does a great job

  12. Hey, JD, Looie now has a .500 obp, thank you very much. Annie, No-I live in Arizona. Today I am watching on espn. I can listen to the fan broadcast through for 14.95 a year.

  13. (21) switch to the MLB tv option. Its cheaper than the mlb extra innings and you don’t have to remember to record when you aren’t home because they archive the games. That’s what I do except this week because mlb extra innings has a free week. The quality is good this year if you have high speed connection.

  14. I can forgive Wright for pressing at the plate. But that was an awful job of baserunning earlier when he got thrown out at home.

  15. (30)JD: He also slowed down turning 3rd base, almost like he was tiptoeing around the bag. I understand that it might be a slow track, but doesn’t the runner have some responsibility here?

  16. Steve (33): He does. When he slows down like that it means he doesn’t have a good approach to the bag. He’s got to make a better turn. That cost him a few steps.-JD

  17. I admit I never played the game, so a lot of these little bits of information are new to me and help me understand the game. Thanks.

  18. Howie’s put this ‘in the book’ – first game of 2009, first win. Nice start.

  19. With the exception their hitting with RISP, today was how they drew it up. Solid starting pitching, a timely hit, strong bullpen. Another 95 like this and they’ll be in good shape.-JD

  20. Looks good so far. Last year the mets bull pen would have never held a 2-1 lead. Santana should win 20 games this year with this bull pen.

  21. Well that works for me. I’m probably jaded but didn’t that seem like the easiest save you’ve seen a Met pitcher have in the past 5 years? LOL

  22. (41) No doubt about it. I didn’t feel any anxiety while watching the last three innings today. I did get some though watching the Mets leave men on base left and right but they won and that is all that matters.

  23. anyone see santana’s handshakes with just about everybody before the game yesterday…team looked relaxed, having fun…and focused

  24. I had to leave the chat yesterday. Good win by the Mets. Nice to have a bullpen you can trust. Then CC (Cheseburger,Cheeseburger) Sabathia got smoked by the mighty O’s. Couldnt ask for a better day.