Fifth starter update: Livan sharp; Garcia not so

GARCIA: Rough day.

GARCIA: Rough day.

Watching Feddy Garcia labor big time against the Cardinals. It’s early, but it has to be frustrating for Garcia, who has given up four runs on a pile of pitches. Garcia is trying to make the team as the fifth starter.

He’s competing with Livan Hernandez, who threw two perfect innings today, Tim Redding and Jon Niese.

If I were betting, I would say Hernandez wins the job, Redding will get slotted as the long man, Niese and Garcia would open in the minors.

24 thoughts on “Fifth starter update: Livan sharp; Garcia not so

  1. I am nit convinced Niese needs to be in the minors. But yeah I would agree that Livan gets it.

  2. Good for D Wright and Church not going on Fatcessas program today. For anyone who doesnt know mental midget mike was broadcasting live from st. lucie the past two days. He tried to get the two mets he has most maligned the last year on his program to boost ratings. As soon as he found out they werent coming on the show he started burying them. He is a creep with an agenda. After going on all day about how Dwright is a lousy clutch hitter, Even with Callers giving the September stats Fatboy insists the callers werent watching the game and hanging up on them. Then he started saying how its not fair for the Greatest player of all – Aroid to get criticized but not Wright. And so the real agenda came out. On Church, He said ho hum Church dont matter. I will be here long after hes gone. We should all boycott his show.

  3. I am sure they have heard of him.

    I dont watch that show. i think i stopped there once but do not remember. everyone who talks about them here says the same thing.

    a lot of wind and no brains.

    they should never go on his show. he may be nice for a few minutes while they are there, but in the end he just wants to use them. if they go they are just being stupid.

  4. Interesting that if Freddy doesn’t make the team they’ll probably keep him in PSL for the warm weather where Guy Conti is, Conti is the same coach who got Duaner to air it out when he was reluctant after surgery

  5. (7) My preference is tok/tik vice tic/toc.
    (5) I can’t boycott something I don’t listen to /watch. But I’ll say this for the guy. Everybody writes bad things about him but how do they all know unless they are watching his show? Sounds like he knows what he’s doing to get ratings.

  6. (9) Harry you’re right about Mike – he knows just what buttons to push to make the phones ring – even though he cuts everyone off. So, you’ve pretty much got to tune in to see what he is up to each day. has streaming audio every day and you can find out what he is like by listening to that if you wish.

    FYI – Yesterday Jim Calhoun was on with Mike – two big egos against the public. Calhoun even dissed Governor Jodi Rell again – don’t think he even knows that she is his boss. He definitely needs a “Time Out”.

  7. I listened to him on the streaming because I heard he was going to be broadcasting from ST. Lucie. He interviewed a lot of Mets and Also Jerry and Omar. He started a rumor that Church hates playing in NY in the winter. He also has a thing for Wright. There is a hilarious youtube clip of him from last year where he says that Wright is the worst fielding third baseman in baseball. The Mets need to move him to first base and get Brandon Inge to play 3rd base.
    Yesterday we found out where this is all coming from. He worships Aroid and cant stand that Arod is labeled a choker and Wright not so much.

  8. (12) OK guys, next rainy weekday, I’ll listen to the WFAN stream. I’ve been out of New York so lomg, Bill Mazer(?) was the talk radio sports guy and WFAN was WNBC-AM. (I can get WFAN at night in my car but not during the day)
    Anybody remember back in ’62 when Howard Cosell was doing radio on WABC and he really hated Stengel? Sounds like this guy is a Cosell wannabe….
    Sounds like WFAN has quite a group., The other day Pelham was telling me about Beningno(?) and now this guy……. Does Howie Rose do talk radio or just the games? He’s a good guy. I was at a Mets dream week with him many a moon ago…..

  9. (12) Chiti, Well I dont go back to Casey days but I remember Mazer from sports extra on channel 5. WFAN Has been the Mets flagship station for over 20 years. The star team was Mike and the Maddog. Maddog went on his own last year so now its just Mike. The FAN was the first 24 hour sports station. All the other personalities there are Mets fans except for the M and M who are Yankees and Giants fans. In the nighttime you can hear Steve Somers and Tony paige who I enjoy listening to.

    (13) They are very high on Gee, but he only has 4 games experience at the AA level.

  10. (14) Oh its Mike from Mike and the Mad dog. Chris Russo. I know them. Didn’t realize the same Mike. I read that Russo left for a big $$ deal with sat radio. I’ve heard Summers at nite. I’ve heard him talk about hockey. He hates the Icelanders as he calls them! Yeah, WNBC became WFAN in the 80’s. The Mets were on WNBC beofre then but I think they were on WABC when they started but I’m not sure. I know they were on TV on Channel 9 and went to 11 somewhere along the line.

  11. Yeah. Gee is one of the hot young studs. according to mph he has only had one good year. most of those guys down there are still learning to pitch, but it seems omar has drafted some guys lately who are making noise down in the A ball level.

  12. so the news is our ace may miss opening day.

    is anyone starting to get nervous?

  13. (18) What amazes me is how this organization acts with injuries. Here’s a guy making a fortune or five, they say they want to be cautious but they haven’t bothered to have him get an MRI. They seem to learn nothing from history. Injuries need to be handled by medical professionals and not baseball men. If he gets an MRI and it shows nothing what have they lost? If they don’t get one he further injures an ijury they could screw up a year or more. But why do the easy, logical medical step when you can have MDs like Warthen and Manuel and Minaya play doctor…….
    I also read Warthen blaming the problem on the WBC. How about last September Warthen when you and Manuel had him pitch with a bum leg? That couldn’t have possible messed up his delivery could it have? I don’t blame them for pitching him but do take the cheap shot at the WBC cause it makes you feel better.

  14. 18- would you have preferred they sit him in the middle of a pennant race and have him get crucified by the papers saying he has no heart..he chose to pitch injured and he pitched great…and you dont think he was semi-rushing to get back to possibly pitch for the WBC? i disagree

  15. you dont blame them for pitching him but yet you bring it up?..i agree it is stupid to not get the mri dont, but i also think people blow injuries so out of proportion in NY. he is sore from throwing more than he usually does in the spring..that came from santana himself…he also mentioned the wbc so i have no problem with warthen mentioning it as well

  16. (20/21) Why can’t I bring it up. It seems to me that is just as likeyl that he messed himself up pitching with a bad leg,as he did rushing for the WBC. Yet Warthen only brings up the WBC because he doesn’t want any responsibility for a possible injury. I also read, as opposed to your statement about Santana agreeing, that Santana did not agree with Warthen. It doesn’t really matter because the bottom line is how can you give a guy 130 some million bucks and then not give him an MRI to be sure he’s ok.

  17. Here’s a question. why does he have to fly back to NY for an MRI. why cant they do a consult in Fla. yeah your pitcher just lost an arm. we could sew it back on but have to fly him to NY to do it even though a premiere surgeon is down the street.
    i just dont get it,

  18. yeah.

    i have always wondered about that.

    it is not like no one in the country knows how to perform and read an mri but the good doctors in nyc