Garcia hammered again ….

It’s clear after his first two starts Freddy Garcia doesn’t have it. There’s nothing on his fastball. Four more runs today and has an ERA of 20.25.

They say stats don’t matter in spring training, but they do when you’re trying to hang on to your career. Eight runs on five hits and four walks in 2 2/3 innings shows no glimmer of hope.

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  1. What is it with Mets and Pitching? Either they get retirees or they can’t Farm them correctly. And please stop going out of the US to find talent. People here need jobs too. 😉

  2. i look at it this way.

    our ace is on the shelf, half our team is somewhere else and the pitchers who are getting hammered are AA or below players. they are learning.

  3. Very True, But will they be ready for prime time or will Minaya wave his wand and change the team by opening day and they will have to learn to play as a team all over again :-\

  4. hopefully one of the pitchers is a legit #5.

    i dont like the wbc. we as a team are trying to get our act together, change the culture, approach, etc

    and many of our most important players are not here.

  5. Once again thats the team’s choice. Minaya/Manuel should have made a decision of what was mroe important. Getting the team in shape or ..

  6. (6) Not really…. Unless a guy had surgery or is coming off injury it is hard to keep a guy out of WBC since it is sponsored by MLB. In my mind, a guy gets a better feeling of team on his national team than he would in a Met clubhouse, since the players are playing for something other than the next big contract (except for Pedro, Ivan and a few others). And every team has guys in the WBC, so its not lile your guys are all gone and everybody elses are at home.

  7. (7)

    Yes. playing with other players with a different agenda under different coaches who are stressing different things better prepares you to play on your team.

    seriously, most professional athletes that I have heard or read about who talk about how they prepare for a season have an agenda and a plan. anything that gets you out of your approach interferes with your preparation.

    jerry seems to want to change the culture of the team. he seems to want to emphasize certain approaches to the game. for example it is widely reported that he initiated the 80 hit drill to force the players to approach hitting in a certain way. i doubt that any of the hitters have that drill or the constructive criticism that comes with it where they are going.

    also the pitchers are hitting second to force them to try and approach situational hitting that will benefit them in the season.

    again aint happening.

  8. you batting 1st or 9th is arbitrary to hits and runs. after the first inning, order doesnt really much matter 😉

    Its all relative to the start of the inning…

  9. (8) I think you give Manuel too much credit. After his incrdible comments about Santana I see him as a clown.
    (10) More than Glavine since he blasted Glavine for signing for what he thinks is too little.

  10. (11)

    Well hope springs eternal i guess.

    i thought he did well in his first go around with the team and like the approach of fundamentals as well as his stir the pot philosophy to get the players motivated.

    i think pedro is a good pitcher if he is healthy. unfortunately he aint.

  11. (12) No Pedro is a great pitcher when hes healthy. Whether he is or not, we will soon see.

  12. i am not sure if i would call him great. he has great will and determination. he knows how to pitch.

    but great is our ace and at this point pedro is not the same pitcher.

    as for his health, i believe we saw it the past 2 years. i beleive he tried, but his body is not willing.

    we all get old, that is if you are not horse meds or growth hormones.

  13. (14/13/12) I tell you what about Pedro. i believe dave is right that Pedro is no longer gresat, but when he was still Pedro I got to sit behind home plate when he was pitching and it was unbelievable how much his balls moved whether fast balls or breaking balls. He was a great pitcher.
    I thnk all this Manuel fundamental talk is just the excitement of a first Spring for the guy. I remember reading the same stuff about Willie’s first Spring.

  14. Right, Chiti When Pedro was in his prime, he was better than Santana or probably anybody who ever played this game. Livan got shelled today. these 3 stooges the Mets signed for the 5th spot cant even polish Pedros shoes. He doesnt have to blow hitters away to get them out. He still has great movement. I wonder if He would take a 5Mil deal with incentives.

  15. As dave said, regardless of how you feel inside. when your body says your done. you are done. you can make yourself get by but to be that young spry superstar.
    “if the bod aint willing” there’s no determination of will on the planet that can make it do what it used to do.

    Pedro should become a pitching coach and hand the reigns over.

  16. The old dog hit 91mph on the gun yesterday. He never hit that in his first year and a half here when he was still a very good pitcher. Im telling you, This guy is not done yet.

  17. im a sucker for pedro and i wouldnt be unhappy if he came back now that garcia imploded, redding is not ready (probably long man from most accounts), and livan is well livan

  18. Harry(15)

    Yeah. I remember that too about his first spring. something happened because they made many fundamental mistakes after that year.