Not convinced about Reyes in three hole ….

Every time Jose Reyes goes deep, it seems that soon after he gets into a funk where he starts uppercutting and trying to drive everything and gets away from hitting the ball on the ground. He went deep twice today.

If he becomes a 40-homer guy, fine. But, I don’t really see that happening. Hitting two homers is an aberration. I’d rather see him walk twice a game than go 0-for-4 with two flyballs and two strikeouts.

I don’t see what Jerry Manuel sees in batting Reyes third. I’d rather have him hit first with Luis Castillo second.

13 thoughts on “Not convinced about Reyes in three hole ….

  1. I agree. I don’t want him there. I want him as the first batter of the game.

    If we get injuries and they need to juggle the lineup, maybe. But the standard lineup should have Jose Reyes ss batting first.

  2. dont love it but dont hate it…if he stay contact oriented i could see it working but my guess is on opening day, jerry has him leading off

  3. For the Lastings fans out there.

    I was looking for the box score of the game today – Hey John! – if you could post the box scores a links to them on this site, it would be great!

    I came upon the Nats and naturally my thoughts turned to a former Met that many here love.

    There was an article saying he was named the starting CF for them even though he has no clue – my commentary – It quotes marquise grissom who apparently is spending much time with him teaching him the fundamentals of the game. You know how to play ground balls, how to track a ball going over his head. You know basic stuff he should have learned in high school or the minors. Things that he apparently never learned.

  4. so would I (concerning the line up). Actually Castillo has to get his OBA up to .360 for me to want him hitting second. But it’s February. I am allowed to dream of Castillo bouncing back and for me to retire when I’m 62.

  5. (5) You’re only asking for an .005 improvement. The one thing Casatillo did right last year was walk. 50 walks in 298 ABs for a guy who couldn’t hit at all is pretty amazing.

  6. I don’t like it. With his speed we need him on base. we dont have Endy anymore. so that doesnt leave many more speedsters. Everyone else is old or injured. Wright and Beltran are the hitters of the club.

    oh well. we are just fans not the managers.

  7. well beltran has speed but he won’t use it. dave has enough speed and i think swipes about 20 a year.

  8. He doesn’t need to hit forty homers to be an effective #3 man. One of the best #3 hitters in Mets history was Keith Hernandez who was usually good for only 15 HR’s a year. But if they want him to hit number 3 he needs to cut down on those strikeouts and those popups.

  9. I think what John is referring to is that Jose is not a power guy and should not fall into the trap of trying to be the next Babe.

  10. A swas said before. everytime he gets a long ball, he’s ruined because every at bat is another attempt to HR and not to get on base.. He needs to get on base!
    They all need to get on base. singles win more games. ally rally. a HR can and usually is a rally killer.