Which Delgado will we get?

DELGADO: Who will we get?

DELGADO: Who will we get?

Does anybody know for sure which Carlos Delgado we will see this year? The second half terror that made an MVP run, of the first half horror that had him heading out of town?

Nobody knows. Delgado insists it wasn’t a health issue but a mechanical issue.

Outside of Luis Castillo, Delgado has as more pressure on him than any Met to prove himself this year, and that begins with spring training.

25 thoughts on “Which Delgado will we get?

  1. I’ve addressed this in other threads…I just don’t get this question mark when it comes to Delgado.

    The guy is going to slow down because of age and while I don’t expect a repeat of last year, I still think he’ll be right around 30 homers and 100 RBI.

    At this point in his career, he’s a streaky player. He’s not going to hit .300 or anything, but if he can supply power and runs, then great.

    He was horrendous last year from April-mid June, but why do we focus on a three-month stretch and act as if a guy who has 469 career home runs is that player, as opposed to the one who has hit 30+ in 11 of 12 seasons.

    His three years with NY:

    ’06- .265 38 112
    ’07- .258 24 87 (missed 24 games)
    ’08- .271 38 115

    This is a guy we’re supposed to worry about????

  2. He’s turning 37 years old in the (theoretically) post-roid era when there aren’t just needles laying around to make 37 year olds heal up anymore, he’s had roughly fifteen thousand minor injuries in the last two or so years… and has the added years of catching in his early career on top of all that.

    What is there NOT to worry about?

    His cold stretches will be absolutely brutal, punctuated by short flurries of power numbers that will make short-sighted homer-happy fans defend him a lot more than he deserves… same as the last two years.

    If he was an old veteran that you were sticking at the bottom of the order because you can’t afford a better option in the short term, he probably wouldn’t be that bad a choice.

    Having to bat him fifth, though, because Castillo and the Schnide don’t belong in the major leagues and your corner outfielders aren’t powerhitters… that’s just an awful situation.

    Not even to get into an almost Adam Dunn level of defensive buffoneery.

    On a team with a strong line-up in the American League, where you could DH him and bat him seventh and hope for the best, maybe you could justify rolling the dice on his dire and ancient inconsistency.

    As a middle of the line-up guy and playing a defensive position… we’ll say I’m stocking up on Pepcid this spring.

  3. So the Mets should be worried about a guy coming off a 38/115 season and one who’s worst year of his career was two years ago and included 24/87 despite playing only 139 games?

    No one is saying he’s not going to dip. In fact, he probably will. But to “worry” about it?

    That’s a bit much, IMO.

  4. He’s 36, a lumbering bulky 36, he’s 36 and he became mystteeeeeeeeeriously ridiculously injury-prone once steroid testing got some teeth.

    I have no doubt that when he’s 100% he’ll hit some home runs, the question becomes how much of the season will he be 100% and how much of the season will he be “pulled rib muscle” and “hip impingement” and “it’s too cold” and “I hate my manager so I’m not going to try” and “freak accident”.

    Certainly, Delgado at the peak of what he’s got left is an secondary slugger in a line-up. That’s not what I’m arguing.

    I’m arguing that I see little evidence that he’ll be playing at that peak for anything other than a thin sliver of the season.

    And that other Delgado’s batspeed is gone, so you just throw him hard inside and he’s neutralized except in the field where he’s not only a statue, he’s a broken statue.

  5. And the guy doesn’t really need defending.

    He’s averaged over 30 homers and 100 RBI since he’s been a Met. I would like him to be more consistent, but you know what, not even Wright, Beltran and Reyes are all that steady.

    They don’t have extreme dips like Delgado, but they are anything but day-in and day-out consistent.

    Where I take most issue with is the “which Delgado will the Mets get” angle. If you want to say you have some issues because he’ll be 37, that’s fine. Like I said, I expect an overall dip in nos. and the risk for injuries and such increases. But this notion of “which Delgado” will show up is mind-boggling to me.

    Which Delgado should I be rooting for? The one who has hit 100 home runs along with 314 RBI as a Met or some other version I must have missed?

    And to reiterate, I know he’s extremely streaky. I wish he wasn’t, but he’s not the Delgado of 5-6 years ago. That doesn’t mean he should be classified as someone Mets fans should “worry” about.

    There are at least 4-5 other issues I have more concerns about.

  6. (4) I see where you’re coming from, I just don’t think he’s all that big of a concern going INTO the season.

    If he starts out again like he did last year…that’s a different story.

  7. Delcos: Actually, I think the guy with most pressure will be K-Rod. A couple April blown saves and look out boo city.

  8. (7) I agree, but the good thing is that the Mets grabbed Putz too in case Rodriguez completely flamed out.

    I do think, however, that he has the personality to overcome bad stretches. Hopefully he won’t have any (or many).

