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  1. That doesn’t make me a smile. It makes me shiver. If SI is predicting it then they’ve just assured another meltdown. Yikes.

  2. it makes me smile, wince, laugh all at the same time…we can only dream….. oh how sweet it would be :) :) :)

  3. and there is such a thing has getting a prediction correct….maybe, just maybe SI got this one right…..pleeeaaaseeee one time

  4. Well since the last time SI was right was 1999, hopefully they are right once every 10 years. lol.

  5. I bet the geniuses at SI picked the Phils to beat the Rays last yar, didn’t they??? What? They didn’t? I don’t believe it….They picked the Mets in 69 right? What not them either. What a waste…. We pick just as good or bad and we don;t get paid for it.

  6. (8) Harry: I have one worse for you..all the newspaper sports writers that pick NFL games with the spreads! They are the worst usually. lol

  7. I’m sorry for being negative about a totally worthless prediction. Please forgive me and let me have my metsie lolly pop!
    By the way despite me being too negative for the mayor of baltimore, I do think the Mets will finish first, but not because I drink the front office propoganda. They will finish first because 1. The Phillies offense will miss the righty bat of Pat Burrell, and their defense will not improve as the guy they got is about as bas as he is, their bullpen cannot be as good as it was last year but most importantly CHAN HO PARK WON THE 5TH STARTER SPOT. They outdid Minaya with that one! So that’s my totally worthless pick, so there jimmy baltimore. And by the jim, I like Baltimore, I like the park, I like Jim Palmer as their color man and i like the light rail and take it from Timonium when I go to Camden Yards. I even liked going to the old Memorial Stadium and yelling the Oriole letters with the guy who used to lead the chant there. Now what you gonna do about all those non negative things?????

  8. well ill agree with them actually
    bmore is a fun city just stay out of the wrong areas, and yes camden yards and memorial stadium are/were great stadiums to watch baseball..palmer is a pretty good analyst and his knowledge of pitching is great to hear…and although i dont take the light rail it is somewhat convenient..but needs more stops./

    do you think the phils should have picked mapp over park?? from what ive seen park was gone in the pen last yr and mapp seemed to be decent enough for the 5 spot in their rotation

  9. my point was never that people shouldnt disagree or be criticized…it was just simply there is no need to be arrogant and put down others views and insult them.

  10. (12) my intent wasn’t to seem arrogant so if that is what I did then I apologize.
    I also even liked John Denver’s Thank God I’m a Country Boy in the 7th inning altho I never knew how that came to be.

    Happ and Park. The little I’ve seen of Happ he has upside maybe not a lot but a 4/5 guy like Niese can be someday. but Chan Ho in my opinion is more washed up than Livan is. In a band box no less. Protect the women and children in the outfield seats.
    You don’t understand my negativity. I played hookey at 12 years old for the first Met loss watching game on TV with old man celebrating the return of NL ball to NYC. The Cards wiped the Mets all over St Louis. I remember the first win wasn’t televised and going to school next morning with the big headlines on the back of the Post News and Mirror about the great job Jay Hook did. I was at 2nd game inShea in 64 watching the Pirates wipe the Mets all over the place. And the rapid slide from that great 69 season as the offense always weak became embarrassing, and then the dumping of Seaver in the Mets first attempt at being the small market team in NY,the rapid slide from the great 80’s team that should have won more than once and certainly should have had more than two post season appearances. The destruction of the three big kid pitchers who were going to save the franchise until Dallas Green helped ruin and injure all of them…. Don’t even have to mention this decades disasters and humiation Got it? What is there to be positive about with this franchise? At least I stayed a Giant fan and not a Jet fan since Joe Namath must have put a hex on them when they let him go.

  11. At least you wont be disappionted, Chiti. You left out The Magic ride of 1973 when the underdog Mets came back from last place in late August to win the division, upset the big red machine and take the Mighty Athletics to a thrilling 7 game ride in the series. You forgot about the Piazza days. you forgot about how the the last few years, the Team has been one of the best in baseball, despite falling short. Verducci now joins Jim and I in the kool aid drinkers society.

  12. no worries harry… a simple misunderstanding i believe…aah yes john denver…that started in the 70s and i have no idea how. it is a great time, especially when drunk..speaking of which, ever been to Pickles Pub right outside stadium. great place to hang out before the game

  13. (14) Sadecki, i don’t understand your post. What was there to be negative about those things? Except for the last few years. Any team that’s good enough until September 17 is not something to brag about. The last two years are not a positive to this team’s history.
    The positive was the build up to ’69 starting with the arrival of Seaver in 67, and the rebirth in late 73 only to be ruined by Yogi messing up the rotation and forgetting he had Stopme on the roster while the guy had his one year miracle season. Then the period from late 83 until maybe the firing of Davey altho I will always think thoise guys didn’t do their thing only getting to post season twice. 85 and 87 and 88 were heart break were they not. The Minaya era is the most devatating era in this franchise’s history so far. Losing to an 83 game winner in 06 followed by to humiliating collapses, ain;t nothing to brag about. This team better stay real healthy because it has a a lot of making up to do.

  14. (16) I will look for it if/when I go there again. I can’t go in June when the Mets are there. I’ll have to settle for a trip or two to Nats Staium agains.

  15. Chiti (18) I agree yogi blew it, but still that is my all time favorite team. Even Wayne Garret was productive that year. For the rest, I believe Omar has fixed the problem that has killed the Mets the last few years. The bullpen will be very good this year. I have a trivia question for you, What 2 teams have been in the postseason every decade of thier existence?

  16. Also Chiti, The Cards had formidible team in the 80’s just as the phils do now not even the mighty yankees can win nowadays

  17. (20) I hope you are right.
    I think there’s more than 2. I think the Marlins, Rockies, Mets, Arizona without thinking were there in each decade. But it was also a lot harder to make playoffs before 62 when you only had 2 post season teams.
    You favorite team was 73? I think mine will always be ’69. Even my super Yankee lovin father-in-law gave in and started rooting for the Mets in ’69!
    (21) Yes, the Cards were an excellent team as were the Pirates around 89-91 or so, but it was still a real freakin downer how that team ended up.

  18. Oops, I phrased it wrong. What 2 teams have won a pennant every decade? Answer: Mets and Marlins. It was also a lot harder to get in before when it was east vs. west and no WC. Unfortunately, I wasnt into baseball yet in 69 so i missed that one. About the 80s I think we can mostly blame Davey for blowing the 88 playoffs by leaving Gooden in too long.

  19. (23) Mets didn’t win a pennant in the 90s. They lost to the Braves in 99 and they pretty much couldn’t beat the Pirates until the turned to yuch for most of the decade.
    Agree about 88. Left Gooden in too long and we had a great pen.