Where should Reyes hit?

Manager Jerry Manuel suggested to reporters he might bat Luis Castillo first and drop Jose Reyes to third.

I’m not crazy about the idea. My first inclination is Reyes will get power happy and put more balls in the air than he does already.

I wouldn’t have a problem with Castillo first if his legs are sound, but I’d hit Reyes second instead of third. If Reyes improves his on-base percentage, the No. 3 hitter will see a lot more fastballs.

As good as Reyes is leading off, hitting second might make him a better hitter if he becomes more disciplined. I still want Reyes to walk more and strike out less, bunt more and put the ball on the ground. If he’s protecting a good leadoff hitter, it just might go to improve Reyes’ game even more.

17 thoughts on “Where should Reyes hit?

  1. these arent even options of castillos knees are balky or he doesnt perform but i wouldnt mind seeing the lineup switched every once in a while but as a whole giving castillo even more ABs at the #1 doesnt make much sense to me

  2. If Manuel is serious — and I never know when he is and isn’t — and he’s even remotely thinking of Castillo as the leadoff batter, then he would be better served employing the LaRussa strategy of batting the pitcher 8th and Castillo 9th …. at least the game starts off with Reyes and then after that you get the same result with Castillo batting ahead of Reyes …. just my opinion.

  3. i still see castillo standing at the plate with the bat nailed to his shoulder. also he will slow reyes down and i dont want to see reyes give himself up to move him over

  4. JD, I remember bringing up Reyes in the 3 spot with you last year. He has one of the best risp avgs on the team. He hits with the bases empty too often. He has extra base power thats being wasted. If he was going to be bunter or slap hitter he would have been by now. Castillo was stealing his fair share of bases in the first half and he gets on base. Castillo/Church/ Reyes. I like Murphy in the 2 as well. If Jose was in the 3 hole, he would get 100 RBIs easily.

  5. interesting idea ray…not a bad one if someone was a bit more capable than castillo. if it was someone of the brian roberts mold than i would definitely be more inclined to use that type of lineup. but with castillo its a big gamble on him being able to produce

  6. I don’t think it’s the worst idea in the world. At least to try it out…but I have a feeling it doesn’t stick.

  7. If they want to move jose to 3 that is fine. the problem is there is no one on the team to get on base and force the pitcher to worry.

    when we get a player like that we can move jose to 3.

  8. Jim and dave, Here are the OBPs for the players concerned from last year.

    Reyes: .358
    Castillo .355
    Church .346
    Murphy .397

    Castillo had a bad year and Churchs obp was .371 before the injury.
    I think its worth a try. If its not working you can always go back to the old way.

  9. ray- i have read that beltran would possibly be in the 2 hole in that type of lineup…woudl you still be in favor of it then?


  10. it may or may not help castillo to bat first.

    but really who cares? he was a butcher in the field and a stump at the plate last year.

    I do not like the idea of hurting reyes effectiveness so castillo can be less of a black hole.

  11. Jim (10) No, I think that would be a waste of Beltrans power. Now that I think about it, maybe the Larussa style would work best.

    1. Reyes
    2. Church
    3. Beltran
    4. Delgado
    5. Wright
    6. Murphy/ Tatis
    7. Schneider
    8. Pitcher
    9. Castillo

    Reyes gets to stay on top of the lineup to steal bases and disrupt. It also gives him more opportunity to hit with runners on. Honestly, I dont think they will ever hit Jose 3rd. You dont want him stealing in front of Delgado.
    Also, late in games if a PH gets a hit for the pitcher, Castillo is an excellent bunter. Dave, I know you hate Castillo. Maybe you like this idea better?

  12. At this point in his career, I think Castillo would be lucky to bat eighth for the Saint Paul Saints or the Long Island Ducks.

    The thing the Mets most needed to fix this offseason that went unfixed was finding an actual solution at second.

    The catching and first base situations are abysmal as well, of course, but there were no viable options at those positions with the resources the Mets had.

    But second… there were secondbasemen out there and there were leftfielders out there to use as a path toward starting Murphy at secondbase.

    Castillo’s a blackhole wherever you put him, at least at the bottom of the order, he gets less at bats.

  13. It spring training, this is the time to experiment. You never know when you may have to alter the lineup to injury or a make up double header where someone can’t play both games.
    This gives the writers something to write and us something to talk about.
    Manuel seems to understand you need to do something in spring training to keep it interesting.

  14. Ray,

    I like that lineup, but I dont hate castillo that much. It is just that the reason we traded for him was to get more consistency at 2b because we did not trust gotay. then they gave him a big contract which i was ok with because he did well for us. I did not realize at the time that he had surgery on both knees.

    Now it seems we cannot jetison him because of the contract. In my mind at this point he adds nothing. the journeymen we brought up last year played better.

    I would as soon trade him and some $$ for a high A ballpayer and be done with it. but we wont do that. if we get rid of him i am willing to platoon murph with a vet to plug second and get a rental in OF – abreau would have been great this year.

    so we have a weaker of and hole in the lineup and 2b because the team wont say we messed up and deal with it.

  15. manuel likes beltran in the 2 hole and if the lineup can keep its depth and bat beltran at the 2 i think he will do that

  16. (15) I don’t see how you could trade Castillo to anybody when they could just sign Hudson and probably have a better player. He’s probably going for one year by now.
    (12) Castillo in the 2 hole or 9 hole. This franchiseplayed with Reyes once to help a mediocre player (Matsui) now just thinking of doing something with him to help another mediocre player (I know he was great on the Marlins but that was 6 years ago. Pedro was great 6 years ago but nobody wants him either) is just wrong. I like a guy in the 1 hole who can do more than steal. Can you see Castillo starting a game batting first. The other team will probably put all the outfielders on the infield dirt!