Santana goes tonight

Roughly two weeks later than originally thought, Johan Santana pitches tonight. It’s times like these Santana is fond of saying, “I’m not going to do anything crazy.”

Just throw fastballs and work on his mechanics. We shouldn’t get carried away one way or another with him. If he’s lights out or gets lit up, either way, it won’t make or break the season or determine what’s to come.

If he comes out of it sound, that’s all that matters.

27 thoughts on “Santana goes tonight

  1. Exactly. We know who he is and what he can do. He is a star. He knows how he needs to prepare. It is a long season and he is key to our success.

    People like Sanchez needed to prove themselves. For two years we watched how he came to camp unprepared and then was out for the season again, then last year he was a waste. The manager did not use him in the last month of the season when the bullpen was in shambles. And yet his comment after he was released was he did not think he needed to prove anything.

    At the end of the day this is a bottom line business. Sanchez was great two years ago, but in sports two years is a lifetime. I hope he can find a team that believes in him and he gets to be paid for a game that he was once very good at.

  2. John

    What an ACE. He comes off an injury and throws heat.

    Then he changes speeds and schools a talented AA player.

    Johan will be fine.


  3. How come Castillo was not like this last year?

    He was aggressive in this at bat.

    Last year he was a statue at the plate.

  4. Well, it looks like Redding has joined in the I want to be the next Lima contest. Looking at his performances so far, he might have his name replace Lima’s.
    (9). Why can’t people believe that Castillo was playing hurt last year? Both legs operated on, he obviously came back too soon and stayed too long. Another diagnosis from Dr Minaya?

  5. considering our #5 starter candidates seem to be A ball players at this point, who might be available who can come in and try and give us a 500 record?

  6. harry.

    why would not having his legs prevent the bat from coming off his shoulder when he is at the plate?

  7. (14) Because your legs are part of your swing and when they both hurt its easier to try to take a walk. Personal example. I ride bike. When I ride more than a couple days in a row my knees start to ache, so I try to avoid hills. Less exercise but a lot less pain. Pain makes you do things differently.

  8. Harry oh you ride a bicycle. when you said Bike I was thinking Motorcycle. 😉

    actually when batting the legs are for teh stance much of the swing should be coming from the waiste, but yes you need your legs for stability etc.

    I believe 2 things: like Delgado, Castillo played hurt. and secondly he was probably told to take the walks.

    as for pitching i am tired of seeing blown saves because of pitch count. if the pitcher is holding the score. let him finish what he started.

  9. I’m sick of Omar Minya bringing in pitchers who are either over the hill and done or just not good to save money. Omar loves this idea of trying to find lightning in a bottle which as met fans we all know doesn’t work. This is why they have collapsed the past two years.

  10. (16) I wouldn’t mind the pitch count so much if each pitcher had a count based on his limits. This is crap that every pitcher is identical. Even Seaver said he had a pitch count of @ 130 and Koosman had 140 and Nolan Ryan had 150.
    (17) Omar is the sun and the wind and the moon. Omar makes guys healthy by waving his magic dust on their booboos. Am I getting Omar and Peter Pan confused?

  11. Harry agreed on a sliding scale for pitchers, if one was truly needed.

    (17) tomg, i made the same statement. so yeah you are not alone.

    The yankees tend to pull this type of deal off. the Mets are better off becoming a team.

    in a previous post I mentioned that maybe the mets should take a page from the marlins and just start with fresh nwe kids and see how the ride goes. They got how many wins that way?

  12. johan left healthy last night and that was priority number 1…i cant blame omar for th5th starter at this time…i thought we had plenty of depth coming in but all of the candidates are struggling..hopefully one picks it up (or pedro agrees on an incentive laden deal but i think the mets may want a new energy in the clubhouse w/o pedro)

  13. (20) I have to disagree. He brought in Redding released by DC and having off season surgery, Garcia who has been injured or horrible the last 2 years and Livan who is like going to a hitting machine he’s been so bad the last XX amount of years.

  14. Harry(15)

    If what you say is true then he should have had a note from the doctor and been dl’d the whole year.

    if he is out there than he says he is healthy enough to play. his fielding was horrible and they could not find a slot in the lineup for him. If he was dl’d it would save them a lot of grief.

  15. (22) Why does a player decide if he’s healthy? I guess doctors tell players how to throw a curve ball and how to bunt? Seriously, maybe if this freakin org would start taking injuries seriously, Castillo would have been held back and allowed to heal and Church would have been given proper care after two concussions instead of the crap that went on with him…..
    Why don’t people blast Church for playing like crap when he shouldn’t have been playig. no difference. Two guys were mishandled and one guy is blasted by the fandom and one guy is coddled because how could he know he was hurt when his head was banged in…. Bottom line is the wrong guys make the decisions on the Mets and its ridiculous. But next time I have a tooth ache I’m gonna go to Minaya and not my DDS.

  16. fair enough.

    but church at least did ok in the field, but his bat was weak.

    my problem with castillo was not only was the fielding below par, and his avg wasnt what it should be. his approach at the play was to stand there and hope for a walk.

  17. John

    I read an article by Murray Chass ( who also went web only ) on Piazza. The article states his opinion that Piazza was juiced. His evidence is the acne that Mike had all over his back which cleared up when baseball went to punishment.

    What is your opinion on this?