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  1. On another topic..

    I caught an interview with the great Derek Jeter defending ARod.

    Now I know he is in a no win situation and he has to defend his team mate and all..

    But he takes issue with some – including me – who with a broad brush paint this era as the steroid era. He complains that not everyone took these drugs.

    If Derek truely is clean and is upset with everyone looking at players in the same way, why is it that an upstanding player like him did not call out the cheaters? No player was upset that players like Alex who is arguably one of the more talented players in the game felt compelled to cheat because they were not good enough.

    They blame the fans or the media but no one blames the cheaters. They make excuses like it doesnt matter or that the competed against other cheaters. Well if it doesnt matter why are they taking these drugs? surely they matter else they would not.

    Baseball needs to clean their house like Hurcules cleaned the Aegean stables.

  2. Because like it or not, those players agreed to a binding arrangement that no names would be released.

    I’m not a huge fan of Jeter, outside of the respect factor, but I agree with him when he says releasing the rest of those names accomplishes nothing.

  3. In the midst of the steroid storm yesterday at the Yankee Stadium in Tampa, Derek Jeter said “I’ve never taken performance-enhancing drugs; I’ve never taken steroids. Everybody wasn’t doing it.”

    No one questions his veracity, but I for one am sick and tired of Derek having to mend the publicity fences for those who are ‘dirty’, and for MLB and all its’ officials who refuse to enforce the rules for all their players.

    Steroids have been illegal in the United States since 1991. Do the laws of the United States stop at the doorsteps of sports clubhouses? I don’t think so, nor do I think that the authority of the MLB athletes union supercedes the authority of the local Police Department. This charade about athletes getting special treatment from their unions is ridiculous and needs to stop. They should be obeying all the laws that the rest of us do.

    These are the worst of times for a fan. Baseball has ceased being a game that all can enjoy and has turned into a money machine where owners put a price on everything. Many of us cannot see a game on TV because of the Black Out Rules and Territorial boundaries. Going to a game is even more expensive than ever. Even the players are mercenaries – most won’t give a child a free autograph because they know they can sell it.

    Greed has ruined sports – just like it has ruined the economy, banks and the auto business.

  4. (3) Annie: I suggest you start following Pitt basketball, men and women, both run by coaches of excellent character and both preaching successfully the concept of team ball.

  5. Harry –
    I live in CT and have followed UConn mens and womens basketball for a long time – is that OK?

  6. Off topic
    The baseball players union cover up of the steroids issue is just a microcosm of society.
    Being the whistleblower (rat) is a noble cause but ultimately leaves you living a very lonely life.
    Most people are not ready for the realities / repercussions that this brings.
    Many times people think you have ulterior motives and you get attacked just as much as the truth you are trying to bring to light.

    Look at Jose Canseco.

    As far as Shea goes.

    “Shea will always be a state of mind.”

    I probably plagerized this from someone.

  7. (6) It sure is Annie. The Big East is the best. I’m sure there are problems but compared to professional sports, programs like UCONN, PITT Syracuse etc are saintly!

  8. Scott,

    You are absolutely right. The people who stand up and do the right thing end up being Don Quixote.

    They are ostracized, lose their jobs, etc.

    My point about Derek was he defended his teamate. OK.

    But don’t start complaining about how unfair the current situation is when he is/was part of the problem.

    It’s not like he did anything to try and prevent it.

  9. So are we gonna be watching video (holograms in our living room) of Citibank Field being vaporized with phasers in 2053?

    I hope the Big East and other college conferences are clean but big time college sports have always struck me as cesspools of corruption.

    Jose Canseco had much to do with bringing steroids into the game 20 years ago. In 1988 he whined that Tom Boswell was lying and hurting his family when Boswell accused him of being a user. He wrote the book in part because he felt he was black balled from baseball. He did tell the truth then but there is a falling out among thieves aspect to him.

  10. I don’t have to like Conseco nor do I need to look at his motives.

    The point is that without the book he wrote outing baseball – which he got paid for and for which he got his 15 minutes of fame – Congress would not have put major heat on MLB and they would not have taken their lame steps which eventually with even more pressure from Congress became stronger, but still insufficient effort to clean up their act.