Where does Castillo fit in the order?

CASTILLO: All eyes on second baseman.

CASTILLO: All eyes on second baseman.

The most scrutinized Met figures to be second baseman Luis Castillo, the player GM Omar Minaya would have unloaded in an instant, but nobody was willing to come up with a bag of balls.

Harsh, yes … but Castillo has $18 million remaining on his contract, and is coming off a horrible, yet, injury plagued season. No Met has more pressure to come up with a fast start.

To put the odds in his favor, Jerry Manuel has to put Castillo in the spot in the order to best utilize his offensive skills, and that’s second. When Castillo is on his game, he can slap the ball around, bunt and work the count …. all which help Jose Reyes when he’s on base.

And, if Castillo is getting on base, he can be a distraction to the opposing pitcher, and as a base stealer, draw more fastballs. All this, of course, is theory based on Castillo’s performance before coming to the Mets.

All eyes are on Castillo this spring, and they won’t miss anything.

14 thoughts on “Where does Castillo fit in the order?

  1. Two-spot is the only way he can be used properly with the team constituted the way it is.

    You put him down in the order, you have a 7-8-9 of Schneider, Castillo, pitcher. Not only is that three weak hitters, when Schneider does get on, it would take an extra-base hit to score him from first…something Castillo does about 20 times over a good season. And his speed, or what is left of it, is wasted in the 8-spot because stealing with the pitcher at bat is foolish.

    Two or bust.

  2. 2 things …

    1. Woulldn;t you think he would be in camp early to start working out and showing his determination to rebound in 2009? Instead he is no where to be seen. Hopefully, he is just going to make a dramatic entrance and show up in excellent shape, but I have my doublts.

    2. Mr Met (#2) …. if he is such a weak hitter, then how can you justify putting a “weak hitter” in the 2-hole? I agree that he will bat #2, but only because the Mets will do everything possible to set him up to succeed …. but I really believe that when all is said and done, he will be a miserable failure by June, either be benched or DL’d and the cries for why the Mets did not sign Orlando Hudson will echo everywhere.

  3. I would go the LaRussa (Bragan) school on this.
    Bat Castillo 9.
    This could work but will never happen.

  4. Rock
    Maybe Hudson will wait till the end of April.
    If Castillo is a bust Hudson could get more money at that time then signing right now.

  5. Scott (#4) … possible I guess, but if Hudson is going to get MORE money, it won’t be from the Mets.

    The fact that Castillo is still here and that the Mets did not add a RH power bat really has me skeptical about this team right now …. I know that with spring training just starting there is an air of excitement and optimism, but I am having a very tough time seeing this team as a championship team at this point.

  6. Castillo has always been a table setter. He was one of the best for many years. Can anybody remember what he and Pierre did to the 2003 Yankees? I still say he is a productive player if healthy. I agree with mrmet (1) that putting him in the 7th hole is a waste.

  7. The type of player he is makes him useless except in the one hole which can’t happen, the 2 hole or the 9 hole. If he’s not healthy the boos should be directed at Minaya vice Castillo. Giving a guy who needs his legs but has bad knees a long term contract falls squarely on the GM.

  8. (2) Rok- Weak as in no pop. He works the count and doesn’t strike out much. He’s good to have behind Reyes…if he’s hitting and healthy.

    I’m not convinced on either until I see it and I’m not counting on it.

  9. I don’t disagree at all that Castillo in the 7-hole is a waste … but he’s a waste in the 2-hole too … Jose Reyes better have an OBP of over .500 leading off an inning because the only value Castillo has in the 2-hole is sacrificing Jose up a base …

    I remember what Castillo did in the 2003 World Series …. I also remember what he did against the Mets while with Florida …. remember that 30-something game hitting streak against the Mets? — they couldn’t get him out …. but 2003 was 5 full seasons ago …. unfortunately, the 2008 Castillo is a far better baramoter on what to expect from him in 2009 vs. the 2003 Castillo ….

    Again, I do belive he will start out as the #2 hittler …. he need to have success there if he is going to be a productive member of this team …. I do not think he will be productive and I think he will be out of the lineup by June 1 …

    I hope I am wrong.

  10. (9) Rok-They have to bat him somewhere assuming he is the starting 2B. Out of all the positions, the two-hole fits him best…unless you want to switch him and Reyes, which is an out-of-the box idea but could be intriguing.

    Of course, that would also depend on Castillo being healthy.

  11. gotta be in the 2 or 9 hole

    putting him 7 or 8 is a waste
    just have to hope for a bounceback season and solid obp from 2 hole

  12. Benchwarmer is a good spot. I have been trying to get that position on the team for decades. 😉