Niese goes today ….

Jon NIese takes his 9.00 ERA to the mound today against the Braves. Niese is still in the hunt for the fifth spot in the rotation, but hasn’t overly impressed in his opportunity.

I’m still putting what’s left of my money on Livan Hernandez to win the role. That is, of course, if the Mets don’t pick somebody else up, such as re-signing Pedro Martinez.

Nobody has blown away the field. Tim Redding is hurting and could open the season on the DL. Freddy Garcia? That ended quickly.

I like what I saw of Niese last season, but he also had those moments that said he wasn’t ready. I’d hate for him to come up and get rocked the way Mike Pelfrey did. If there is a viable major league option to Niese, the Mets will take it.

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  1. yeah JD but remember the frying pan made pelfrey the pitcher he was today.

    Maybe Niese needs that also. so far both Maine and Pelfrey have produced. Maine has been injured physically and mentally. But i think he’s on the mend.

    I could live with a newbie growing into the position. what i can’t live with is a supposed major leaguer not being a major leaguer.

    just my 3 cents

  2. I think Niese should be in AAA.

    He can come up after their season is done.

    I agree that Omar’s flyers for the last spot have been a flop. I would give Pedro or perhaps anyone else a go for 2mill or less.

  3. I know this is not the mets, but thought it was pretty funny..

    “Why did I sign with the Nationals?” Tavarez said told a group of reporters. “When you go to a club at 4 in the morning, and you’re just waiting, waiting, a 600-pounder looks like J. Lo. And to me this is Jennifer Lopez right here. It’s 4 in the morning. Too much to drink. So, Nationals: Jennifer Lopez to me.”

  4. I just read that our 3rd baseman got hit in the head and felt dizzy.

    Do I have to say anything?

  5. (4) Well dave I guess it knocked some sense into him since he won the game . As for injuries i guess the Dodgers shouldn’t have let Manny go to the WBC and I guess the Phils shouldn’t have let Cole go to the WBC. They’d be healthy in ST. Oh, wait they got hurt in spring training. How is that possible.
    As for Niese if hes as good as the washed up club he’s competing against he better be in NY because he will improve while the other two will keep getting worse. But I’m sure the job is Livan’s. After all if Omar can bring in enough Expos/Nationals, he can bring this org down as far as he brought down the first one he ruined.

  6. I wasnt complaining about him being in the wbc, altho i think it is a huge distraction.

    saw a clip of our manager talking about ollie and trying to get him to calm down and get back on schedule. not exactly a comment i want to hear about our most excitable starter.

  7. Is the Olympics a huge distraction to hockey? They stop their season, right in the middle for the Olympics. STOP THEIR SEASON! All this does is ask a few players to turn up the intensity a notch for a few games. They have delayed the stsart of the season so these guys can get a breather. People complain about everything that makes a minor change in a long season. Met fans whined endlessly about how the trip to Japan in ’00 was bad. So bad the Mets went to the WS that year. Haven’t seen it ssince in all the years they haven’t gone.
    Now all the WBC haters will whione because Wright fouled a ball off his foot, like it wouldn’t have possibly happened in St Lucie.

  8. (8) Harry, I hate to bust the bubble. However, the flaw in the logic is this: The olympics are for non paid athletes. If your are a professional athlete making money in a “sport” you aew supposed to not qualify for teh olympics. it’s for Amateurs really.
    so the fact they allow professional basketball players and hockey players and pretty much ringers has ruined the competition.
    just my 3 cents on where the olympics have gone.

  9. (9): Steve The Olympics are for non paid athletes??? Did you ever hear of the Dream Team??? The Olympics have not been for amateurs for decades. The Olympics were always for professionals in the old Eastewrn block countries, they just were hidden as “soldiers”. To say that it is ruined now is just not facing the facts of what the Olympics have been at least since the 50’s.
    And even if your premise is true it stil doesn’t answer the question about hockey stopping their season in mid-season for Olympic games?

  10. (10) Harry, this was my point. they stop the season to participate. Yes, I dont watch the olympics anymore because it has become “professional” in some of teh athletics.

  11. The Olympics used to be an amateur event, before it became just a casting call for madison ave.

    The dream team was a farce. I am glad the us team got their butts handed to the the last few times before this year.

  12. The WBC is a distraction and pretty useless for me anyway.

    I know many foreign players like it cause they can show off for their home country.

    For me I rather they stay in camp and work on what they need to. I could care less if the usa team never makes it out of the first round or wins it all against cuba or whoever.

    It was nice to read the the dutch and one other team surprised people, but really. who cares?

    If the mets do not make it to the postseason for the third year in a row they need to fire the front office. I could care less about team usa. I care about the team in flushing.

  13. (11) So you think that stopping the deason for two weeks isn’t a distraction!!!!!! C’mon
    (13 and 14) God Bless America….

    (13) Glad your country lost. Wow…. Kind of sad commentary.

  14. (15)
    My impression was that Flushing, Queens resided in the United States of America.

    Perhaps I have my politics and geography confused.

    Can you help me on this?


  15. (15) If you read. he never said it wasnt a distraction. secondly. if you are trying to say that dave and I arent american you are sadly mistaken, and i would hope an apology comes soon.

    all he said was he doesnt agree with the WBC it doesnt reflect on how the Mets do versus how a thrown together BS competition.

    so harry next time please read.

  16. (17) steveC dave said and this is a direct quote from dave : ” The dream team was a farce. I am glad the us team got their butts handed to the the last few times before this year.”

    dave said he was glad the US team lost in basketball. I owe no apology to his statement. You said “ditto” Does ditto not mean agreement? I think the apology should come from the two of you. Whether or not you agree with the Olympics or WBC to say you were glad your nation lost is a problem to me one which I will not apologize for.

  17. The basketball thing he said, because it was a disgrace to the original meaning of the olympics. The dream team was the cream of the crop of “Professional AThletes that play and make money doing what they do”

    while other true olympians do not make money in the sport they are training in.

    as for the ditto it had to do with the sentiment around the WBC and the dutch team, and the fact that we should care about the Mets and not the WBC team during baseball season.

    Because I find it funny that some of our own players arent on team USA. funny thing huh.

  18. (18) If you’re trying to entertain me go on… You can’t be serious when you talk about the “true olympians” who don’t make a cent can you??? Find one and introduce them to us. Are you going back to the days of ancient Greece maybe?
    If you think its funny that some Mets played for teams other than the USA then the question is why? Do you have a problem with people showing pride in their country? I don’t get the two of you and what your problem is with pride in country. Hatin on the WBC fine, but then turning it against your country??? beats me…

  19. Harry,

    If you want to get personal – and you are borderline in that department – please go ahead. I am debating issues. The relevancy of the WBC and it’s effect on the team I root for.

    Someone brought up the Olympics and my comment is directed at the fallacy of the Olympic ideal and the fact that this amatuer event for the pure thrill of competition vs the greed vehicle it has become.

    If you want to focus on an out of context statement regarding a collection of the best basketball players in the world, from a skill level as well as training competing against players from other countries and reveling in it. This is like having a tug of war between college men and 8 year olds.

    If you want to criticize my patriotism over that fine. But don’t complain when things get personal back.

  20. fine dave, but then don’t expect me not to get ticked off when I see your opinions as well less then supportive to my country and don’t expect me not to get ticked when someone asks me to apologize for criticizing what I see as such. And don;t feed me the old Cimmunist propoganda lines that their “soldiers” were amateur athletes. Give me a break.

  21. I would defend the US to the last breath. but it is my rite and duty to question certain behavior of state.

    As far as patriotism, being an American and playing for another country is unpatriotic.
    in my eyes.