Dunn, Abreu off the market …. Mets missed chance.

I’ve been barking about the Mets signing Adam Dunn since the moment Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza walked out of Shea together after the final game ceremonies.

He’s now with Washington for two years at the cost of $20 million, where he’ll get a chance to maul Mets pitching for 19 games this season. Bobby Abreu signed with the Angels for $5 million for one season.

I wanted Dunn for his power and because I’m not convinced the left field platoon of Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy will be the answer. I know Dunn will strike out a lot (not as much as Ryan Howard), but he’ll also hit 40 homers and drive in 100 runs. He’ll also take his walks and be on base enough to where he should scored close to 100 runs. Plus, he’d be around to take over when Carlos Delgado leaves.

Abreu is also a consistent run producer. Either would have upgraded the Mets’ offense, which needs a little more pop.

The Mets upgraded their biggest need, which was the bullpen, but 29 blown saves also tells you the games were tight in the late innings. More firepower is needed because the Mets did not sufficiently upgrade their rotation.

55 thoughts on “Dunn, Abreu off the market …. Mets missed chance.

  1. I wanted the Mets to upgrade the offense and I considered Dunn…but he really doesn’t do much for me.

    I can’t get really worked up over the fact they passed on him.

  2. I have been clamoring for the mets to sign an OF since the season ended. JD i had felt in the past you did not think adding an outfield bat was important but I could not agree more with your post.

    a lineup of

    that feels like one bat away to me. i know that the offense produced runs last yr but as we all remember after the 5th inning the offense seemed to disappear…either abreu or maybe even dunn in the 2 spot would have added great depth… relying on a rookie and a guy who two years ago was out of the the mlb is playing with fire….not too mention that Omar has added 0 bench pop. who is the best ph on this club? marlon? (they never PH castro)…this team needed another OF IMO and i hope it doesnt bite them later on like not having any starting rotation/bullpen depth did the last two years

  3. btw…the nats now have 42 outfielders and maybe omar will look to them for a cheap flier..but another bench bat is a minimum

  4. Abreu puts up nice stats, but there have been questions about his defensive (particularly his reluctance to go near walls), and I seem to remember the Phils taking off once they jettisoned him to the Yanks a few years back.

    Dunn is interesting, but I can understand the reluctance to invest $20 million in a guy best suited for the DH role, especially with low-cost alternatives like Murphy and Fernando Martinez waiting in the wings.

  5. I’m not under the impression that this lineup is the ’27 Yankees…or even the ’06 Mets, but I do think some are worrying a bit much.

    Of course there are question marks…more than I would like, but with what should be a strong rotation and bullpen, the team doesn’t need to average 6 runs a game to win.

    The main problem with the offense is that even its best players are just too streaky, which frustrates the hell out of any of us fans when they score 8 runs/game over a 5-game span and then disappear for 4-5 games.

    But to say that they “needed” an OF or imply that the offense will struggle is a bit of a stretch to me.

    You still have 4 legit, star bats in this lineup.

  6. Jim bmore (2): I valued pitching over a bat, but their starting pitching is essentially the same as last year (I know, I know, there’s Tim Redding). Given that, I can see the need to upgrade the offense.-JD

  7. Tiffany (4): Dunn, ideally, yes should be a DH. But the next best thing is first base, which I’m looking at after this season. The next place where you hide suspect gloves is left field. Even so, it’s not like he can’t catch the ball in left.-JD

  8. 4 legit bats in a lineup doesnt cover up a weak hitting 2nd baseman, catcher, the need for a platoon in left, church needing to return to ’08 april form, delgado needing to be the beast he was in the 2nd half…and which is a staple of minayas tenure very little concern for adding bench depth.
    im not saying all these negative things will happen but i am saying the GM should have a backup plan in place in case they do (not to mention how in injury to wright, reyes, beltran, even delgado would crush the team’s offense)
    our bench:
    Tatis or Murphy

    that is horrid depth i think..an abreu would have moved murphy/tatis platoon to the bench which would have greatly improved depth
    if this team goes into the season with that bench and only adds a jose valentin, depth (not in the BP or SP this yr) on offense could be a serious problem

  9. does anyone feel castillo will produce this yr? I am hopeful he can return to somewhat near his previous form but his knees could be too shot for that.

    is a .280 average with a .370 OBP too much to ask?
    his whole career was around there til last yr so hopefully he can respond and take the 2 hole over…that would keep from having a 7 8 9 of schneider. castillo. pitcher aka 3 outs

  10. (8) I think the offense will frustrate more than we’d like but for the most part get the job done. The big key is Ryan Church. If he can do what he did in Washington over a full season…the offense would probably be fine. But he has to do it.

