Mets sign Livan Hernandez ….

HERNANDEZ: Adds depth to rotation.

HERNANDEZ: Adds depth to rotation.

The Mets’ never-ending search to add pitching depth continued today with the signing of Livan Hernandez, El Duque’s half-brother. Hernandez, 34 next Friday, will compete with Jon Niese, Freddy Garcia and Tim Redding for the fifth starter role. He was signed to a minor league deal, but could earn $1 million if he makes the big league roster.

Bet on it.

“I just feel we need to have numbers,” said GM Omar Minaya. The Mets have 29 pitchers in camp.

Hernandez is an innings eater. He threw 180 last season for Minnesota and Colorado, but logged at least 200 the previous eight years. He has won at least 11 games the past nine seasons.

I like the signing. Minaya is right; a team can’t have too much pitching, and Hernandez has a history of durability.

This signing also leaves Pedro Martinez out in the cold.

7 thoughts on “Mets sign Livan Hernandez ….

  1. Innings eater: so what. His innings have been rather lousy for several years now. If he had some talent left in him, he’d have gotten a real deal. Garcia’s been hurt so it is understandable. This guy is done, toast, finished, washed-up, etc. If he makes the team it is not a good indicator.

  2. Hey, Id rather have him at AAA than Lima, Armas and some of the other bums Omar has signed in recent years. If he does well down there and some pitchers go down for another team, he could bring something in a trade. I wonder where Pedro will land?

  3. (2) I’m all for depth as well, but it just seems odd. I can’t picture this guy or Garcia actually spending time in the minors if they don’t make the club.

    Garcia has already said that.

  4. Garcia has already proven he’s the type of player you don’ want around. Give him tis contract with lots of incentives and the first thing out of his mouth is that I’m not going to the minors. Hey, freddy, go to you know where. Just the attitude that you don’t want or need. You are sure are in a position to throw around threats. Altoona is too good for you Freddy.
    (2) Sadecki: If Livan ever pitches in Queens we’ll see if your statement is correct or not.

  5. no risk. good move. we need arms. he hasnt been good recently but so what? if niese can beat these guys out great. if not at least we have someone unlike last year.

  6. I’m with note #2…

    Livan Hernandez is not very good at all and I wouldn’t want him on the roster except in the case of a ridiculous torrent of injuries?

    But. He basically cannot be as godawful as Jose Lima or Brandon Knight or any of the other “insurance” pitchers we’ve had to vomit through over the last few years.

    If he’s only around to hang out in Buffalo, waiting for a spot start after a minor injury or a roadtrip with a doubleheader in it, why not have him?

    That the Mets would be doomed with him as the regular #5 pitcher, though, goes without saying.