Good news for Santana

After Johan Santana threw a painfree 30-pitch bullpen session this morning the Mets scrapped plans for him to return to New York tomorrow for a MRI on his left elbow.

Santana didn’t throw any sliders during the session and said he felt better the more he threw, a sign his elbow is loosening up.

The team hasn’t announced when he’ll make his start, but this was a positive development.

8 thoughts on “Good news for Santana

  1. IMO, not great news that we are talking about Santana’s elbow in the first year of a 6 year, $137.5 million extension. In fact, I’d say it is typical NY Met baseball….

  2. Well I hope you are right and this is just ‘normal’ aches and pains.

    On another note, what is up with and batting second pitcher…


  3. (3) Makes perfect sense to me. The man had pain, the man is paid 137 mil, so why waste a few more bucks on an MRI to be sure. The Met front office is filled with medical degrees as shown year in and year out.

  4. dave (2): Manuel wants the pitchers to work on their bunting. Evidently, he’s not expecting anybody in the eight hole to get on base.-JD

  5. Chili (1) and Harry (3): The more I think about it, the more I’d like to take back this post. He had pain, so get the damn MRI. The real reason he didn’t fly to NY today was because of the weather. Even if he said he’s feeling better, be sure.-JD

  6. this blog is driving me nuts – have to re-enter my password every time – can’t figure out where it goes….
    (yes, I do understand about the Remember Me)

  7. JD: agreed he needs teh MRI.
    I too think the picthers need to work on butning and pitching deep innings. i want to see 7inning at least. 😉

    Annie: Its a Cookie. if you delete cookies thats where its going.