    And again, this issue with Delgado is a bit mystifying to me. Yes, he’s going to be 37 in June, so the decline will continue, but why is the 2nd half of 2008 an aberration as opposed to the 1st of it?? We’re talking about a guy who has 469 homers and in three years with the Mets has hit 38, 24, and 38 homers while driving in 112, 87 and 115 runs.

    I understand some concern that his age will cause him to fall off, but based on everything I’ve read, everyone always talks about “which Delgado will show up?” Doesn’t the guy deserve the benefit of the doubt?

  11. (9) I have no idea what to think of Castillo. I could see him bouncing back, but also not playing nearly as much due to injuries.

  12. (10) in my opinion, a guy who completely dogged it for half a season doesnt deserve the benefit of the doubt.. he layed down bc he was unhappy…thats unprofessional
    i know its hard to say he definitely did not try for willie but i do think his effort was far from 100% under randolph..do i think he was trying to strikeout, no..do i think he was preparing himself to the fullest for wille, no.
    i was on board with getting rid of willie but not giving 100% while getting paid millions is not right.

    in regards to his bat, i hope he rakes like the 2nd half. he made adjustments to get to the ball inside and i hope he still has quick enough hands to keep it going.

    i agree with you on church..we need him. early reports are he his healthy and read to go. he was our MVP for almost two months last yr and if he could give us a
    .280, 18 HR, 80 RBI yr that would be very solid but i was very concerned with how overmatched he looked vs. lefties at the end of last yr..i hope it was bc of injury but he couldnt make contact vs. lefties in september

  13. i believe i am in the minority on this one but i think redding will be solid for us. living in bmore we get all of the nats games (sad but true) and redding is a fighter on the mound. he’ll give you 6 innings and keep his team in the game and thats all you can ask for from a #5 starter these days

  14. (12/13) Delgado looked like crap, but most of these guys (outside of Manny) have enough pride and ego to not let themselves fall into a situation where they’re dogging it on purpose.

    A lot of people said the same thing about Jose Reyes last year. Now, I do believe that Reyes and Delgado were the two biggest players who Randolph “lost”, but people act as if Reyes did nothing until Randolph was fired in June.

    Not true. He got off to a bad start (.243 in March/April) but hit .316 in May with 5 homers and followed that up with a .305 average in June. Plus, 22-for-27 SB during that time.

    Yet he’s lumped in as “dogging it” The media can skew things impressively.

    As for Redding, I get the feeling that he’ll pitch out of the pen for the most part. I think that Garcia will be kept behind to start the season when NY really won’t need a 5th starter because of off-days and then become the back-end guy, until he gets hurt. Redding will get some starts, but I get the feeling he’s going to be in the Darren Oliver-role of ’06 more often than not.

  15. (15) Bench is weak, yeah. It helps, if say Murphy grabbed the LF job and sprinted with it, meaning Tatis was a full-time guy off the bench with pop…but I don’t see that happening.

    Just have to hope that someone surprises us or that Anderson, if he’s on the team, can recapture his PH prowess.

  16. I agree.

    I would sign Abreu for the OF at 5 for one year. If you need to platoon him it wont hurt as much as 20 over 2.

    We need more offense even if it is left handed because the pitching is suspect as well as the D.

  17. Abreu and Dunn are both lefties, and both have flaws in thier game. Dunn hit .225 with risp last year. Stiking out in big situations would not endear him to Mets fans. Abreu is a RF and we already have one of those. One thing the Mets have this year that they usually dont is minor league depth, especially FMart. Omar signed a bunch of outfielders to compete for a bench spot too, and didnt we get an OF in the Putz trade?
    Sidenote: Edgardo Alfonzo signed a 450k deal to play in Japan.

  18. jeremy reed will be the new endy
    abreu could learn to play left if he needed too and he may in LA and if fmart is never healthy its not easy to play

  19. Ray,

    I agree about them being lefties and being less than perfect. As stated above, we have an imperfect team with many warts.

    This is why I believe the easiest way to improve the team and hedge our bets is to do what John advocates above. I prefer Abreu to Dunn because of batting avg and cost.

    I disagree with you about our minor league depth. I agree that it seems we have more known players who have a shot at making it to Queens this year than say the last few years. Personally I would not rely on any of them to make a difference this year. As for the OF’s that Minaya signed/traded for to add depth to the team, I am not thrilled at any of them. I think we can get the same quality looking at a waiver wire.

