Talkin’ Mets

The new park is a gem. It even looks good in the rain and drizzle, which was the case last night. If you were at the game let us know what you thought of the place. Good, bad or indifferent.

BTW: Gary Sheffield is in the building. He’s having his physical and will talk to the press after the game.

Sheffield isn’t in great shape now, which begs the question why doesn’t he open the season in an extended spring training and leave a healthy Evans on the roster for the first week?

One thought on “Talkin’ Mets

  1. Hi John –

    Even though I wasn’t at either ballpark last night, I watched carefully and left my comments at the end of yesterdays blog.

    It’s a good thing this is an exhibition game again for the Mets. What IS wrong with Perez?

    I actually have no desire to see Yankee Stadium, but I do want to see Citi Field – maybe I’ll have to make that trip one more time this summer.