Castillo makes good impression ….

Jose Reyes said he looked like a kid. Jerry Manuel said he looked lighter. Luis Castillo reported to spring training 17 pounds lighter: “I’m a new man, right now.”

The Mets were unable to rid themselves of Castillo’s contract, so he’s back in camp with his value in the hope of a bounce back season. Manuel may bat Castillo first or second, but he has options because the veteran reported in good shape.

No Met faces more pressure to get off to a fast start (to quiet the boo birds who are lining up now) than Castillo. It’s a good sign he took things seriously in the offseason and shed the weight that put pressure on his knees.

We don’t know how Castillo will do, but he’s determined to make another impression. So far, so good.

24 thoughts on “Castillo makes good impression ….

  1. That’s all he can do. Hopefully it translates to better things. The one thing I do like, and which you can’t fake, is losing 17 pounds.

    He can say how great he feels until he’s blue in the face but no one knows. His weight is something that is obvious to a casual fan.

  2. Well, how much of that weight was in cleaned-out scar tissue and powdered kneecap?

    With how frankly piss-poor he was last season, I’m gonna need a lot more than an arbitrary weight loss to convince me he isn’t stealing money.

  3. If he rejuvenates himself it can only help the team.

    I hope it all works out because it improves our chances.

  4. Hope floats, of course, but then again, so does stool if you have a high-enough fibre diet. I’ll put this news in the latter category until there’s real evidence.

  5. Yes, Chiti you have found a soul brother. I may be the only poster here who has stuck by Castillo the whole time. Last year he let me down. I think he will make me look good this year. The guy was playing hurt. There are posters here who want to blame him for being injured. give me a break.

  6. Annnnnd word is the Dodgers signed O-Dog.

    Don’t get me wrong, Orlando Hudson is an overrated baseball player by most measures… it is simply against the standard of Louie The Limp that Hudson looks like a cross between Babe Ruth and Jesus but…

    What an upgrade that would’a been in comparison and a cheap short-term fix at that!

    We’re basically screwed at the two-bag, now.

  7. (7) Based on what? He doesn’t walk as much, doesn’t steal bases as much, hits a few more homers in a band box big deal. He doesn’t drive in runs at any rate to brag about, I doubt if he’s as good a bunter, can’t turn the double play as well, Injury prone guess that’s a tie…. He isn’t any better than Castillo.

  8. We are at the point where a dead duck is more effective than Luis Castillo and logic dictates he’ll only regress further.

    O-Dog is not great but nearly anything wouldn’t be better than trotting out Lou Castle’s corpse for another season because Minaya won’t admit that he screwed up.

  9. Ray (6)—You’re not alone. I don’t post here as regularly as you, but I share your feeling about Castillo.

    I said last season, after seeing him the first month, that he wasn’t healed by OD and should’ve gone the Sanchez route—EXST until physically ready.

    I said in November, when he headed to the Mets DR Academy for intensive rehab, that one of 2 things would happen:

    a) He will come to camp fit & trim, without a limp, and go on to a typical season (.290/.375/30 SB).

    b) The rehab will prove fruitless, he’ll come to camp limping and overweight, and will be useless.

    I’m happy to see he’s limp-free, and stand by a).

  10. Bill, there are a lot of negative posters here. Delcos was leading the pack last year beating on Jose Reyes. Its funny how Bankee fans all run to the defense of thier myriad Steroid cheats while MANY mets fans will tear one of their players apart for playing hurt. Fans like little falls make me ashamed to be a Mets fan.

  11. And when people were ragging on Reyes, they were being stupid, reactionary and probably a little bit racist.

    I’m not a negative fan, I’m negative about players who shouldn’t be on the team and probably shouldn’t be starters in the majors on any teams.

    Reyes, Wright and Beltran are deserving All-Stars. The starting pitching and bullpen are both well-above-average. The corner outfield situation is less than ideal but serviceable, the bench is unimpressive but reasonably solid.

    These are all things I’m very positive about.

    But it’s easy to talk about how good the good things are and much more interesting to talk about the things that are flawed.

    Castillo is done, Delgado’s all but done and Schneider probably never had any business as an everyday starter in the majors to begin with.

    These are the most glaring weaknesses on the ballclub and its important to talk about it… and more interesting than just blindly slavering over the good points, just to be rahrah.

  12. (13) I hate to belabor the point little, but I still don’t get how Delgado is “done”

    Based on what? Not all players just stop tank. The guy is coming off a 38-homer, 115-RBI year…why is he now “done?”

  13. He will be 37 this season, he is drowning under ten thousand small injuries adding up. He’s gotten painfully streaky to the point where you know the next step is no streaks, just nothing.

    What’s not to understand? You can point to whatever numbers you want but if it’s abundantly clear that he’s a stiff breeze away from major injury, what do statistical trends mean if you can’t take the field?

  14. (15) littlefalls, haven’t you figured out that the bozo thinks he is God and if you write anything that doesn’t agree woith him you will be drilled forever because he cannot accept the fact the people have their own brains and their own opinions. It doesn’t matter how you explain yourself he will be a whine endlessly because your intelligent opinion disagrees with his baselss assumptions.

  15. Ah, I’d be a little more forgiving to the guy than that, Harry… it’s probably a lot more like he’s just one of those dudes who thinks that being a fan of a team means being naively optimistic about every aspect of said team.

    Whereas I derive a lot more joy out of being rational and honest about the product, thinking it through and seeing where it goes.

    I look at last season and realize that as much as you can blame a cobbled together bullpen for Collapse Part Two, there’s any number of games early in the season where that one needed win could’ve come from Delgado’s wet noodle bat and didn’t.

    So what if he padded his numbers late? He was a drag on the team and another year of age on him will only make it worse.

  16. padded his numbers late? he did this team on his back for a stretch. he was coming up with clutch hits and the team wouldnt have even been in it in the last week without him. i agree his first half was abysmal but saying he simply padded his numbers doesnt do justice to how hot he got

  17. Short streaks of looking like a Hall of Famer, long streaks of having all the batspeed of Dakota Fanning and eventually some kind of freak injury puts him down for the year.

    Unless, of course, he decides not to play for the manager as a way of staying in denial about his evaporating talent, again, of course.

  18. If Delgado’s halves were reversed last year (hot start, then collapse), I might agree with the gloom and doomers. But in an era when many players who are not in as good shape as he is play into their 40s, 36 is not “done”.

    He might fall apart, or he might have a full season like ’08’s 2nd half. He might be traded in July, or re-sign for another year or two in October.

    But as of right now, any “done” prediction is premature.

  19. (22) Ah, but how many made into their 40’s without a little help? Not having the little green pill makes it a lot tougher to get through the season.

  20. delgado: Personally i think he shot his load. I hope he proves me wrong again. But we will see.

    I was very upset with Castillo. I liked Easley and even Gotay (which took me a while to like)

    having 2nd and 1st always injured just sux.