WBC set back Perez

PEREZ: Where is this pitch going?

PEREZ: Where is this pitch going?

It’s all well and good that Johan Santana took the time to counsel Oliver Perez after yesterday’s torching. What’s not all well and good is the need for him to do so: Perez had another devilish outing, giving up six runs on six hits with six walks in 4 1/3 innings.

“I am concerned because I don’t see arm strength,’’ pitching coach Dan Warthen said, who, for one, thinks Perez fell behind because of the WBC, where his ERA was 9.45 in two starts.

“I was a little bit reticent when he left [for the Classic], and my worries have come to fruition,’’ Warthen told reporters.

Warthen said Perez put on some weight and doesn’t have the arm strength he needs this late in camp; manager Jerry Manuel said Perez lacks command and velocity.

The Mets were one of the biggest proponents of the WBC, but there’s a difference between pitchers and position players when it comes to getting ready for the season.

Considering how long Perez stayed on the market, and after signing a below-than-what-he-expected three-year, $36 million contract, one would have thought he would have done everything he could to stay in shape and prove his doubters wrong.

20 thoughts on “WBC set back Perez

  1. Perhaps he signs a big contract and gets lazy and says I am making 36 million dollars. He doesnt have to work.

    I hope he is not thinking that.

  2. the consistency of lowe would have been nice but the contract he got was outrageous

  3. Warthen is in love with blaming everything on the WBC. According to the genius Santana’s pain in early Spring was also the fault of the WBC. I can’t wait for him to blame Maine’s outings on the WBC as well. He must have the world’s biggest insecurity feeling since its not even game 1 and he’s looking to save hinmself already.

  4. i just think he knows that perez cant keep his focus by himself for three weeks..but why it needed to be said to the media i dont know

  5. see, right there is the reason to forget about the WBC. you are missing work for an unwork related outing. If anyone of us did that, we would have to take a vacation day without pay etc.

    If the coach says no then you dont go.

    I am sorry, but baseball is a job. like anyone of us.
    playing in teh WBC is like taking a vacation from your job to work for free for another comeptitor.
    in the real world that “could” get you fired.

    I knew Perez couldnt keep his focus. he went to WBC to be hotshot. now he knows he’s not.

  6. (6) So wrong Steve C. when will you get it that the WBC is a thing put together by MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. The New York Mets are part of major league baseball. Dan Warthen is an employee of the New York Mets. The GM of the New York Mets supports the WBC because his owner is part of major league baseball which owns the WBC. Major league baseball set up rules where teams can say NO you can’t go to the WBC. Oliver Perez did not, repeat did not meet those conditions so Dan Warthen had no right to say OP can’t go. Dan Warhten can’t deal with his pitchers so he looks for a scapegoat. Notice the pattern. Last year he blamed Peterson for everything, this year he blames the WBC, The problem isn’t the WBC, the problem is the New York Mets have hired a minor league coach for a big league job. If whiney Dan was so worried about OP he could have gone to his GM and said the Mets shouls send a physical trainer with OP but he didn’t. Whiney Dan only has hindsite not foresite. Wonder who he’ll blame next year if the Mets decide to continue his employ in TARP field.

  7. I agree with you on your response to Steve #7, but not the then ignoring its affects on the team. I personally hate the WBC because MLB is screwing it up terribly. I hated that we sent 16 players to the WBC and that means we are going to be slow starting out of the gate as a result of that.

    To say that the WBC doesn’t have “any” affect is as silly as saying that the WBC is a “vacation” for a competitor. Perez was certainly the pitcher I was worried about in the WBC as we all know his focus issues that didn’t need to be exacerbated.

  8. well excuse me for having an opinion.
    but you know what harry, if a team can say no, then they should say no.
    meet criteria? what criteria?
    is wbc mandatory?

    and honestly telling me when will i get it.. is fricken rude. when i have i ever been rude to anyone on this site.

    you can disagree with me. you can join the MLB party line. but dont think by saying “when will you get it..” i will then submiot to your will.

    Just because MLB sets up MLB and teh allstar game. etc. doesnt mean a player/team HAS to accept. They are expected, but show me where in the rules it says the team has to show.

    so to “cop” you attitude towards me, since you know MLB so well. show me where it states the player has to go.

  9. What we have here is a perfect example of a pitcher being a spoiled brat. All this guaranteed money is a distraction for someone like Perez no matter if he is in Mexico or Queens.

    If Oliver Perez has any sense at all, he will become a willing disciple of Johan Santana’s and really listen and learn.
    Otherwise Perez will be just another guy who got a big contract and stopped working at his game.

    As an aside, the Mets organization needs to pay more attention to its team and their staff. If this means hiring better people, do it. Fans will be coming to Citi Field to see this team win a pennant and more, not for all the new amenities.

  10. (10) Annie, I agree 100%. on both perez and the field. Mets Stadium, is a distraction. people are there to watch baseball. I for one hate the fact that u are gouged to pay 6 bucks for a dollar hotdog.
    and 10 bucks for a 2 dollar beer.

  11. Annie (10): You’re right on why people will eventually come to Citi Field, but the Mets will be sold out every game – or close to it – so they’ll get a pass. The stadium is a novelty, kind of a distraction if you will. But, I could be wrong. An outing like the other day for Perez and I’m sure they’ll find it within themselves to boo.-JD

  12. (10/11) You are both right. The amenities will bring the Wilpons more $$$ but if the team is bad the fans will stop coming when the perfume of the new place wears out. They need to look at Camden Yards. Packed for a few years and now half empty. Food is still good I’m sure but the real product is a disaster.
    As for Perez, the Mets knew the guy, they knew his work ethic, and they decided to re-up. Their choice. But the pitching coach whining to the press is really low class. Kind of like the Dukee who stole the ball with 2 seconds remaining when the Villanova guy was running out the clock to save Duke more humiliation. Warthen has shown nothing to date.

  13. Been on hiatus for awhile, but a few weeks with no Chiti is giving me withdrawals. Also feeling a deep need to remind those who regularly post here that I said all winter that OP is a waste and even trumpeted signing wolf over this bum. Also, it seems as if my confidence in Castillos pedigree is paying off at last. Of course, my man Chiti will back me on both of these statements, wont you Harry?

  14. (15) Me back you on Castillo, on OP he’ll come thru. He’ll be better than the beloved Johnny boy Maine (who I like but think he’s just average # 4 or 5. But they should have signed Wolf. Livan in the rotation is not going to work. He’s been bad for too long.

  15. At the end of the day OP is what he is. We have seen him for 3 years now. We have seen him and know him.

    I like our pitchers in the minors a few are a year or two away. I hope that OP, Maine, Livan do not blow up at the same time this year.

    Niese will be in AAA. We also have Parnell, Holt and Gee. In the next few years I hope someone else makes noise.

    My point is that in the next few years I think we have some young guys who can help the club in one way or another.

    Neither Op nor Maine are make or break. I have more confidence in Maine getting better than OP in the next year or two.