What about Sheffield?

The talk all spring has been the need for a right-handed power bat. The Mets are thinking about it. What about Gary Sheffield? Would you take him, baggage and all, or are you satisfied with the Mets’ offense as it is?


He has his moods, but the man can hit when he’s healthy. And, the Mets do have that need.

18 thoughts on “What about Sheffield?

  1. I could accept a 40 year old pinch hitter if the guy could accept the role like Rusty Staub did. I don’t know if the guy could do that. If he could I’d certainly take him on the bench over Marlon Anderson… Oh wait Mets can’t cut Marlon because they owe him too much money. He must make more than 14 million, since Sheff was cuttable by Detroit.

  2. Hell no.
    Let me repeat, in case y’all didn’t read it right the first time:
    HELL NO!
    No to Gary Sheffield.
    He is a chronically selfish horse’s ass and a serial complainer about contracts, playing time, managers and anything else.
    He hasn’t played for as many teams as he has for no reason.
    The dude admitted that as a young Brewer he purposely made errors, hoping Milwaukee would trade him.
    Oh and did I mention he’s 40 years old?
    A 40-year-old who struggled trying to hit for as high an average as his playing weight?
    No way he should displace Fernando Tatis or even the universally loved Marlon Anderson.
    It would be damn hard to cheer for this guy if he becomes a Met.
    Damn hard.

  3. Benigno is reporting that Sheffield as good as signed. If the Mets were signing players of his kind, I would rather have had Manny.

  4. Gil –
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  5. I don’t think he is worth it. He still has power, but apparently his BA is way down.

    Not to mention the issues Gil mentions.

  6. a motivated sheff could be a good fit…but u guys r right he is a head case

    church i think will be the one to lose ABs if he is signed

  7. I remember Sheffield making some disparaging comments about latins a couple of years ago. I dont see Omar bringing him in.

  8. Ray, come on.
    You really think if Sheffield made anti-Latino comments, Omar wouldn’t consider bringing him in?
    And for the record, while intensely disliking Sheffield as a player and as a person, based on a person al interaction, his comments were misconstrued.
    Sheffield said for MLB teams, players from Latin American countries were “easy to control.” What he really meant, as he later explained, was that MLB teams could more easily control their contractual status (not their minds), because they’re not subject to the amateur draft.

  9. Annie, I’ll try re-setting the password.
    But I must disagree with your comparison of signing Sheffield vs. signing Manny.
    Signing Sheffield — as much as I don’t want the Mets to do that — would cost $400K, not the $25M it would’ve taken to have reeled in Manny. Would I rather have Manny than Sheffield? No doubt.
    But if they’d have signed Manny, they probably don’t sign K-Rod, too, or Oliver Perez. The Mets’ pitching needs are much greater.

  10. He’s worth 400K minimum. It’s a no brainer. If he doesn’t work out, cut him. But watch, Omar will guarantee him a second year.

  11. LOL, Steve the Original!
    That’s right!
    Continuing the fine tradition of giving Luis Castillo, Scott Schoeneweis and Moises Alou too many years and too much money — and foolishly signing a career disaster like Tim Redding — it wouldn’t at all surprise me to see Omar do the same thing here.

  12. I am OK if he’s a PH who plays 10 games maybe, but if they promised him significant playing time then this org is once again a joke. How can you “promise” playing time to a guy who played 6 games in the field last year!!!!!!!

  13. Great point, Harry.
    As Ed McMahon might say: “I did not know that.”

  14. i agree harry.. i dont see them giving him playing time in the field but as PH he would be a perfect fit if he can keep his mouth shut

  15. According to Heyman, it’s a done deal to be announced later today.