Time to retire Piazza ….

Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza, the two greatest players in franchise history, walked out of Shea Stadium to close the historic ballpark last fall. They’ll team to throw the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day.

Opening Day won’t be the time to do so, but sometime this summer, the Mets should take a day to honor Mike Piazza by retiring his No. 31.

21 thoughts on “Time to retire Piazza ….

  1. I’m sure i’m in the minority, but until these steroid allegations are denied by Piazza, I don’t want his uniform number retired. Keith Hernandez who admitted his cocaine addiction and atoned for it deserves his number retired way before anyone else IMO.

  2. (1): Why should Piazza say a word. No matter what any ball player says the talking bozos on ESPN yell and scream that it wasn’t the whole story, what else is there to it blah blah blah…. As for Keith, if I remember right he was threatened by MLB with major fines and suspensions if he didn’t testify about it. He’s not the all wonderful guy you make him out to be. He had a big advantage however, no internet, no big time ESPN, it was still a semi baby.
    I would retire his number, but i’d double retire 31 with him and Franco. But I’m sure the Wilpons will wait until TARP field is not a novelty and the place is half empty. People talk on endlessly how bringing in Pedro was the turning point, but do you remember what a disaster the Mets were when Phillips traded for him, and no talking bozo thought he’d stay. But he did and he was the true beginning of the turn around. He was the first first true star to come since the 80’s.

  3. piazza was/is the man…ill always remember him as a met and the homerun he hit after 9/11 still gives me chills to watch

  4. Murray Chass wrote about this a few weeks ago and quotes a book or two, the last one about Clemens where the author touched on Piazza.

    Now I know he is the last icon of the Mets and he was the power bat here for a few years.

    But there seems to be enough circumstantial evidence that he was a big steroids user during his all star career as the best hitting catcher of all time.

    I do not think Bonds, Petite, Clemens, Piazza, et al should be rewarded for cheating.

  5. there is circumstantial evidence that anyone who has played baseball in the last two decades has used steroids. having a murray chass interview one guy who says oh yea, everyone knew mike used or saying he had back acne is not enough to keep piazza out of the hall…as long as no more evidence comes along outting piazza, he is a HOF

  6. how is it become that someone has to prove innocence instead of guilt…sucks for the players who are clean

  7. I would like to see Keith be the next one to get his number retired. Then he wont have to suffer the indignity of have his number worn by Mr Koo and others of his ilk. Its time for the 86 team to have some recognition.

  8. (5/6) Agree completely. Was Piazza named in the great Mitchell report that led to Clemens’ problems? That’s why I said earlier he was right to remain silent. If he says he didn’t use writers will study his back and if he confesses he will be blasted for not telling enough, not telling early enough, blah blah blah.
    I don’t care who used anymore. The rich guys in owners boxes didn’t care. The rich guys on TV networks didn’t care…. They loved it. They made lots of $$$ from the HRs. Anybody taking away their money for not doing anything? NOPE. And I don’t care that AROD used, He’s one of over 100 guys who failed the test in 03 but he’s the only name that came out. Its all bull. Its all a game for someone to make a few more bucks. I got a lot of enjoyment from Piazza’s days in NYC. If he used am I supposed to now unenjoy watching him all those years. Not me.

  9. (7) New rule Sadecki. Before having number retired Murray Chass has to tell the world about the guy’s acne problem. So did Keith or didn’t Keith? Seriously, that team needs a number retired. One player retired in team history is sad. But I think following Koo with Newhan was totally unfair.
    And GIL HODGES should be in the Hall of Fame. Another great defensive first baseman and a guy who did one of the most amazing managing jobs ever in ’69. Well Murray, tells us about Gil’s back please.

  10. The reports were that Piazza had acne all over his back up until 2004 when baseball had real penalties for using roids.

    the argument that a player was never caught because your friendly trainer or union rep would tell you the test was coming is not evidence that you never used.

  11. 10- why do you need evidence you never used? shouldnt it be the other way around??…back acne is really cold hard evidence?

    Ollie pitched 6 and 2/3 today and only gave up one run…small sigh of relief there

    JD- “Coin Flip” landed on the good side for the mets tonight, hopefully some consistency this yr??? santana apparently gave him a talking to after his last start, maybe johan riding ollie is what he needs

  12. will ohman signed a minor league deal w/ LAD…he better have wanted to be out west or soemthing bc if the mets could have had another good lefty in the ‘pen (would only be their 2nd LH) for a minor league deal and didnt pounce then omar made another bullpen blunder

  13. (10):The new AMERIKA: GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT…. Now for a serious question. Why dave do you believe that every ball player has to prove his innocence? Do they not have the same rights in this country as all other Americans and legal foreigners to be innocent until proven guilty. Obviously not if this Murray and his ace staff of pimple police have their way. My next question is why was this Murray dude studying Piazza’s back every night? sounds like a real problem to me, and do you think he really studied Mikey’s pimples and do you really think he even knew this in 2003 or so. I think the guy is on the downward spiral and is looking for his last 15 minutes of fame. Maybe Mike took the stuff. So what.
    (12) Oh dear, Ollie pitched good. Couldn’t be. After all he went to WBC and got so fat and so out of shape. How could he possibly recover so fast! Is Danny boy Warthen a genius like Petersen was once thought to be by us metsie fans? Bring back Zambrano!!! Danny boy Warthen can fix him in 4 notes!

