Loose threads ….

My father is quite ill and I must travel to Ohio today. I will be there for several days and may not be able to post regularly. So, I’m leaving the keys to the blog to you guys.

Please post whatever is on your minds and have fun.

I’ll talk with you soon. JD

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  1. John,

    Sorry to hear about your father. I was wondering where you have been the past few weeks.

    Have a safe trip.


  2. John,

    All the best man. my thoughts are with you and your dad!

    give a holler if you need anything.

    Steve C.

  3. Niese is officially a minor leaguer and that means Livan is in the rotation.

    If Maine gets healthy and OP can get his head straight our pitching rotation is set. We now have at least one pitcher in AAA who can help out during the season.

    I am still betting that Parnell makes the pen. I am also hoping Evans sticks.

  4. Oh yes, and to continue our discussion with Harry, Write hurt his toe and our friends in the WBC kept him in even though he may have broken it because well.. they needed to insure they won a critical WBC game that had no bearing on whether the team plays in the next round.

    Our manager of course was happy to hear that we may have lost our all star 3rd baseman and critical member of the middle of the lineup because of a decision by a manager of a team unaffiliated with the Mets who cares only about ensuring that he wins the game at hand because well he has nothing better to do.

  5. (4) how fricken wonderful! amazing how they make sure their own people dont get injured but a player from another team. well thats one less person his team has to face.

    i say end WBC. or dont use professional players. use single or double A players.

  6. (4) Dave: I lay the blame on Wright. If he’s that stupid to continue to play with a potential broken toe, then nothings going to help him. I’m with Harry…injuries can easily happen in spring training games just as easily as the WBC.

  7. Steve C: Beltran had his best year as a Met in 2006 after the WBC. Delgado had a great 2006 as well. Injuries can happen anywhere.

  8. steve(9)

    I agree that david is partly to blame. but you want your players to want to play till you drag them out. the point is that the managers in the game – in this case davey johnson – have no vested interest in the health of our players.

    where if they are here and something goes wrong do you think jerry would leave david or any other player in for spring training?

    injuries happen. yes. it is how you deal with them. i trust jerry’s judgement over any other manager for our players.

  9. Delcos GOOD LUCK!

    dave: Your hatred of WBC is getting carried away. Wright could easily have taken himself out. He didn’t and insisted on playing next game which was meaningless.He’s finally showed leadership and Met fans are blasting him.
    (5) That’s quite a FALSE allegation against Johnson. Just who do you think he was protecting. Who does he work for??? He doesn’t work for any team so who was he protecting??????
    (11) You accept Jerry’s judgement, fine.. I’ll take Johnson’s He’s been around long enough and the fact they sent so many players home show they are more concerned about in juries then Met manageent who is too cheap to pay for MRIs.

  10. johnson is looking out for the wbc in general…of course jerry was fretting a bit….and in the grand scheme no harm, no foul…

    JD- God bless..hope everything works out for you and your father.

  11. (13) Whatever about Johnson. How about the 5th starter. An “innings eater” How exciting to have a guy who pitches batting practice but doesn’t get tired pitch us out of 34 games or so. Just think we
    save the bullpen and if we score 10 runs or so we can win with him on the mound. We are the small market annabe team for sure.

  12. 14- Well you mentioned Johnson not working for anyone so i thought id mention he is working for the wbc and obviously he doesnt care all that much about listening to teams wishes when it comes to using players as DeRosa will be playing 1st tonight against the Indians wishes…im sure there would be a much bigger deal made if a Met, yankee, or red sock was being played in a position that the team requested he not play

  13. my issue with the WBC versus spring is they are mutually exclusive. Sping Training is part of why they get paid and also to fix what may be broken.

    WBC is pretty much an all star game. Just like interleague I can do without the allstar game and WBC.

    yes they need practice etc. but that is what sprng training is for …

    I just think during this time of year these guys need to be remembering how to play with their teammates.

  14. not a fan of having of the wbc in spring…maybe in november or something but in the spring i think its too big of an injury risk for MLB players

  15. (17) There’s as much an injury risk in spring training than there is in the WBC. True, players might not go as full out in ST as they would in the WBC, but playing half speed can lead to injuries too.

  16. yeah but when a player gets injured during the WBC for aniother team. who winds up paying the medical bill? or decide a dr. is in order.

    At least in ST you would hope the team doctor, (Jedi Master Minaya excluded)
    would have a vested interest ing maing suer the injury was taken care of properly. and not walked off.

