Sheffield is done deal ….

The Mets reached agreement with Gary Sheffield on a one-year deal, with the player’s agent, Rufus Williams, saying he wants to play beyond this year: “You don’t show much when you’re sitting on the bench. Gary is going to play beyond this year. It’s important for him to get an opportunity to play. What we’re trying to ensure, wherever he’s going, is that he has an opportunity to participate and perform.”

At first glance, the player who figures to get his at-bats cut most is right fielder Ryan Church. Next would be Daniel Murphy. I don’t see the Mets bringing in a high-profile player such as Sheffield without the intent of playing him.

Sheffield has 499 career homers.

8 thoughts on “Sheffield is done deal ….

  1. Soon as it was announced, the old Men at Work song “It’s a Mistake” started playing in my head.

  2. Delcos: Do you know why the Tigers just gave up on 14 mil of salary? Was it his attitude or his current talent level? Did they try to trade him?

  3. that is the million dollar question.

    his ba has gone down, he seems to still have power and they didnt want him in the field.

    who is the odd man out here? i assume evans goes to AAA.

  4. Good one, Gil. I dont see how this is going to work. Ive been listening to francessa all day about how hard it is to play RF at Citifield. This guy is a DH if anything. I guess they figure for min salary why not take a chance? Church is probably feeling like a red headed stepchild right now.

  5. Agree 100 percent, Ray. Sheffield’s a DH at best. I don’t like adding him at the expense of cutting into Ryan Chruch’s or Fernando Tatis’s playing time. Only way I can really see him helping us is in Interleague games when he could DH and possibly as a spot-starter against lefties.

  6. Thats not going to happen, Gil. Sheffield has made it known that expects to get significant playing time.