Figuring the roster

Marlon Anderson has a contract. Nick Evans has options. The final roster spot could come down to these two.

Anderson didn’t produce last year, but has in the past as a pinch-hitter. The Mets already have a second base backup in Alex Cora, so Anderson is really redundant.

Evans gives the Mets some right-handed power and has played better this spring. He’s also not the defensive liability some people think. Plus he gives the Mets a better first-base back-up option.

Should the Mets take the past of least resistance and option Evans to keep Anderson or will they refuse to eat the latter’s contract?

20 thoughts on “Figuring the roster

  1. Anderson has played Left field no?
    as far as eating the contract , it will probably come down to price left on the contract. But you know how i feel about 1st base. we need someone that can actually play that position.

  2. Oh the poor kid with options. If Evans goes down he won’t be the first and he won’t be the last guy to deserve to make a team and not make it. But, if he’s gonna sit and rot on the bench I’d rather have him playing every day so he is ready to play if Delgado goes down or really shows his age. As for Marlon, he cannot play any position any more. He’s deteriorated to pure PH. But except for 2008 he has been a good PH. So as much as I root for kids in this case I vote for the exception to the rule.

  3. At the end of the day, I think they keep Marlon because of the contract.

    From a basball perspective Evans should be with the club and Anderson should be looking for a team.

    I think Evans will be in AAA perhaps working on various positions and playing every day.

    Marlon will be up and if he does poorly maybe they end up cutting him later.

    Marlon cannot play the field and lacks the power for a DH. I do not want him playing OF. It is a disaster. Having him play 2b is just as bad. I think his best position is 1B, but as Keith says it is harder than you think if you actually try and field the position.

  4. The Tigers reportedly want Stokes, whom the Mets are reluctant to deal. They are also reportedly looking to trade Marcus Thames.

    My solution—Offer Stokes PLUS Anderson for Thames, who can play all 3 OF spots and 1B without embarrassment.

    The salaries are basically a wash, the Mets lose Anderson, and they gain the needed RH bat with power for the bench. I like Stokes, but he’s easily replaced in the pen once Redding is healed. Until then, keep Figgy as long man.

    I don’t know if the Tigers would say yes, but it’s worth a try.

  5. i love the idea from a mets POV, bill….but i just dont see the tigers taking on anderson’s guaranteed deal. i had heard the mets wanted ryan rayburn back…but i agree on thames.. i see him plainly as a LF..RF is a maybe and CF i dont see that happening but he would give a power RH PH bat off the bench. i know his OBP hasnt been good but as a PH and sometime sub he could be a good pick up

  6. (6) why do you even think there is a remote chance any team would want to take Marlon Anderson in a trade? If Marlon were on TEAM XYZ could you see yourself wanting him to be traded here? (Honest answer please haha) And why would Detroit, sitting in the most economically devastated part of the country and with their season ticket sales down about 50% do a trade that keeps salary even? If they are selling they are reducing, not keeping even.

  7. Just goes to show the idiocy of Minaya guaranteeing a 2 year deal to Marlon Anderson.

  8. In addition to my comment, if anyone ever thought the Mets would consider eating Castillo’s contract in the winter, my goodness, they won’t even write off one year of Marlon Anderson!

  9. I think they would write off parts of Marlon’s contract, but not at this point in the season. If he can be a good PH this year he has some value off the bench and it would probably do Evans some good to be in AAA with regular playing time. So really it just makes sense.

  10. Side Note: The Detroit Tigers released Gary Sheffield this morning. Him and his FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT!!!! Could you ever imagine the Mets doing this?

  11. well if they arent eating marlon’s 1.15 or whatever they certainly wouldnt eat 14

  12. it is surprising. but his numbers and usefulness go down every year. its a lot of duckets to eat. and no the mets would never do that.

  13. (13,15,16) He’s 40 years old. Why woulkd anyone expect anything from him, and why would anyone have given him that contract at his age? Phils release Jenkins and Eaton since end of last season, the two are owed about what Sheffield is owed. This Anderson thing is a joke. Same happened with Franco. Wouldn’t release him until mid-way thru the season in 07. He cost us more than one game. Don’t matter. Omar had the pen to blame instead.

  14. yea there is no reason why marlon anderson is on this team other than his guaranteed contract…and the mets will be making plenty of money this yr so eating 1.15 mill shouldnt be a reason to keep a guy who cant field and really cant hit much either anymore

  15. (17)

    Because in this day of modern medicine any 40 year old can hit his age in hr’s and just get better with age like wine.

  16. (19) Well in that case I want Wilpon to being back Mays and Aaron, 70 some HRs each should make for quite a season.