  14. This is not a court of law. No one is going to jail unless of course you lie to congress.

    The unions, fans, press, owners have all conspired to destroy the game. The fans wanted home runs because it makes them happy. the owners wanted the fans to be happy so they spend money. the players wanted to hit home runs to make money.

    everybody is happy. everyone found the magic bullet to bring on this happy day. then of course everyone pretends it did not happen.

    i believe the whole era is tainted. many players from minor leaguers, to the best of the best have been outed. I don’t need to have every player be ‘proved’ to have cheated to have major suspicions they did. the symptoms are there. the side effects of roids are known.

    if you choose to believe piazza is the golden boy and did no wrong that is your choice. the current golden child admitted he did it yet many of his fans do not care. they want to believe in his magnificence even though it is a lie.

    a few years ago conseco was laughed at and ridiculed for charging that the best players cheated – and oh by the way broke federal and state drug laws. then he was vindicated.

    yes he is a slimeball and looked to get his 15 minutes on the stage, but he was right.

    enough athletes have proved they will do anything to win. pretty much the whole slate of track and field athletes in the last 2 decades were on drugs, football players, horses, and yes many, many baseball players.

    why do we watch? because they do great things. we marvel at the 40 year old who can play like a 25 year old.

  15. very true dave…unreal that jose canseco is now the credible source of this era

    anyone else not get how ohman is not a met?? we signed a cut japanese pitcher today for a similar deal?

  16. (14) Now who’s twisitng? I said I don’t care. You believe the whole era is tainted that’s fine, that’s your right. Piazza helped this team a lot. Piazza was enjoyable to watch I don’t care what he took, or if he cheated. You want to bury him because he can’t prove to your satisfaction that he was Mr goody too shoe then I ask where your glass house is… I do want to see it. The times were what they were. Do you diminish the 86 Mets because some of them had very troubled times with drugs? Do you boycott Met broadcasts because Keith had bad things going on in the early 80’s. Do you not accept the Ruth numbers because he only faced part of the athletic world.As for the big bucks, why don’t you criticize Selena Roberts. She was writing a book about lo and behold AROD and magically her scoop was printed in SI or wherever shortly before the book comes out. she’ couldn’t have been loooking for her big bucks could she have. Why didn’t she go after all the names? No big bucks, why waste her time? Nobody ever cheated in school to get higher grades, and nobody cheats in the workplace to get ahead?. Only ball players??? Wake up to the world man. It not the last two decades and its not just athletes. Its human frailty. Some will get ahead the right way and some will try any way. Do you think its gonna change?

  17. (15) You know Omar likes to signed as many has beens and never was’ as he can. As long as he doesn’t guarantee them jobs in Queens I don’t have a problem how many he signs. As for ohman if the main man is happy with his pen, he doesn’t sign ohman. The minor league deal was really a move to either get him in playing shape or give the Dodgers time to clear space as he can become free agent on April 14 if not called up.

  18. (2)Harry, Keith was called by a grand jury in Pittsburgh. It wasn’t voluntary and it wasn’t MLB’s show. I don’t think Keith was a choirboy and I don’t think he would say he was either. However, I don’t have to tell you what he meant to the team on the field. As far as Piazza goes, I think the mid 90’s till ??? have been tainted with MLB’s approval. But most of it is conjecture. But since this info has come out about him, not just from Chass but the book too, I just wouldn’t retire his uni until I hear what he has to say on the subject. Just my opinion.

  19. I wouldn’t mind Will Ohman, but it’s not like he’s a great pitcher. I still remember him being brought into face Delgado this year in one of the “specialty” roles, and Delgado taking him deep. I mean he does have some solid stats against lefties, but so did Scott Schoenweis

  20. (18) Steve the original: I don;t have problems with Keith and I don;t have problems with Piazza. Keith was threatened with suspension by MLB who fined him substantially and he tried not to pay the fine. If you want to hear from Piazza you are setting him up. He’ll never please with any comments because no player has pleased with any comments. Then just say you don’;t want to recognize the steroid era because any rumor about any player will set you off in the same way and no player can prove to guys like you and dave that they didn’t do it. You have placed them on a pesdestal which is impossible. No player can prove they didn’t take stuff. Just like you and I couldn;’t if we were accused by whatever story or hypothesis. So wipe out history. And don;t get excited because you’re gonna find new kinds of cheating going on today. They stuff will always be ahead of the tests. So don’t fall in love wit any player in any game ever again. They might have done something wrong. Just ask the pimple man Murray.