The team to beat?

Francisco Rodriguez said the Mets are the team to beat, which is the attitude they should take. Afterall, do you want your team to think it can’t win?

But, the truth is, the Phillies are the defending champions. They are the team to beat. The Mets can talk all they want. It makes interesting chat for a day or two. However, until they do it on the field, which they haven’t done, it’s all hot air.

22 thoughts on “The team to beat?

  1. I don’t think they have improved themselves enuf to claim anything. I like what they have done in the pen and their rotation may be a good one this year – we shall see.

    They seem to have people to spell the left side of the infield, but I doubt they will get much rest. We still have a stump manning 2b and the bench is weak.

    We have a shot, but we had that for 2 years runniing.

    We shall see.

    As I said before, I give Omar a B primarily because of the improvements in the pen. Else he gets a C.

  2. dave (1): I think that’s fair. Their BP is better, but there are a lot of questions in the rotation and in the lineup (LF/2B/RF). If everything breaks right, they’ll be OK, but if not it could be a short season.-JD

  3. yup.

    We shall see.

    The problem is for the past few years it is the same song. If everything breaks right we are good.

    If Pedro comes back healthy. If we can get 100 games from Alou, if Murphy/Tatis can replicate last year..

  4. dave
    I don’t understand the bench is weak argument.
    For the first time since 2006 the team has a backup SS who could play the position if Reyes were to need a week off.
    This makes the bench far better than the last 2 years.
    Easley could barely play 2B last year much less SS.
    Also this idea that the Mets have question marks in RF/LF/2B is comical because all teams have question marks.
    I guess you are to young to remember the 86 Mets but that team had question marks at 3B, Knight be healthy or could HoJo play every day at SS would Santana be good enough at SS, would Foster be ok in left and how good would Ojeda be.
    That team won 108 games.

  5. scott- i disagree…the bench is definitely weak.
    there is very litte pop off the bench whatsoever and one injury to a starter then the mets will have to make a move.
    the bench consists of

    cora cant hit, castro is backup catcher so he wont PH much, reed/pagan more defense than offense, anderson looks as washed up as castillo last yr, and depending on who the mets start in LF that day the opposing manager can bring in a lefty vs murphy or righty vs tatis..where do you see a solid bench?

  6. 5) Jim

    Cora is better on defense than Easley
    Pagan/Sullivan/Reed replaces Endy
    Castro is the same.
    Tatis / Murphy -if they fail Evans or F-Mart could be ready to replace
    Anderson is done and most likely will not be on the team.

    My surprise guy to be the last guy on the bench is Bobby Kielty in his career he hit lefties really well. Not so good against righties. He can play OF and 1B

    Castillo is the Wildcard on how the Mets will need to configure the bench.

  7. One thing on Abreu or Dunn does anyone think they would have come here to be the 4th OF.

    Not giving Murphy a chance would mean the Mets have no faith in the farm system.
    How do you think young players feel when they know they have no chance to make the team and when they do come up if they go 0-4 they will never get another chance.

    That how the Yankees do things.
    I don’t want the Mets to be like the Yankees I want them to be more like the Red Sox.

  8. (4) The ’86 team came off of a very strong ’85 season, which built upon a surprisingly strong ’84.. The questions were few. The only real question was Santana. Third base a choice of Johnson or Knight was a concern? No.. Foster, wasn’t even a thought. That was shown by the team not having a problem when he was let go. To compare this mediocrity of a club with ’86 is really just being wishful that Minaya built something special. This team has deteriotated two years in a row. This team has shown no nothing when the tough need to get going. This team has questions that are physical and mental in nature.

  9. (7) Really scott, the Yankees don’t let kids have a job?? Where’d they get that 2B guy from. Oh, their farm… Where’d they get that Chamberlain guy? Oh, their farm. Wher’d they get that Wang? Jeter, Posada? Rivera? Gee, they might have more guys from their system on their roster than the Mets do? Do you also not want to be in the playoffs as many times as they are?