  20. Jim

    no one is the new endy. Endy is a great defensive OF. The best OF we had until he was traded. It is unfortunate that his bat is so weak.

  21. I would have signed a reliever and an outfielder but Minaya decided on two closers. Maybe it will work, I understand the logic “we blew a huge number of games because of the bullpen, change just two into wins and we are a wild card team” But I’m not sure if a closer like Putz will be happy as a set up guy. It did,’t work for the Yankees with Lyle and Gossage in 1978. Well, they did win it all but they felt compelled to get rid of Lyle after the season and Gossage was bad his first month.
    I would have gotten Abreu instead of of Dunn. I know Philadelphia got better after he left but the Yankees jelled after they got him. Their problems are starting pitcher and the insanely stupid pressure to “win or it’s a disaster” the owner, fans and shortstop put on the team. Abreu is bad defensively but this is the Mets. Kevin McReynolds is the only good defensive left fielder we have ever had. Dave Kingman, George Foster, John Milner, Benny Agbayani-they couldn’t catch a cold in a blizzard.

  22. Dan, You forgot Steve Henderson, who made Johnny damons arm look like a canon. I think Cleon Jones was a good fielder, but that goes way back. I dont know if Abreu would have come here for that price. The article I read said He had his agent call the Angels with the offer because he wanted to play there.

  23. dave- jeremy reed is a very good glove and although we all loved endy..we wont miss too much with reed in games late to play LF

  24. (24) Yes Sadecki is right, Cleon was a good Left Fielder. He played center when we had Tommy Davis. Mookie was good the short time he was ourt left fielder as well. I don’t remember the fielding ability of Frank Thomas back in ’62, but it was really irrelevant then.
    (25) As for Jeremy Reed, he will not be as good as Endy in the OF. Chavez is a golden caliber fielder in all 3 outfield positions. Jeremy Reed ain’t matching him with the glove.
    I don’t see Abreu with his rapidly deteriorating skills being any better than what we have now. Dunn would have offered protection in the lineup and he would have given securtiy at first base down the road.

  25. Maybe I’m misreading everyone’s comments about Abreu, but he’s gone. Signed with the Angels for $5-$6mm/one year.

  26. No…I think my brain is fried this morning. I keep reading things in a way they’re not intended to be.

  27. jim(24)

    I hope you are right, but somehow I don’t think so. Unless he hits about 300 or is a doubles machine, I much rather have Endy patrolling any of the OF positions late in the game with a one run lead.

  28. Endy won me over, again and again. I will truly miss him and i think we have a major hole without him.

  29. you have to give up something to get something…endy was expendable. thinking with the head and not the heart makes that clear i think. he was a great OF who could only get in games late for his defense and bc of that i dont think he will be missed as much as others do..althoguh i loved having endy out there, getting an 8th inning guy was more important and to get reed back, who is a very good defensive OF was a good get in that trade

  30. jim. absolutely.

    endy was expendable. I was just commenting that endy is one of the best OF out there. you wont replace that.

    i hope you are right about reed. i hope he makes us happy he is here.

  31. i hope so too.. hopefully we’ll have the lead late in a lot of games to see reed in the game

  32. Signing Dunn for that much money would’ve been a mistake… I mean, ten million dollars a year, what, that’s ten dollars per strikeout?

    Dunn’s a walking arguement against accepting OPS as the be-all and end-all of a player… takes a lot of meaningless walks that produce nothing, hits a lot of his dingers in garbage time and strikes out in a lot of situations where a batted ball could have advantageously moved the runners.

    And he’s somehow worse defensively than Carlos Delgado and Carlos Delgado put together. No, that’s not a typo, it’s just the truth.

    Abreu that cheap… would’ve been a solid quick fix but only if it caused the Mets to grow the huevos to cut Castillo and play Murphy at second, shifting Tatis into a platoon with Church.

    That would’ve improved the Mets offensively at three positions with one fairly inexpensive move.

  33. (36) Why do you think Murphy will ever be your 2B man? He is a horrible infielder. He stunk at 3B at Binghamton, he really stunk there. You had to see him to fully appreciate his inability there. The chance of this guy making it at 2B are slim and none, and none is in the lead.

