Santana update

While the Phillies are set with Cole Hamels as their Opening Day starter, the Mets aren’t there yet with Johan Santana.

Santana threw a 30-pitch bullpen session Sunday, and is not yet at full strength following surgery to repair a torn mtorn meniscus in his left knee.

“Everything is where it’s supposed to be,” Santana told reporters in Port St. Lucie. “I don’t expect to be 100 percent right away. It’s going to take some time. We’ve got around seven weeks to get everything going and I’m pretty sure we’re not going to have any problems.”

3 thoughts on “Santana update

  1. February 16.

    Opening Day is April 6.

    He has some time and from everything I’ve read, no problems so far during his bullpen sessions.

  2. There was an article somewhere on the internet — I think ot was MetsBlog but not entirely sure — that listed the Mets rotation as follows:

    Mon 4/6: Santana vs. Cincinnati
    Wed 4/8: Pelfrey vs. Cincinnati
    Thr 4/9: Perez vs. Cincinnati
    Fri 4/10: Maine vs. Florida
    Sat 4/11: #5 vs. Florida
    Sun 4/12: Santana vs. Florida

    Mon 4/13: Pelfrey vs. SD [Home Opener]
    Wed 4/14: Perez vs SD
    Thr 4/15: Maine vs. SD
    Fri 4/16: #5 vs. Mil
    Sat 4/17: Santana vs. Mil
    Sun 1/18: Pelfrey vs. Mil

    They are planning to go with a 5-man rotation from the very beginning so — assuming no cancellations — it plays out as I mapped it above.

    My 2 cents …. they slotted Pelfrey at #2 as that allows him to skip Florida who really beat him up in 2008.

    Otherwise, it limits their early season innings and protects all the arms (and Santana’s knee) so I am OK with it … assuming of course that #5 — whether it be Garcia, Redding or Niese — is reasonably effective.