Good and bad signs ….

Luis Castillo drove in four runs with two hits yesterday, but Duaner Sanchez walked two hitters on nine pitches.

It’s only one game, so let’s not get carried away either way, but both are key issues for the Mets this season.

Sanchez might never regain his pre-accident form, but something close is imperative if he’s to become a key set-up again. Wildness is not a good way to do that.

A lot has already been written about Castillo. He’s Jerry Manuel’s pet project this spring. Manuel believes leadoff might jumpstart Castillo. It worked yesterday. But, I still have my doubts. I think he’s more ideally suited to hit second with Jose Reyes batting first.

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  1. John – I was really surprised to hear about Castillo and his four run game. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he doesn’t ever do it again, and, of course you are right about Reyes batting first. I just hope that Jerry Manuel goes back to being a baseball manager instead of a pseudo-psychologist – he’s going to really upset Jose if Jose is not the lead-off hitter – and does anyone want that?

  2. (1) Annie: Congrats to your UCONN Coach Calhoun on win # 800. I agree with you about Jose. And Castillo, at his age shouldn’t need a pet spot in the lineup to be jump started. His horrible contract should be more than enough incentive. Plus, if you put Jose third you take David out of # 3 where I believe he is perfectly suited.

  3. Poor Looie, He has a great game and every post is a negative one about him. Its not like he is making up the lineup card. This guy has a proven track record. Now that he is healthy, you will see what he can do.

  4. castillo- 1 for 1 with 2 BB, SB, scored a run
    so far today
    solid start to the spring for luis

  5. JD- i definitely agree. if he is in shape and his knees are decent a solid OBP is very possible for luis.
    …jerrys moves are on fire right now

    reyes, htting from the 3 spot, just hit a grand slam

    I CANT WAIT FOR REGULAR SEASON BASEBALL…pleaseeeee no major injuries for the mets

  6. John is right, Luis needs to get off to a fast start.

    Though I’m sure even if he goes 2-4 in the first 12 games, his first 0-4 he will get booed. It happened to Heilman, Schoenweis, and others.

    The exception was Delgado last yr. He got booed early, but once he got hot, it was all forgiven.

    Of course, Carlos hits homers, and Luis won’t, so the road will be harder for him.

    I’m holding out hope that fans will give the guy a chance and not kill him right out of the gate. He’s a key part to the team, whether he bats 1st, 2nd or 8th. They need him to be what he was in 2007, a high OBP guy with decent defense.

  7. Harry (2)- Nice of you to mention Coach Calhoun who did in fact win his 800th game this past week.

    Unfortunately this was the same week that Calhoun – the highest paid Connecticut State Employee – refused to ‘give back’ any of his 2 million dollar a year salary as the Governor has requested during this economic crisis.

    Others have complied – the UCONN President gave a 6 figure amount.

    Calhoun’s response was “not a dime back”.

  8. ray(5)

    i said he is on pace for 180 rbi’s, how is that negative?

    I agree with John(11) about Jose, he should be leadoff. If Castillo is an effective hitter he should bat 2nd or perhaps 6th.

  9. (12) Well, I guess Calhoun is now in the same neigborhood as Citi Field! Vitale defended him during the game saying Calhoun has donated so much money to UCONN that it is an unfair request.
    I see the NBA which pays the most astronomical salaries has 15 teams in financial trouble. And there is Manny having to think long and hard aboput 45 mil. There’s something very wrong with that picture.

  10. i dont think castillo is a 6 hitter whether he is batting .280 or not but i certainly i hope that the .280 is a possibility