Clock clicking down on Met issues

With a little less than three weeks before Opening Day, some issues the Mets opened camp with are starting to take focus. Others remain blurred.

Johan Santana, it seems, is on track. My philosophy on injuries is to assume the worst until the player proves otherwise. After a strong 56-pitch outing in a minor league game yesterday, the reports on Santana and his slider are good.

The fifth starter was another issue, and candidates Freddy Garcia (14.40 ERA this spring) and Livan Hernandez (3.72) will work today against the Braves. Garcia, obviously needs a complete turnaround to stay in contention, but coming off injuries, he’s likely to open the season with an extended spring training.

Hernandez has been mostly good, but still hasn’t blown Jerry Manuel away as to where the job is his. And, until he does, there will always be those Pedro Martinez whispers that won’t go away.

10 thoughts on “Clock clicking down on Met issues

  1. I say pedro needs to retire.
    lets go with Niese.

    did we get another 1st baseman in case the wrong delgado shows up? of course not…


  2. I don’t understand why Parnell wasn’t give a chance to compete for a starter job. I guess since Minaya traded Heilman he needs a new starter to put in the pen. Strange thinking but whatever. If Niese is not major eague ready then Minaya deserves to be fired because there were plenty of guys he could have gotten for 1 year this Winter, but he just went after the newest Lima’s. Wolfe could have been had but why when you can get the injured and the finished. If ever there was a year a big market team could have taken advantage of the economy it was 2009. But not the Mets, they signed Livan and Freddy instead and acted like the Royals…..I guess we were allocated one high pay guy and K-Rod was it.

  3. Well I am sure Citi will not pay the fee to keep the stadium name so the Mets need to save money and find a new name. Gee i kind of like the ring of Shea Stadium. or even Metroplitan stadium. if its good enough for Yankees it should be good enough for the Mets, besides the full name has a certain ring to it.

  4. (1) Steve C: You have Murphy if Delgado doesn’t show up and Evans if they decide to go with a real 1bman. I think Delgado will be ok.

    (2) Harry: I’m not a huge Parnell fan. Maybe I have to look beyond the stats, but his minor league stats are not that impressive. Maybe they just think he translates better to the bullpen

  5. (4) Steve: ok thanx. i just wanted to make sure all our bases are covered. 😉
    pun very much intended.

  6. (5) Steve C: Not a problem. Glad I can ease your worries. :-) After Delgado’s blast last night, he really helped put some of my fears about him to rest.

  7. (4) Are you a huge Freddy fan? Are you a huge Livan fan? Are you a huge Redding fan?Obviously not…. Only Minaya is. The point is why didn’t they give as many a chance to shine since all Omar signed for the job was pure junk. I don’t know if parnell is good or not. I do know that the main candidates aren’t and it will hurt this team just as it did in 07 when Minaya gave us Lawrence. I guess Minaya never did and never wiull think one or two games is important. Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to fail over and over again.

  8. yeah.

    it looks like niese in AAA, livan at 5, parnell possibly in the pen, evans on the bench and one of the many OF also on the bench. I hope the numbers gets anderson the knife. he seems to have hit well this spring, but i want more than someone to keep the bench warm so he can go in for a pitcher only to be taken out.

    we need flexibility and i hate when he gets in the game.