  10. having the same or equivalent bench as the last two years doesnt make me feel confident in regards to bench play…but every team needs a boost from an unexpected source and hopefully the mets can find that in camp…what really concerns me is the fear of beltran wright or reyes getting injured. i know you cant prepare for that but who would our offense be poor w/o even one of those guys..thats why i felt another bat for LF would have been huge

  11. even if it was abreu or some1 like that to play left..depth would have been much better with both tatis and murphy on bench

  12. i still think the BP could use another LH…carrying just one is flat out stupid to me…,saying “we have RH who can get out both (which writers have mentioned the mets brass saying)” is just plain dumb…i feel i heard things like that b4 and then jerry manuel had to trot out to the mound every other batter looking for an answer than never came

  13. Any team that is going to have to depend on Delgado’s handful of healthy days, has to bat the zombie corpse of Luis Castillo high in the order, is pretending that The Schnide is a major league hitter and is going to throw Ryan Church in against lefties shouldn’t be tempting the fates with a brag.

    This is a team with an above average starting line-up and a vastly improved bullpen… but the Mets are still going to have to live and die on Reyes Wright and Beltran bats because the supporting sticks are a vast wasteland.

    When those guys are all hitting at once, this is a formidable team.

    When they’re not, this is a .500 team.

    We’ll see.

  14. Harry
    Cano was the 1st position player the Yankees developed in almost 10 years. The Yankees thought so little of him that they signed Tony Womak to play 2nd base. His total failure gave Cano a chance. Also I believe the D-Backs turned down Cano in a trade proposal. Your right on Wang and Chamberlain but Wang was also a surprise ( very little hype ) who was the last starter before these two Andy Petite almost 10 years earlier.
    Harry your the guy preaching younger is better. This team in many ways is better than the 2006 team. The rotation is younger and should be healthier. The closer is younger and they have insurance in case he gets hurt.
    No team is perfect but if this team stays healthy it should contend and be fun to watch.

  15. Jim
    The Mets most likely have another LH in the pen. Why can’t it be an unknown off the scrap heap. Oliver was an Omar special, infact Oliver was out of baseball in 2005 so why is it not possible to find another guy off the scrap heap.
    The story on Oliver was if he did not make the Mets he was going to retire. 3 yrs later he still is pitching.

  16. Scott,

    I refer you to jim who did a fine job listing my position.

    Bottom line is that in this market you do not have to hope someone comes through or that a young guy in AA can make the leap to Queens.

    In this market you can get Abreu for almost 1/3 the price of OP on a one year deal. Surely you can find a few complementary players for very cheap who can add depth to the IF and OF and make your team stronger.

    I do not think we did that other than getting a pen and resigning our pitcher who no one else wanted.

  17. One more thing about the farm. Our best almost ready guys are pitchers. One of whom may make the pen in the spring.

    all the other impact type guys are in high A ball or below. Not much help there. Oh yes there is FMart, but I want to see one full productive season out of him before we see him in the bigs.

  18. Dave
    Teams always make changes during the season.
    I know their is no guarantee that Murphy or Church will play up to expectations.
    I just don’t think Abreu was a good fit on this team. Abreu would have to switch postions and leagues. Dunn would have been a better choice but they decided not to go that way.
    Based on last season Murphy deserved a chance.

    Just remember this the Mets do have money left in the budget to add salary during the season.
    Suppose the Blue Jays go into full fire sale mode.
    In this economy anything is possible.
    Alexis Rios would look pretty damm good playing LF and the Mets might actually have the chips to pull off a deal for him.

  19. Scott,

    I agree that Murphy deserves a chance to play and hopefully there will be an in season acquisition to kick this team.

    I know Abreu has his warts, but his bat would be good in the lineup WITH Murphy.

  20. Back to the question at hand…I don’t have a problem with him saying it. Words mean nothing anyway. The Phillies won it all and now the Mets have to respond accordingly.

    It makes for a good rivalry and a guy shouldn’t be criticized for believing his team is the best. If he doesn’t think that, I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  21. (20) I enjoy disagreeing with Scott, but dave, I agree with him about Abreu. I’ll take a developing kid over a deteriorating Abreu who never could field in the first place. Murphy, at his age already has the one plstill us Abreu has, plate patience. Good luck Abreu, just stay away from Queens.