  34. i wish murphy was a capable 2nd baseman but if he was he would be starting come april and not being discussed as part of a platoon in LF

  35. He can’t be a worse overall players in the role of secondbase than Castillo is my point.

    Even if at first he was a bit of an Uggla-like butcher at the secondbase bag, his ability to HIT THE BALL OUT OF THE INFIELD is ridiculously better than Castillo, who can’t hit AND is regressing defensively.

    Any option is better than a Castillo option.

    I can’t shake the feeling that Murphy isn’t getting a chance to play into the role at the major league level, not because he can’t grow into that position defensively, but because Minaya refuses to do anything that forces him to admit that signing Castillo to a longterm deal was a disaster.

  36. 39 You don’t have to beleive anything. You like Ugglas, fine, but he costs his pitchers as many runs as he gives.His inability to field tires out the staff. Murphy wne tto Arizona Ball this Fall to play 2B. He was designated to be a 2Bthere before he was called up to the Mets. He was so bad when he reached the contractual minimum that was it. Castillo played with 2 bad legs last year. Until anyone sees him on the field this year, nobody knows what he has. If they are better he’s still a guy in his low 30’s.

  37. I agree with harry for the most part..hopefully an in-shape castillo can contribute..he still has quick hands and can turn the DP. we need his effort to be there..if it is i think he plays alright, not great but ok.
    if castillos effort is 0 again this yr than anything is better than him but im hoping for a slight bounceback and an OBP around .370

  38. also jerry will sit castillo if he is not performing. i dont think he will continue to play him just bc of his outrageous contract. he certainly didnt last yr when the season ended with ramon martinez at 2nd

  39. I see no evidence that Castillo would be sat. Minaya has a long history of putting not admitting he’s wrong over winning.

    See Moises Alou, Shawn Green, Jose Valentin, Pedro Martinez, most of the bullpen the last two years, trading Milledge for a bad catcher and a platoon outfielder, etc.

  40. (43) Of course there is no evidence. Nobody has seen anybody in game situations yet. Whether Castillo has legs back or not should become fairly evident quickly. If he can’t move again this year and Minaya won’t release then there are major problems ahead. If he’s ok, he’s as good a fielder and base stealer, and patient batter at 2B as any you could bring in or convert now. Just remember last June when virtually every fan wanted Delgado moved and who was right. (I’m defending Omar, ih no!)

  41. (44) OK, Who are you and what have you done with Chiti? Whats that? Oh, Hes posting as littlefallsnow (43) OK, I get it. 😀

  42. They were still right to want to have Delgado moved, hell, they were more right when he had that hot streak… because maybe you would’a gotten something for him.

    Another year older, another year of minor injuries to build up.

  43. (45): This is bad. This guy has usurped my role as the Minaya masher!!!
    (46) Yup, they move Delgado in June and what you think, maybe the team finishes 79-83 or something a little lower? And say you move him in November, who’s replacing his numbers, and who would have taken him anyway in this economic era?

  44. littlefalls how is their no evidence?? castillo sat the last month of the season. he was not on the DL. he was DNP coaches decision. there is your proof right there

  45. He played like crap when he was playing and taking time off for injuries didn’t help him any. The speed that let him get on base with his little banjo chops was in his knees and his defense was in his knees and his knees are gone.

    His knees are gone. What more do you need to know? A guy whose whole game was his speed and defense and his knees are gone.

    Water’s wet, the sky is up and when you’re a speed and defense guy, if your knees are gone, you’re done.

    What’s there to say?

  46. no harry…he may have played sparingly but he did not play everyday as a starter as a guy who makes 6 million dollars usually does, that was my point

    we can only hope castillo’s being in better shape and some rested knees/healthy body comes to camp this yr. i wish he wasnt our problem but he is and we can only hope for a bounce back yr

  47. 51 Jim bmore. The fact is jim injured players don’t play. You are being unfair to ignore the fact that he was injured, brought back from surgery too q

  48. sory, my fat fingers slipped//// anyway. he was a hurting guy. If he were 100% and playing sparingly you’d have a valid point. Why am I defending this Castillo???
    Do you live in Baltimore? I went to some game there when they had AL/NL East every year. Nice park, but that light rail sure went slow.

  49. haha we all can agree that we need a minor miracle aka castillo playing well this yr…. yes i live just in baltimore…grew up an O’s and Mets fan..all of my family is from new york and thats where my love for the mets comes from.. angelos has robbed the city of baltimore of a baseball team..its a shame, the city was a baseball town but his work has set the franchise back for over a decade…the mets come here in june. camden yards in gorgeous, top 5 ball park i think