Let it stand ….

SHEA: Honor its legacy.

SHEA: Honor its legacy.

There is one remaining wall of what was Shea Stadium that’s still standing. I know it won’t happen, because such decisions are never made on the fly, but I’d like to see it remain standing. It would make a great gesture to the past.

However, the Mets could still honor their Shea history by outlining a replica of the playing field in the parking lot and denote where some of the most memorable plays occurred with statues. Such of Seaver on the mound when he struck out 19 Padres, or Buckner, or the Swododa and Agee catches, of Cleon catching the final out of the 69 Series.

In Atlanta, the Braves have a replica of an outfield wall and mark where Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record, so it’s not like this hasn’t been done before.

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  1. I love Shea for all the memories I’ve experienced their throughout the years…but this isn’t Fenway or Wrigley Field. It does not need to stand.

    And to your point about denotes areas, I was under the impression that they were going to do an outline where the infield was. And they are keeping the old apple.

    I know a lot is made of the Brooklyn Dodgers ties, but I really like the idea of the Jackie Robinson rotunda. He wasn’t just a NY icon…he was a national icon.

    Where the Mets could really use some help is honoring their own franchise.

    Erect a Tom Seaver statue right away.

  2. mrmet (1): Yes. A Seaver statue is long overdue. And, honoring their history is paramount. That’s why I’d like to see the outline of the field.-JD

  3. I remember Gary Cohen mentioning that they were going to an outline of the infield in the parking lot which would be available for wheel chair and handicapped baseball/softball games on days it was not needed for actual parking. I have not heard of any plans to outline the entire field, but that may also be what they are doing.

    Noting the significant moments in Met history at Shea sounds like a nice idea, but imagine navigating thru all those statues while actually trying to park?

    I do agree that the Mets need to honor their past history and further agree that a Tom Seaver statte at CitiField is probably the one player that they would honor …. my problem is that as a liftime Met fan, I loved Seaver until I actually met him back in 2001 … what an unbearable, egotistical and condescending person …. from the historical perspective, he should be honored … from a personal perspective I can’t stand him based on first-hand experience.

    After seeing him milk the Shea Stadium closing ceremony for all the airtime he could, I am surprised he is not still out there at the site so that as spectators come by to take pictures of the stadium demolition, he can pop his face into each snapshot.

  4. leaving would be cool but dangerous. nothing to support it staying up and its a wind hazard now 😉

  5. We went on Sunday:


    And I already wrote about this, but I’m dismayed by so much. I’m dismayed that they couldn’t have spent $50 on a handful of webcams so that fans could check in on the dismantling of Shea. I’m dismayed that they deliberately blocked openings in the fences with obstructions so that people couldn’t look or take photos – I’m not talking about blocking people from entering (that was easy enough to do), I’m talking about just taking a goddamn photo.

    There has no respect given to the building by the Wilpons. They act as though if they pretend it isn’t there that we’ll all forget.

  6. mrmet
    you mentioned Wrigley Field.
    Wrigley is vastly overrated. The place is small, cramped, has poor sightlines and lacks enough modern amenities.
    This is one time when the myth of Wrigley far surpasses the reality.
    Of course many would say this is just my opinion but over the last few years I have seen many blogs and other stories from Cubs fans who think it really would be nice to have a new modern stadium.

    Anyone who has never been should go at least once. Actually the area outside the park is a great time.

  7. They can also name something after Gil Hodges too. That way the Wilpons can continue their Dodger obsession while still honoring the Mets!

  8. (7) You are right about Wrigley. Its very old. The ivy is something special though. I was at a DH there in 90 something with the Mets. The outside area is incredible. Fenway is also old and the seats aren’t the best either but I’d sure like to sit in those new seats on top of the monster.
    I don’t get the idea of retaining any of Shea Stadium. Your memories should remain no matter what. I still have my memories of the Polo Grounds and the old MSG. The statue however are a great idea.
    (6) The bottom line is that the Wilpons just aren’t customer support oriented. Never have been, never will. I remember years when the place was empty and they wouldn’t let the fans upstairs come down.

  9. Hey, I like the Orange. Chiti, I have a funny story for you and the gang. In the early 80s I snuck down from the cheapseats. There was a way to do it without passing the ushers. The place was practically empty of course. I found a nice seat a few rows behind the 3rd base dugout. There were a few guys with suits a few seats away. I looked down there and sure enough One of them was Doubleday. I said ” I know you, youre Doubleday! he said “No, Im not.”
    Then one of the other suits said “that is Mr. Doubleday, would you like him to autograph your ticket?” without thinking, I handed him the nosebleed ticket. He said ” Do you always sit down here with the cheap ticket?”
    I said: ” Why not? nobody else is sitting down here.”
    He laughed and we chatted about the Mets a little bit. George Foster and Ellis Valentine were just added, so I guess that makes it 1982.
    I dont know how freddy would have acted but Nelson was a nice guy.

  10. (7) Scott- I mentioned Wrigley more because of its historical significance.

    I have been there as well…and I loved it. It’s old, creaky and too small…but the surrounding area and the atmosphere more than make up for it.

  11. I saw this fortnight’s edition of The Sporting News interview 14 past Mets heroes such as Craig Anderson, Ed Kranepool, Pete Smith and Chris Donnels (how did they choose these guys?). One of them said the thing he most remembered about Shea was the large sewer rats. How about stuffing one and putting it on display in Bailout Ballpark? It is appropriate as the Yankees displaying some used syringes and the buried David Ortiz jersey at the Taxpayer Looting Stadium.

  12. If you want to use orange, may I suggest changing the links to orange? it is more subtle, not sure how it would look tho.

  13. I understand part of the clubhouse wall from old Washington Park in Brooklyn (Dodgers park before Ebbets field) is still standing in Brooklyn on 3rd avenue. I imagine pretty much every other old park: Ebbets, Polo Grounds, Hilltop par and soon Shea and Yankee Stadium I is obliterated. Kind of strange that has survived.

  14. (15) Dan- You’re right. All that they have for Ebbets field is a home plate plaque in the courtyard of the apts where the plate actually was.

    And at the apts where the Polo Grounds were, they just have a plaque saying it was there.

  15. (16) Tiffany- This why Minaya catches so much crap. A lot of it is undeserved, but moves like this make some of it legit.

    I loved Valentin…I seriously believe he was a very positive influence in the clubhouse, particularly with Reyes. That being said, the guy last played in July ’07, he’s pushing 40 and he’s coming off a neck injury that forced him to call it quits last season.

    No other team would have offered him even a minor league deal. If the Mets want to give him an open invite to come back as a coach, fine…but I just don’t get this type of move.

  16. I actually like the Valentin move. It’s a minor-league deal for peanuts (salmonella is just icing on the cake), with no strings attached. If he’s healthy and can win a job, he’s a nice insurance policy against Castillo’s decline; if not, he’ll be retired by May 1.

  17. (20) Tiffany- There is a part of me that likes it because I like Valentin. But I think he’s done…yet if he makes the team and produces decently, I’ll just await the inevitable breakdown late in the year when he plays too much.

    If he *actually* is producing, which I doubt, then Manuel really should platoon him and Castillo to keep both fresh.

  18. I don’t think the minor league deals aren’t one of Minaya’s failings. Its when he gives a guaranteed major league deal to finished guys like Julio Franco, Marlon Anderson, Mota etc, that locks up your 40 man roster and takes away flexibility that get him in trouble.

  19. Steve (8) um something is alwaready named after gil. a bowling alley in brooklyn and they renamed a street after him as well. What more? All my like the street near avenue J was what it was now its Gil Hodges way. very confusing. just because he lived on the block 😉