23 thoughts on “Pelfrey will miss next start

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  2. Did anyone… watch Pedro the last two years?

    No. Just no.

    Especially considering he’d want a guaranteed spot and guaranteed money and would fall apart physically in May.

    Just because a guy looks okay after healing all winter doesn’t mean he won’t break back down after the strain of a regular season.

  3. (2,4) The way the ’09 reject club looks so far, you all might be begging for Lima time. Pelfrey sore, Santana not on same wave length as Warthen, Maine unhappy with himself. Sounds kind of like Warthen spent the winter being the minor league coach he really is. Did the pitchers have a winter program?

  4. (4): If you saw Pedro yesterday, he looked like the 2005 version of Pedro. Whether its bad competition or not, his pitches and location were working the way it was 4 years ago.
    I think Pedro is finally healthy and as long as he’s not depended on to be “THE” guy, I think he’ll be a good signing.

  5. Thats right, Benny. I just cant stand the thought of him having a great year for someone else now after waiting 2 1/2 years for him to get healthy.

  6. Ya know it is touch with Pedro.

    it would suck big time if he had a good year someplace else. however, he can only go 6 and it would be a major strain on the pen.

    The problem is we have no real alternatives. Livan is a 6 era, garcia apparently cant pitch and Redding is still hurt.

    Who else is out there? I say give it a few weeks and if Pedro is still going I guess we sign him.

  7. Saw Pedro in highlights, yeah.

    In early March, against spring training level competition, after a whole winter to heal.

    The grind of a long year WILL break him down to the near-Castillo-levels of failure we saw last year for whoever ends up wasting their money on him by… I’d say May.

    (Failure is now officially measured in Castillos, by the way.)

  8. To think I root for the most Aggravating team in MLB. You have to love the soap opera that is the Mets.

    SO we have no young stuff and we have to rely on an over aged pitcher who could strain himself the first day pitching and be out the season and hurt the bank account.

    I am wodering if the new young guns will turn it on at the last minute and surprise us all. (keeping everything crossed)

  9. So lets see the rotation for the start of the season: Santana is behind schedule, Maine is behind schedule and not comfortable, OP is in Mexico supposedly on schedule, Pelfrey will be behind schedule whenever he starts throwing again, the mysterious 5th starter sucks or is hurt or both, and Omar is happy he has an 8th and 9th inning guy. Well who is going to pitch the 5th, 6th and 7th every day because 3 of these 4 won’t be able to go 7 or 6 or maybe even 5 and there is nobody to spot start if they’re not ready to go at all.

  10. No one said an outfielded cuoldnt be used to throw nothing but heat across the plate 😉

    It’s been done…

  11. It gets worse. Ollie was lit up by Australia. Redding got beat up by college kids. The good news…. We wont see any Guiseppe Franco commercials this year.

  12. I was watching a piece of the met game. Saw Sanchez pitch.

    He went from 70 to 85. If he cant hit 90 by end of camp I dont see how they keep him. He won’t have enough stuff to be useful and he is too expensive.

  13. please dont tell me Minaya was counting on all these old timers. Either he has an evil plan to drive us insane and pull ot 3 pitchers before opening day or he’s lost his ability to get players. Maybe the economy 😉
    BTW – its amazing how Citgroup still has enough money to piss away at naming the baseball field.
    I think it should be called Met’s Field and be done with it.
    I hate seeeing that Citi logo over the stadium.

  14. Mets released Sanchez to save a few more bucks It won’t make up for the Ponzi scheme.
    Apparently didn’t even try to make a deal. Looking at the junk left to fight for the last 4 spots I anticipate Putz having a blown out arm by the All Star break.

  15. *shaking my head* I just dont get it.
    I cannot believe we dont have a single Farm pitcher that is nea ready. I think the issue is we keep going out of country for talent or geting 40 year olds. (I am a 40 year old) and honestly not everyone can be Nolan Ryan.

  16. Another poor outing for Maine. Not good. And still no out pitch either.

  17. i am very at this (17).

    It is good news and bad. No one likes to be fired, but it gives Sanchez more choice to hook on with someone who wants him.

    If they feel he is no better than last year, they can just move on.

    I also see it as a message.

  18. It looks like Pagan is out again.


    The NYT has an article on Bobby Parnell. He throws high heat and is a recent draftee. He may make the club now that Sanchez is gone.

    He might be a nice addition as a middle reliever.