Wright said WBC will help in fundamentals

WRIGHT: Likes WBC intensity.

WRIGHT: Likes WBC intensity.

David Wright is not the one to go to if you want to knock the WBC. He’ll be on the Major League Baseball Network tonight trumpeting its praises.

He’s not buying it will take away from preparing for the regular season.

“I think it will help with the development of getting ready for the regular season because you’re talking about playing in meaningful games, big at bats, trying to get runners over, get runners in,’’ Wright said.

“We were talking today with our manager Jerry Manuel and he likes the idea of a lot of us going to play in the classic because it puts us in those real life game situations where every at bat counts, being unselfish, trying to do things for the good of the team, and hopefully that will put us in a position where we are ready come first week of April.”

Not to mention the last week of September.

When I look at the Mets offensively, the deterioration of fundamentals is the main problem. With essentially the same line-up as Willie Randolph’s, pounding the fundamentals has to be Manuel’s biggest challenge.

5 thoughts on “Wright said WBC will help in fundamentals

  1. John

    I agree that when Randolf came to the team they played better defense and were more fundamentally sound then before him.

    It seemed that in the past 2 years somehow they did not do that. Not sure why that is.

    If Manuel wants to go back to fundamentals and it seems the 80 pitch at bats are a step in that direction, how can shipping important members of the team off to parts unknown going to help with overall team fundamentals?

    How does the infield and outfield coordinate when players are not here to practice the minutia of situations and fix whatever mechanical or mental dificiencies they have? Wright certainly could use help in consistently getting the ball across the infield to where it needs to be.

  2. Which is all well and good until someone gets injured playing near-to-full speed a month too early.

    I’m wary is what I’m saying.

  3. Practice makes perfect. Practice practice practice.

    The problems that hit this Met’s team is that they get full of themselves. and take for granted that they can make the play. then you se our adored 1st baseman watch a ball roll by his feet.

    These guys make millions a year. They need to earn it. If that means playing REAL practice games and drilling then thats what they do!

  4. I thought the reason they lost last year was:

    Losing Maine for 1.5 months.
    Losing Wagner for 2 months.
    Losing Church for several months.
    The bullpen falling apart late in the year.

    Lack of fundamentals is quite low on the list to me. Same with “get full of themselves”.

    Or did I watch a different team?

  5. Ed

    Of course you are right. All contributed to the bad end of the season.

    But a large part of the problem was a weak pitching rotation at the beginning of the year and a bench that consisted of Easley and not much else.

    The problems you list were perhaps unavoidable, but having your players know where to play for a given hitter/count, or understanding how to execute a play you know will come can make outs and save or make runs.

    Also the ability to lay down a bunt when you need to are all fundamentals that any team needs to be able to do regardless of the talent on the team.

    We stayed home the last few seasons because of the inability to win a game or two.

    The point I make is this could have been the difference regardless of the issues you raise above.