Mets release Sanchez ….

I wrote at the beginning of spring training Duaner Sanchez’s health was a key, that if he rebounded from shoulder surgery he could become a viable set-up reliever. He was hit hard in his first appearance and has done little to change the feeling impending doom.

Sanchez was released by the Mets after failure to reach 90 on the speed gun in Monday’s game against Baltimore. Sanchez gave up two runs on three hits and a walk. He’s walked six in five innings, an indication not only his speed is gone, but he velocity as well.

Said Minaya: “We looked at his overall performance based on last year to what we see now and we didn’t see the improvement we felt was needed to be effective in the major leagues.”

The beneficiary of Sanchez’s demise is Bobby Parnell.

18 thoughts on “Mets release Sanchez ….

  1. I say they need to get rid of the rest if teh chaff. to free up slots with people that will produce.

    This was a step in the right direction.. next?

  2. Sanchez is obviously not the same guy he was in ’06. However, that being said if Minaya was really doing this as a baseball only decision then he certainly would have released Freddy Garcia as well. Since he didn’t, he is not believable. Freddy isn’t a money decision today so he and his invisible fast ball can stay. All I want out of Minaya is to stop treating fans as if they have no brains.

  3. my ? is why did they have to cut him now?? the clause in his contract triggers on the 18th so I dont see where the harm is in giving him another week. i know it probably wouldnt matter but his velocity has slowly increased in ST……

    but it really is too bad…that late night cab ride for “food” killed the mets in ’06 and has hurt the bullpen ever since…good luck duaner, i hope he finds his old form for someone not in the National League

  4. Harry (2) – Garcia is in the running for the 5th starter, which is a reason to give him a little longer.
    Of course $$$ is part of it. That’s been the word that has leaked out for a couple of weeks. Sherman mentioned it first.

    Also, by cutting Duaner now, they free up innings for other guys to show what they can do.

  5. (4) Ed while I believe you are sincere in your thoughts you will never convince me if Garcia was in the same contractual status as Sanchez that he would not have been cut. Omar said it was a baseball decision and if you want to take Omar at his word, so be it. I’ve stopped a long time ago. I feel he treats us like fools.

  6. JD (6) yeah with all that dough you couldnt order takeout?

    maybe it wasnt that kind of food. 😉

    (4)&(5) I dont think Minaya knows what he wants in a pitcher anymore. Maybe they have to take a page out the Marlins playbook. Get fresh new kids every 3 years and win every other year.
    I could actually live with that very soundly.

  7. Wear them seatbelts or order from room service.

    Did that injury ruin the 2006 post season and the subsequent two years? Hard to tell. Maybe the bullpen holds the lead in Game 2 against St Louis if Sanchez is there. But they did trade Nady for Roberto Hernandez and Coin Flip Perez to fill the hole. Hard to know if a Nady/Sanchez/find a starter (Bannister?) is greater than Perez/Hernadez. This being the Mets, they probably find a way to lose anyways. I always wonder if Bobby Ojeda cutting off his finger with a chain saw hurt the Mets in 1988 and beyond and maybe the Sanchez injury is a replay “this has all happened before. It will happen again”.

  8. Dan (8): I would think with a healthy Sanchez they might have beaten St. Louis in the NLCS. Interesting thought, Dan. But, would they have gotten there in 2006 without Coin Flip? I’m not no sure. Perez pitched in some big games for them that year. You would like to think with a healthy Sanchez they would have gotten into the playoffs the last two years. But, they didn’t, and knew they didn’t. The failure was in not replacing him and they knew they needed to.-JD

  9. Did Coin Flip actually pitch big in 2006? I was surprised to look up his record and find out he was 1-3 in 7 starts with a 6.38 era. He didn’t pitch in the LDS and in game 4 won but only because Reyes was even worse than Coin Flip. Game 7 was his masterpiece.

    The only consolation about St Louis winning (and it’s very small since in the mid80s I detested the team, especially The White Rat) is LaRussa won his second title. Before that he was one of Michael Kay’s occasional whipping boys on his radio show. “The guy’s supposed to be a genius and he’s only won one championship!” Yes, but that’s as many as Billy Martin, Earl Weaver, Leo Rurocher and Whitey Herzog won. LaRussa was missing in action when steroids took hold but heroes in that fight are as rare as honest politicians.
    I guess the thing to wonder is could the Mets have gotten a better starting pitcher at the 2006 trade deadline than Coin Flip? Looking at a transaction list there is a waiver deal involving Livian Hernadez from the Gnats to D backs in August. Maybe the Gnats GM Bowden was too impossible to deal with and maybe Minaya traded to swing something but couldn’t. Maybe last winter’s offseason moves were enough to propel us into the post season and maybe the Mets can take advantage of the ever-worsening economy (a lousy way to do it). But as time goes by, the failure to win it all in 2006 looms larger and larger.

  10. OP was sent to Tidewater when traded for, and didn’t come up until late Aug or early Sept. He was a non-entity until Trachsel decided to vamoose in the playoffs.

  11. (12) Harry: Tidewater? Next thing you’ll tell me is that the Mets have a single A club in Visalia! lol

  12. (12) In 2006 the Mets AAA team was the Norfolk Tides which at one time was called the Tidewater Tides. The area around Norfolk, Virginia Beach etc is the Tidewater area of VA. They moved to New Orleans in ’07 and now on to Buffalo, where they were for a little while in the 60’s.

  13. Harry you disappoint me. Visalia was the Mets A team from 1968 thru 1975. :-)

  14. Wowieeee…speaking of Visalia…The Stork in 1971, check out this line:

    28 homers 113 RBI .333 BA .417 OBP .584 SLG…

    Imagine if he was a prospect in the system now? We’d all be drooling. lol. Of course we’d be knocking the fact that he was a 23 year old playing in A ball, but still those stats were pretty impressive.

  15. (16) Got me on that one. I remember AAA Buffalo, Jacsonville,then /tidewater, but I couldn’t even tell you where AA team was, much less A team. First AA team I remember was Jackson MS, but I don’t know when they were there. I remember Williamsport PA and Bingy.