Griffey to Braves?

It’s looking as it that might be the case. Griffey, who lives in Orlando – where the Braves train in spring training – has wanted to play for Atlanta. He might soon get the case. The Braves confirmed interest today according to

I broached Griffey to the Mets a couple of weeks ago, a thought that was rather coldly received. Apparently, the Braves still think he has something left.

He does vs. the Phillies, hitting .357 against them last season. Of course, Griffey isn’t the same player, but for a team wanting to win this year he’s a good piece to have. He’s exactly the kind of bat you trade for in July. Why not have him all season?

The Phillies, by the way, have already named Cole Hamels their Opening Day starter.

11 thoughts on “Griffey to Braves?

  1. The games I saw Griffey he looked like a guy who couldn’t cover any ground any more. We already have a left field platoon that can’t field, so why do we need another one? The guy’s legs have just been battered too many times. I never heard anything bad about the guy, but I think he should hang it up and wait for the HOF to call.

  2. There’s not much left to Griffey but… who knows. Maybe as half of a leftfield platoon he’ll have enough rest to play okay when he’s out there.

    It’s a reach but if we haven’t seen him at the point where he accepted himself as a part-time player yet.

    Maybe when the list gets leaked if Griffey isn’t on it, he gains a new celebrity as the clean home run king of his generation and that sells some tickets/inspires the team/makes him a clubhouse leader and a feel-good story.

    Who knows?

  3. i dont think griffey using or not using steroids will inspire the braves..i see him as a somewhat useful player who can maybe be in a platoon to give him some rest and not overexpose him….sounds like fernando tatis

  4. If the Braves do sign Griffey it just becomes one more senseless move for a team that is deluding itself if it believes it is a contender.
    The Braves need to rebuild but are afraid because ticket sales will fall off.
    In many ways they are the 2003 Mets when they signed Glavine.
    It is a bit ironic that people always claim you have to always have a contender in NY and rebuilding will not be tolerated.
    Meanwhile the Braves are acting just like a big market team afraid to tell their fans they need to rebuild.
    I have no idea if the Mets will win the East but I will guarantee you the Braves are going to finish closer to the last place Nationals than whoever wins the East this year.

  5. (7) Agree jim… Find me the guy who predicted the Rays finishing ahead of Boston/NYY last Feb and I’ll beleive his prediction. Until then I take no team as out of the hunt in Feb.

  6. Braves are an 84-win team…tops.

    That lineup is pathetic and adding Griffey to an NL team when he’s going to be expected to play regularly and compete at the age of 39 is stupid.

    One of the best thing to happen to the Mets in recent years is the retirement as GM by Schuerholz.

  7. Though to be fair, Harry brings up a great point about the Rays last year. Still, the Rays had talent…it was a matter of putting it all together.

    The Braves are a much older team with quite a few question marks, including what I believe is a fairly weak rotation.

  8. i guess growing up in a time where the braves won over 10 consecutive division titles makes it hard for me to believe that the braves cant compete..i hope you are right

    but lowe, jurrjens, chipper, mccann, escobar…i think the braves have pieces to compete