F-Mart has sore elbow

MLB.com reported Fernando Martinez left the Carribean World Series to have his sore right elbow examined in New York.

“I felt my elbow tighten up the day before yesterday,” Martinez said. “It was a little swollen. It’s better. I feel I can play again. I don’t think I need to fly to New York to get a check up, but the Mets want me to.”

I have a gut feeling the left field platoon of Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis might not pan out and F-Mart might get unexpected time in the majors.

15 thoughts on “F-Mart has sore elbow

  1. Hopefully it’s nothing more than a sore elbow. They’d send him to NYC if he stubbed his toe, so I don’t read much into that portion.

    Unless he gets hurt or is hitting .200, I’d expect to see him up at some point too, a la Milledge in ’06.

  2. Not sure where else to post this …. with Feliciano coming to terms, here is the 2009 projected opening-day lineiup with salaries …. totsl id $136.7 (or about $1M less than opening day 2008).

    Santana $20.00
    Pelfrey $1.65
    Maine $2.60
    Perez $12.00
    Redding $2.25
    Garcia $1.50
    Rodriguez $8.50
    Putz $5.00
    Green $0.50
    Feliciano $1.70
    Stokes $0.50
    Sanchez $1.69
    Wagner $10.50
    Schoenweis $1.60

    Schneider $4.90
    Castro $2.50

    Delgado $12.00
    Castillo $6.00
    Reyes $5.75
    Wright $7.50
    Cora $2.00

    Beltran $18.50
    Church $2.80
    Murphy $0.40
    Tatis $1.70
    Reed $0.50
    Andersen $1.15

  3. rock
    good list
    where did you find this info ?
    I usually check Cot’s Baseball Contracts.

  4. I hope FMart stays in the minors for most of the year.

    If he is up here it either means he is having a monster spring and forced his way to Shea or the OF sucks and we need him.

    I don’t think the former will happen and I hope it is not the later.

  5. (4)dave : I usually like kids but I agree in this case. With no moves for the offense if he’s in TARP Field this April the expectations and pressure will be unfair. People bring up Reyes coming up at 19, but the team sucked and there were no team expectations.

  6. Scott (#3) … I started with Cot’s, but after building a “base” list, copleted it by refering to published media reports that detailed the player acquisitin and their salary.

  7. Harry
    Since the Wilpons have recreated Ebbets Field
    They should change the name to Wilpon Field or Ebbets Field 2.

    This whole TARP issue is a big joke. The Yankees are close to signing a deal with Bank Of America for 20 million a year and they do not even get to put their name on the stadium.
    You are exactly right when you say it is all about perception.

  8. Scott

    Thanks for the tip. I didnt know that.

    It seems Bank of America may have been looking for a deal with the Yanks – the most famous name in sports, but it won’t happen now.

    They are selling lots of things, they need to keep merrill together and the CEO is under fire. Do they need another headache by signing a big ad deal with the Yanks while taking govt money to help them digest two big sick companies?

    I don’t think so.

  9. (8) I’d accept that name, BUT for those old enough to be around when the Giants/Dodgers were here, it is a real insult to the old NY Giant fans that this park is all Dodger and nothing Giant. If my old man were still breathing he’s never walk into Ebbets Field 2. He was Giants man until the day when Willie came back to NY. Then he could leave the Giants fandom. But he’d never support a team that was Dodgers light.