Redding sidelined a week

Here’s why you can never have enough pitching.  Fifth-starter candidate Tim Redding won’t throw off the mound for a week because of discomfort in his right shoulder.

Redding underwent off-season surgery to repair a stress fracture in a toe on his left foot, and he said rushing back caused the soreness.

Word is he should be fine, but during the season when a pitcher gets shut down for a week if often means the DL.

10 thoughts on “Redding sidelined a week

  1. Happily, the fifth starter is in many ways the last player on the team who needs to be game-ready, yeah?

    Still, yeah, good point. The more people between us and having to endure another Brandon Knight start in a game that matters the better.

    Best case scenario, I’d think, would be Garcia healthy enough to be the 5, Redding healthy enough to be the longman and Niese seasoning and waiting for a call in Buffalo.

    Livan Hernandez filling the role of a slightly-less-bad Jose Lima, sitting in Buffalo complaining.

  2. (2) If Livan ever pitches in Queens and doesn’t perform like Lima or Lawrence, or Chan-Ho or Gonzalez then your statement will be correct. Until then we shall wait and hopefully not have to see.

  3. Manuel seems to be starting on his motivation early.

    He has given LF to Murphy and put Church on notice.

    It seemed to work last year when he challenged Delgado and got a great performance from him.

  4. Shermans blog today says Garcias arm is not pain free yet. He will probably be left in Fla for awhile. An article I read yesterday said Livan has lost weight and his velocity is up. Seems he had a knee problem last year. As the old saying goes, you can never have enough pitching.

  5. (5) I’d rather see Sadecki back in fold than some of these has beens. You can’t ever have too much pitching yes indeed, but why does it have too be all these old, dilapidated guys? what happened to the kid Niese? They having him be the star in ice cold Buffalo? Livan I believe has had knee problems for the last few years.

  6. Chiti will be catching when Sadecki comes back. If Niese can grab the bull, more power to him.

  7. Why rush Niese.
    Have the Mets not learned anything with Pelfrey.
    Great spring in 2007 and then a horrible 1st half before being sent down.
    Letting Niese start the season in Buffalo means he gets the ball every 5th day.
    This is not likely as the Mets 5th starter in April and May.

  8. (7) Well, I guess we’re stuck with the ’09 Lima unless kid Niese makes it.
    (9) Why should the Mets learn from Pelfrey? Why don’t they learn from Seaver? By your logic Seaver would have spent the 60’s developing on the farm. Extreme example of course but the point being: Each guy is unique unto himself. If Niese is ready he should win the job. If he’s not then Buffalo and coat for him. But don’t make the decision based on Pelfrey.
    A second point on Pelfrey; When I saw him in Bingy he was throwing a curve. When he came up the great Peterson stopped it. He was then forced to learn new pitches in the bigs. Makes him a poor example if you are convinced you need a model.