    Remember the spill Reyes took a few years ago. he walked it aff then everyone realized, walking it off aint gonna work.

    Well here you have an example of a similar attitude. with the WBC you might as well have Dr. Minaya, jedi master telling us we will all be fine.

    Let’s look it in terms of work. You are an employee, not a consultant or contractor but an employee, and while you are hired and working for firm A, you participate in a separate Firm X’s outing. what would the boss ,Firm A, think?

    I think they are being paid while not doing their job, WBC like the allstas is not in the job description.

    (but hey i could be wrong)

  17. (19) C…well i’m sure MLB aren’t going to let the players play without a proper medical staff. And besides, if players have gotten injured…(eg Youkilis, Pedroia, Chipper,) they left the team to go back with their own teams. So, it’s not really a worry.

  18. jerry has stated he likes murphy in the 2 spot… if we take his word for it the lineup opening day may be:
    1. Reyes
    2. Murphy
    3. Wright
    4. Delgado
    5. Beltran
    6. Church
    7. Schneider
    8. Castillo

    how do you guys feel about that lineup..i am temped to put castillo in the 2 spot and slide murphy down to the 6..i think that adds some depth to a lineup that last yr was too top heavy

  19. i know that would create all lefties at the 6, 7 ,8 spot if castillo is moved but with tatis getting a decent amount of time and with him and evans?? bat off the bench the ability to PH is there late in games..i still wish the team had one more known RH bat

  20. I would flip castillo and scheider.

    if all hit to form, it gives you a very strong 1-7.

    This should scare other teams and make our pitchers more relaxed.

  21. If thewrong delgado shows up. i think he should go 7 😉

    As far as lefties etc. JD and I have discussed this as well.
    IMHO, I dont think it should matter if you are a good pitcher you should be able to strike out righty/lefty alike.

    Same as a hitter. It shouldnt matter if the pitcher is righty/lefty.

    I dont pay attention to thatwhole lefty vs. righty debate.

  22. steveC- you disagree on the righty/lefty idea.. i think the splits show that a very good LOOGy/ROOGY can be very effective

  23. Did Tom Terrific have major issues with the guy at the plate? how bout Kooz? or Tug? Ryan?

    a bad day is a bad day. these guys pitched until the 9th inning most games.

    i think its 80% psychological. 20 physical. yeah lefties seem to have the “advantage” in almost every sport/skill. Not sure why, it culd also e that part of the brain being used.

    But kicking good players to the curb because they have the wrong throwing/batting arm?

    switch hitters are great to have but are they truly ambi? or did they force themselves.

    Didnt our switchy decide to hit from his normal side against the wrong armed pitcher and teach him a what fer…

    hey I could be wrong, but until someone decides you know what, i want my guys t hit pitchers equally as good or throw equally as good to the opposing batter.

    by only having a guy pitch to righties. he will never develop the feel to pitch to a lefty.

    Its all about practice…mucho practica. as someone I RESPECT very highly used to say. oh and he was NOT spanish.


  24. (29) I agree wit Steve to a large degree on this. This is crap that the guys in the pen can only pitch to lefties or righties. You have to use so many relievers under this concept that your pen is fired by August. As for batters, good players don’t need the platoon. Its the average to slightyl below average guy that benefits from the platoon. Clendenon/Kranepool worked because Don nwas too old to play every day and Krane wasn’t more than average. Same with Shamsky/Swoboda; 2 avg guys who used to the hilt. Pretty sooon this crap about lefty righty will mean the Mets will need to find a platoon partner for Wright because he’s not a swiutrch hitter. Even side armers. how come guys like Quisenberry and Tekulve could be closers? today the geniuses would say they can only face a righty. Wel;l they were both damn good closers.

  25. i agree to that guys in the pen shouldnt only pitch to lefties or righties…but to say that there is no proof that lefty vs lefty matchup or righty vs righty ignores statistics that all mlb teams use. yes a team wants guys in the ‘pen who can get both sides of the plates out but in this day and age having loogy or roogys is something that most teams do.

    i agree that back in the day starters were out there much deeper in games and the idea of a loogy was stupid. i wish managers would let their starters go deeper

  26. John

    I noticed many marginal, young, bench players are hitting well in the spring. There seems to be about 1/2 dozen of them.

    What is your sense that we will have a surprise or two making it on the opening day roster.

    For example, do you think Parnell makes it, Reed, Kielty, Evans?