Santana figures to miss opener

When you do the math, if Johan Santana makes his first spring training start March 18, he’ll be in line to make his regular season debut April 11 at Miami.

That works out better, skipping frosty Cincinnati for Florida after five spring training appearances.

Nobody seems all that concerned. Newsday’s Dave Lennon suggested Jerry Manuel won’t watch Santana work in the bullpen today as to downplay the situation.

Interesting point, and one that makes some sense.

However, what it doesn’t do is make Santana’s elbow feel any better.

Said Manuel: “I haven’t even discussed Johan. I’m not real concerned with Johan at this point, as far as what he’s doing, as far as sides, those types of things. I’m just glad to see him every day.’’

9 thoughts on “Santana figures to miss opener

  1. yeah ok

    your ace pitcher has arm problems and you are not concerned.

    jerry, i have a bridge in brooklyn i think you should invest in. give me a call.

  2. In other news, Manny and the Dodgers have finally agreed on a 2 year 45Mil deal. He can opt out after 1 year.

  3. i read today that santana is ready to start now. he has full command of all his pitches his fastball is 5 mph faster than last year and he ran 5 miles after his session because he needed more work.

  4. It was just a flesh wound. he shook it off and is perfect now.

    can anyone say SPIN!

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