  9. I guess my thing is that even though Delgado’s numbers turned around at the end of last season, the overall trend of his becoming more and more erratic and streaky has been continuing for his entire tenure with the Mets.

    Sure, you can isolate the season totals and make an argument that he’s bouncing back from some kind of downturn but… broken down over the months, the yo-yoing is getting worse and worse and worse.

    And not to get too much into the analogy, yo-yo long enough and the string snaps. You don’t get better over age, you don’t even maintain your baseline talent in baseball in your late thirties without injections with names the length of my arm.

    Every day, the bucket goes to the well. Older he gets, the better the odds that the bottom finally just drops out.

  10. (9)I agree with you there. I’ll take a steady player from game 1-162 over a streaky guy any day.

    Unfortunately, he is what he is at this point. If he his numbers are around 30/100 at the end, however, they should be in good shape.

    I guess we’ll see.

  11. I think answer #2 hit it right on the head.

    He is old, he is streaky and presumably the drug era is over. An old player tends to get dinged and not bounce back as fast.

    I hope he does what his biggest defender here says he will.

    My problem is there are way too many questions and hopes on this team and the offseason did little to address them.

    Here is hoping no one walks under a ladder and the miracle Mets have everything and everyone break in their favor.

  12. 2 reason why Delgado will have a good year.

    1) Contract year –

    2) The quest for 500

    31 gets him the magic number and the

    HOF talk will begin.

    The only key thing out of his control is will Manuel spot him a few days off when he is slumping. Delgado should play no more than 145 -150 games. Will Manuel have the guts to give him a day off and not lose him the way Willie lost him.

  13. (13) dave: I guess it means that the Nats had a reason to release him, and Minaya failed once again to do his homework. I liked the sign(but I’m not supposed to know about injuries ) but Minaya should have known that the guy was damaged. He did a bad job one more time. Minaya just will never get it. Injuries and time don’t exist in his mind.

  14. (13/14) Everyone knew he had surgery. It was mentioned at the time of his signing. He had a stress fracture in his foot.

  15. And I’m also rooting against Redding as the no. 5 guy. He can be a swingman, thus I’m hoping that Garcia or Niese or someone else wins the job outright for the 5th starter role.

    Bumps Redding into the bullpen.

  16. Well I didn’t know about the stress fracture.

    I don’t recall anyone here mentioning the injury when we discussed the signing.

  17. (15) Everyone didn’t know it. So please don’t speak for the world. And it doesn’t excuse another BAD Minaya sign.
    (16) Well that’s a twist. Rooting against guys on your team to do good. And people call me negative. I may not like some Mets, like Wagner and Schneider and Church, but I don’t root against them.

  18. I don’t think I have ever come across someone who dissects every single word and takes it at face value. The link I provided was from SI.com…not the Iowa City Bugle. It’s a rather well-known website. Some people didn’t know…fine, I and many others did.

    I’m not going to play this perverted little game you like to get into, but I’m rooting against Redding to be the 5th starter.

    Why? Because I think it will make the team better with him as the long guy/swing man. If you’d like to twist that somehow, go ahead.

  19. OK Harry you are right everyone did not know.
    But everyone in baseball did know.
    Redding had the surgery in November and the Mets signed him in January.
    Redding had to pass a physical and the Mets also had access to all his medical records.
    So Omar did due his homework and still signed him.

    If you want to blame anyone for most Mets fans not knowing about this blame the Mets beat writers. It is not like they had a lot of big stories to write about for the last month.

    On a side note that will make you happy.
    Jerry Manuel it was reported today will be letting Daniel Murphy play both against righties and lefties in early spring training games with the real opportunity to win the LF job full time.

  20. In great news for Mets fans who do not have tickets to opening day.
    The Mets announced that on Sunday March 29
    St Johns will play the first game at Citi Field.
    According to mets.com tickets go on sale March 2 and will be $ 5.00
    No word oh how much the cost of handling charges will be on those tickets.

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  22. (21) Here’s an attempt to better educate you about what I was saying Scott from Pelham.
    I don’t care if I or any fan knew about Redding. We’re not supposed to, but the GM is. And as often as he signs guys to contracts who are too old or too injury prone, or are injured, or are ready to be injured from wear and tear Redding, Pedro, Alou, El Duque, etc. he makes my original point that he is in denial about age and injries being a factor. That makes him a lousy GM. I’m sure he had people read the reports Scott. The point is he doesn’t care about them.
    As for your side note. Thank you….. But shouldn’t it make many people happy?

  23. Have fun talking to yourself again, Harry. Somewhat impressed you lasted this long actually.

    But yet again you’ve shown yourself to be the unclassiest person on this board.

    Congrats! You’re good at one thing…but baseball knowledge isn’t one of them.

    See ya! Your comments are officially on ignore.