On Santana: Are they really sure?

SANTANA: Are they sure?

SANTANA: Are they sure?

He’s easily the most important Met. How far they go this season is dependant on Johan Santana’s elbow, his shoulder, and his knee – every part of him.

October will be yet another empty month if Santana is injured and misses a substantial part of the season.

The appearance is the Mets aren’t on the same page on a timetable when a day after pitching coach Dan Warthen’s itinerary had Santana missing Opening Day the two-time Cy Young winner said he thought differently.

Santana threw 46 pain-free bullpen pitches Wednesday and the tenor has changed. Santana, manager Jerry Manuel said, isn’t a like everybody else, telling reporters in Port St. Lucie: “You have templates that you like to follow, and everybody don’t fit those templates. That’s why he is who he is.’’

I don’t think anybody doubts Santana’s competitiveness. All you have to do is think back to his last start of the season on a bum knee that required surgery.

This guy throws with his guts as much as he does his arm, and part of me can’t help but wonder if the Mets are doing with Santana what they did with Pedro Martinez, which is let him call the shots.

If they thought he needed a MRI a week ago, then why not go through with it and be sure?

9 thoughts on “On Santana: Are they really sure?

  1. JD- no idea on why they didnt have him take one the moment he complained…doesnt make sense

    luckily from then on there has been nothing but good news. lets hope it stays this way

  2. Well pedro as well as any top player is ultra competitive also. But that does not mean he can pitch.

  3. Just read about ARoid.

    He will be out 2 1/2 months because of the drugs he is not taking.

  4. jim (1): I agree. If it was sore enough last week, then shut him down to be sure. You want him to make 34 starts this year. It doesn’t have to be the first one, or even the first one at Citi Field. The thing is, if you over react with the MRI it is better than under reacting and not having one.-JD

  5. (4) I heard the Mets are using the money they saved on the MRI to help Minaya attend medical school.

  6. When someone is worth millions you make sure you can make use of the money. if he’s sick or possibly injured you have to make sure.

    A-roid is suffering from withdrawals. he will be a skinny toothpick by the beginning of the season and you will all know it was all juice.

    Paging Dr. Minaya… you need a 1st baseman.. stat

  7. John(5)

    I think the Yanks are getting their monies worth.

    He is a constant source of headlines, which is what they want.

    As they say ‘news about me of any kind is good’, or something like that.

  8. I don’t think the yankees will like the latest press release. B-Hole looks like he is done.