Where to slot in Castillo?

Manager Jerry Manuel is thinking about going back to Jose Reyes in the leadoff slot to get him going. That spot worked for Luis Castillo, who owned up to the challenge and is hitting .321 with a .500 on-base percentage.

Castillo has been far from the nightmare at the plate he was last year.

I’ve always liked him second, but I can see the logic of Daniel Murphy in that slot. That also allows for a 3-4-5 of Beltran, Wright and Delgado.

Batting him eighth is a waste, but what about ninth and swap with the pitcher? The idea would be to bunch the speed of Castillo and Reyes together.

Initially, I thought Tony La Russa was reinventing the wheel when he did it, but there’s sense to it. If the pitcher is an automatic out (that’s the assumption), what difference does it make if it is eighth or ninth?

15 thoughts on “Where to slot in Castillo?

  1. I forget the team and the manager. but guy has the pitcher batting 8th. so they can get to their slugger.

    cause honestly after the first inning or so. the lineup gets skewed up anyway,

    I agree it doesnt matter after the 1st inning. 😉

  2. The primary arguement against moving the pitcher to the 8th slot is that it simply gives the pitcher more at bats per year. While the “position” in the order does not matter after the first inning, it matters a lot in terms of how many at bats a player will get. Reyes will get a lot more at bats at #1 than he will anywhere else.

    Having said that, I still think that swapping an okay OBA/Speed guy to the 9th slot is not a terrible idea for a number of teams, and is especially true for the Mets. I argued for this quite a bit last year on Mets Geek and still think it makes sense. I think Reyes should be given a better opportunity to drive in runs as I think he can be a force in that area.

    Likely will never happen, but I agree it has value. However, swapping the “automatic” out up in the lineup does have consequences over the course of the year.

  3. Why should the pitcher be considered an automatic out? I think pitchers should go after the ball more…
    they should play smart at the plate like any other batter.

  4. Delcos: Two points.
    1. This is Spring Training. Castillo’s hitting means zero. Remember Butch Huskey…Mr MARCH
    2. Last year I was seriously criticised for endorsing the pitcher hitting 8th. I think a guy named Delcos led the way!!!

    (3) Pitchers aren’t supposed to be able to hit. If they hit like big leagurs they don’t pitch.

  5. So Pelf looks good so far. At least the top half of our rotation looks good for this year.

  6. (4) you seem to forget a pitcher by the name of Babe Ruth. if it wasnt for the american league he would have been a fricken nightmare in the natonal League.

  7. (7) You seem to forget that despite the fact that he could pitch decently they stopped pitching him because of how well he could hit.

    If anything you are proving his point, a guy who can hit well will be more valuable to a team than a decent pitcher.

  8. Thats because its was the american league.
    and he just didnt pitch decently. he was a fricken awesome pitcher.

    and where the national league is now with having the bullpen pitching everyday. could you imagine facing a pitcher of babe’s calibur both defenseively and offensively?

    A pitcher should be allowed to be able to hit. its the demention of the game that makes national league ball superior to american league ball. DH. what a cop out.

  9. Steve,

    Babe Ruth didn’t stop pitching because it was the American League, he stopped pitching because they needed him to play every day (shocking considering he could hit more HRs than most other teams at the time). There is NO WAY you can have a player play the field every day then pitch every fifth day. And trying to back up your arguement by saying he was a “great” pitcher (he had a few good years, not exactly awesome), only further proves the original point. They would rather have his offense everyday then a “great” pitcher every fifth.

    And what a silly arguement anyway of course pitchers should be able to hit, the key is that you don’t want them spending all their time practicing those skills so that they are not spending the time they need for to get their pitching right and the need to avoid injury anyway.

    And, for injury and simple timing reasons is WHY pitchers are generally bad hitters.

  10. I wasnt suggeston he play and pitch. i was suggestion that at teh time there was a 4 man rotation and if his pitching skills had been allowed to be fully honed. he would have been the best pitcher with a powerful bat, ever. However, since it was the american league the pitchers dont hit. and at the time yeah his bat was more important than his arm.
    f he was a national leaguer things may have been much different. he may have been the worlds best pitcher/hitter.
    this is all hind sight of course.

    if pichers in national league were to practice then they wouldnt get injured at the plate or have that fear.

    I dont think the argument is silly because with the thinking today that people expect the pitcher to suck. it would fuel the drive to make national like american and have a DH. and I think a DH just sux.

  11. yeah well i wasnt born then ;-)so forgive me for screwing that up. only followed mets and national league so what can i say. never said i was perfect, i aint.