Not worried about Pelfrey

When a pitcher reaches a career high in innings pitched, there’s a tendency to sometimes hit a wall in the subsequent season. That’s the concern about Mike Pelfrey.

I had it heading into spring training. Not so much anymore. Another good outing the other day. There seems to be something about him that’s encouraging. In retrospect, it might have been a good thing he was hammered early in his career. It seems to have toughened him. It appears to have given him a backbone that’s essential for the core of a strong career.

Pelfrey should continue to improve as he learns the hitters better, gets stronger and refines his pitches. He’s got a great fastball; let it work for him. He doesn’t need to get fancy.

Pelfrey making another positive step might be one of the most important keys for the Mets this season.

7 thoughts on “Not worried about Pelfrey

  1. Agreed. Pitchers also need to be allowed to remain in the game to climb out of a hole. to also help them toughen up.

    Ronnie Darling talks about that all the time. he would be on the mound getting hammered. Just when he thought he was being taken out of the game. the word was.. you aint leaving the game just yet so plow through it.

    As a fan however you sit there yalling and screaming why are you keeping him in. Then as the season progresses you find out why , hopefully.

    I havent seen much of this with the “nwe” way and the middle erliever and setup man and closing picthers. being used every single day. I cam’t wrap my head around it.

    To me it isnt the baseball I know and love. something is missing.

  2. (2) I remember when it was the other way round. everyone was worried about pelf but maine was the maine man.
    amazing how the tides turn huh.

    I still Maine has it. he just needs to clear his head. He’s his own worst enemy.

  3. I agree. Maine seems to be a glass half full kinda guy. It allows him to grind through. Sometimes you just need to be sunny.

    He is coming off surgery tho. He needs a little time. Hopefully, not too much.

  4. They are also trying to get the pitchers to learn the curve, after the last genius said it was stupid to throw and banned the pitch from the organization.

  5. fastball is so american league. Listen the more movement you can put on the ball the better.

    It seems to me that more and moer they are trying to change national league into the american league.

    Its flippin baseball.

    I was behind maine when he was first brought in and said he would rise to the occassion and he did. he only slid because of injury. even Pelf, i said would bloom.

    I think miane will rise to the occassion because both guys take ownership of poor performance and try to fix what is broken unlike some of the “other” pitchers who think they are better than the average bear. (ollie,pedro,lima et al..)

    Humility and honesty in ones performance goes a long way. Glavine showed in Ronnie showed it. all the classy pitchers always take it on their own shoulders and look to not nmaking that same mistake again.

    The show offs spin it.

    Just my 3 cents