Perez !@#$%%^$#@

That kind of summarizes what Jerry Manuel is thinking as he pulls Oliver Perez with two outs in the first. Four walks, a bad fielding play by Perez and a grand slam has him in a 6-0 hole in the first.

It has been a miserable spring for Perez, and one has to wonder how much it has to do with him waiting to be signed. His mindset has to be as off as his fastball, which is down, and his control, which is all over the place.

22 thoughts on “Perez !@#$%%^$#@

  1. So John

    are you over or under on 15?

    I think 10 or 11 is a good number for him.

    no way he gets 15 this year

  2. johnnie seems to be having location issues. there also seems to be an issue with his arm. like something is nagging him

  3. Ray (6) Perhaps Omar is on the phone with Pedro already, now that he’s also got Gary. Sometimes these veterans – the good ones – still have some game.

  4. The condition of Citi Field is sort of emblematic of the way things go sometimes, don’t you think? Just look at all that trash blowing all over the place. I’ll bet no matter how much high-tech simulation was done in the planning of that place, nobody considered the combined effect of the wind, loose papers, and having all the seats so much closer to the action. That’s why no matter how good the team looks “on paper” what counts is what happens when you put them on the field. Now if they can just figure out how to get the players to perform ON the field and keep the papers OFF the field…

  5. Well that’s the end of Spring Training – let’s see how this team does when it is for real on Monday in Cincinnati at 1:10PM.

  6. I was at the game today, so I don’t know what the announcers were saying, but either the speed gun or Ollie was way off. The scoreboard kept flashing “fastball 84”, “fastball 86”, “fastball 83”. Those aren’t even the #s PEDRO was throwing in the WBC.

    No doubt he was horrible, but he should’ve been out of the inning with one run scored. His throw to 2B after catching the liner was on the money, but Castillo and Reyes couldn’t decide who wanted it and it kicked off Luis’ glove. Then the roof fell in, probably due to Ollie’s mental fragility.

    We’ll never know how he would’ve done in the 2nd inning if Castillo caught the throw, but fortunately the game won’t cost us in the NL standings.

    Also fortunately, his 1st “real” start won’t be in front of the home crowd.

  7. does anyone think the outfield looks huge and it will be very very tough to hit HRs to the gaps or even to center?? and the high walls will add even more difficulty (taking away dwright hrs and beltran line drive hrs).. the place looked like it will play huge to me.

  8. jim (14): The first impression is it will be a pitcher’s park. That doesn’t mean the Mets can’t hit here. The lines are favorable and the gaps are conducive to line drives, which is what they should be hitting anyway.-JD

  9. Only thing at a game I dislike worse than booing our own players for poor performances, is booing our own players for poor performaces in Spring Training games.
    Yes, Oliver Perez had a miserable outing.
    But the game didn’t count.
    It’s pre-season.
    Only time home fans should boo their own is when players aren’t hustling or trying.
    If booing our own players would boost their performances, I’d do it ’til I had no voice left.
    But booing Oliver Perez isn’t going to make him pitch better. A side bullpen session and talking at length with Dan Warthen might.
    Funny, yesterday’s hearty cheering of Carlos Delgado made me think back to last May when fans were booing him out of the ballpark. Or when the boo birds flocked around Carlos Beltran the first week of 2006 before he went on to have an MVP-worthy season.
    Can we give our guys a chance?

  10. Gil, This will not change. Baseball is entertainment as owners and players always remind us. Put on a bad show, you get booed. Put on a good show, you get a standing ovation. Just like going to a broadway play.

  11. Don’t you think Sadecki booing in a fake game is going beyond the call of duty? Shouldn’t they have been checking out the food and restrooms and site lines etc?

  12. i thought cityfield was the show this weekend. So now to a serious question for you and all others. will met fans break the booing record set by fans during the braden looper closer era for the not so beloved ollie perez?
    when did met fans start booing. i don’t remember booing until the early 70s.

  13. When the question was asked on this blog if the Mets should sign Perez I said “no way”. I wanted the Mets to sign Derek Lowe because he is a proven decent pitcher who can throw innings. If anybody watched the Braves vs. Philly game last night Lowe look good, eight innings 0 runs. Omar is a tool and now the Mets are stuck with this loser for years.

  14. (20) That depends on ollie, of course. I remember The real booing started with Sisk. He was the first real target. I am usually against booing home players, but perez doesnt even give a fan a chance to get comfortble in thier seats before he takes his team out of the game. Now that hes got his big contract, its going to be worse for him unless he gets his head out of his behind.