A-Roids outed … yawn … where’s the surprise?



Sports Illustrated had the story. Alex Rodriguez has been outed using steriods. Nothing is ever a surprise anymore. Not that there weren’t suspicions. How could there not be questions? How could there not be questions of anybody?

It’s disappointing in a sense because I hoped Rodriguez would have been the one to break Barry Bonds’ mark. (I refuse to call Bonds’ total a record, as to me, the record holder for home runs in Hank Aaron).

Rodriguez, like Bonds, is a great player. Did he really need chemical enhancement to reach his level of excellence? That’s the puzzling thing. It’s not like he needed something to put him over the top.

Then again, we don’t know when he started. We have an idea of when Bonds started, but Rodriguez we can only speculate.

To get inside his head and wonder why he would cross over to the dark side and opt to cheat for the first time would be a fascinating study.

For now, all we can do is wonder.

Why? When? Where? How?

And, of course, who else?

21 thoughts on “A-Roids outed … yawn … where’s the surprise?

  1. John,
    This report upsets because I feel that it taints A-Rod unfairly. If he was one of 104 that tested positively, then tell me who were the other 103.
    I have always thought that the union should have gotten this out in the open by publizing the entire list, adjusting to the new drug testing regimen (instead of fighting it) and then letting the world get on with baseball in post-steriod era.
    As if is now there will be the drip, drip of sensational disclosure to keep this story going.

  2. Because one of the union reps told him of the upcoming drug tests?

    Personally I think this is good for the game.

    It is time to stop trying to compare the ‘modern’ player with the history books.

    Bonds/McGuire/ARod and every one else cannot be compared to Babe/Dimaggio/Aaron/etc.

    They need their own Roids hall of fame and their own set of records.

    People need to stop being amazed at the feats of the Bionic men and just move on.

  3. One more thing. ARod should just admit that it happened and move on. It would be best for him unless he wants a grand jury.

    He had a few teamates in Texas that are known to be juiced so it is just a team thing.

  4. So, now we know that Alex has lied again, and again. I’m not surprised – is anyone? He really is A-Fraud now.

  5. I think competitive people cross over to the dark side because they’re competitive. And that competitive side beckons when lesser lights (like, say, Canseco) are reaching new heights because of new enhancements, legal or otherwise.

  6. Question to all who want to see the list publicized. Say you get all the names. Then do you ask to have the others’ samples re-teted because the testing can find steroids that they could not find 5-6 years ago?
    Say a guy like Brady Anderson isn’t on any list, wouldn’t people be suspicious of him anyway for having one 50 HR year which was more than double anything else he ever had? Would you be suspicious of pitchers that had one or two outstanding years out of nowhere? The era is detroyed for all players no matter what people find out down the road.

  7. Thankfully, no major Met player has been implicated so far. Could you imagine the angst of being a Yankee fan right now? good for them of course. They need to be knocked of their high horse. Just dont let Piazza be on the list, I say.

  8. (10/11): I don’t think it really matters anymore who was or wasn’t officially implicated. The entire era has a question mark.
    (1): Why does it taint A-Rod unfairly? He makes the most money. He’s got the biggest bullseye. If Sports Illustrated found out that a guy like say who had 240 big league at bats was tested positive in 2003, they would throw it out because nobody would care, nobody would talk about it and nobody would give the Sports Illustrated any free publicity.

  9. The Mets have mostly avoided getting caught in steroid scandals. I can’t decide if that is due to honesty or a better job of covering up. Probably the latter. Although there have been Tony Tarasco “marijuana in peanut butter jar” and the minor league (Robert Stratton) caught in a Michael Phelps moment (always glad to see Olympians exposed as cheaters, the way those games are shoved down your throat).

  10. did anyone see the news? The editor of the Post has balls! the headline
    A-Hole. to fitting.. get it 😉

  11. Ray (10) uh i thought Lo Duca was juiced. :-(
    nothing hurt me more then to find that out.
    oh and back in the day i think Lenny DSykstra was juiced. see him now. he looks older than ron and keith.

  12. Steve C is right about LoDuca and Nails. Plus also Mo Vaughn although I always try to forget about him. While it’s always fun to throw a few verbal darts at the Yankees, this is a baseball/sports in the 21st century problem.

  13. Francessa: “McGuire’s career officially destroyed. Barry Bond’s career officially destroyed and now A-Rod’s career takes a major hit, if not destroyed”

    Whoa Whoa Whoa. Wait just a minute homer Mike. Now why are we putting AROD in different company than the other users? Please. Their hall of fame careers have been tarnished just as ARODs has, call it a night, lets move on.