Mets Notes

* Mike Pelfrey’s strained left leg has improved enough to where he’ll start Saturday against Washington. Pelfrey threw in the BP today and told reporters: “I felt it a little bit, but it’s a lot better. If it was the regular season and I had to pitch today, I would’ve.”

* Carlos Delgado got six hits in his first seven at-bats playing for Puerto Rico in the WBC.

* Jon Niese gave up a hit and a walk in four scoreless innings in a minor league game today. Niese is competing for the fifth spot in the rotation.

* Outfielder Angel Pagan underwent arthroscopic surgery in New York to remove a bone spur from his right elbow and could be out as long as nine weeks. Pagan didn’t play last year after May 12 after injuring his shoulder when he fell into the stands in Los Angeles.

4 thoughts on “Mets Notes

  1. So Pelfrey said he still felt “it”, and the Mets are pitching him anyway. Well, it makes sense because the Mets do not beleive in using real doctors so just go ahead and take a chance on him missing months instead of a week.
    Why is Niese pitching in minor league games if the staff is supposedly letting him compete for a major league job. Sounds like the job has been designated for one of Minaya’s has been’s.

  2. Manuel: Calling Dr. Minaya .. Calling Dr. Minaya. time to give the team their physical.

    Manuel: oh the doctor says you are all fine..

    any player: but he didnt even look at us.

    Manuel: Dr. Minyaya is a Jedi master he used the force and sees you are all fine and one with the force.

    any player: but i feel pain..

    Minaya over the loudspeaker: you feel no pain. go about your business.