Is Torre right about Beltran?

In his book, Joe Torre took a jab at Carlos Beltran, calling him soft mentally and questioned his leadership capabilities. It’s a rap that resurfaced during the Mets’ pennant race fades the past two years.

Torre said Beltran wanted to come to the Yankees for a discount, but was talked out of it by his agent, Scott Boras, who got him an extra year and $19 million more with the Mets (seven at $119 million).

Said Torre: “Beltran wanted to come to us, so he could hide among the trees. Nobody wants to be that guy to lead.”

Not surprisingly, Beltran refuted Torre at last night’s Thurman Munson Dinner.

“First of all, I don’t know Joe Torre personally, so I don’t know what kind of person he is,” Beltran said. “The second thing I have to say is that when I met with the Yankees when I was a free agent, he wasn’t there, so you know, he didn’t know that we talked, so I didn’t meet him. So if he did say what he said, then that’s his opinion. I don’t have to comment on that. I feel very happy where I am.”

Beltran said Torre will have one less sale.

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  1. I can’t speak about Beltran’s leadership qualities because I’m not in the clubhouse, but when he came to the team he took Wright under his wings for workouts, and as for being soft, the man had his head cracked open in a collision and was back in a few days. If that’s soft then every ballplayer is a marshmallow.
    The one thing I do see clearly is this phony Joe Torre is God mystique is quickly coming off.

  2. He’s right and wrong.

    Beltran isn’t a “leader” in the way most people think, but I do recall hearing how he personally invited Reyes and Wright to work out with him back during his first ST with the Mets in ’05.

    And I will never question Beltran’s toughness after he came back from that collision with Cameron in less than a week and played the remainder of the season with a fracture in his face.

    He gets a bad rap among Mets fans and media because he gives percentages about his health…he just shouldn’t say anything.

  3. Beltran plays in pain, and you guys are right about him working out with Wright and Reyes. So what if he’s quiet. I don’t like the “hide among the trees” comment. It’s impossible to hide with the Yankees. It just can’t be done.-JD

  4. If that is the only comment attributed to Torre about Beltran then he is probably right. He’s a soft spoken man, seems kinda shy to me, so it’s quite possible.

  5. On a side note, according to ESPN, Omar contacted the agent of Will Ohman. He’d be a good pick up if the price is right. And at least he wouldn’t have to face Delgado. lol

  6. (5) I agree Steve. The Mets need another LH in that pen whose job is solely a LH specialist.

    Believe it or not, before last year, Feliciano handled both RH/LH well. His big problem last year was his control, particularly in the second half.

    1H- 2.86 ERA
    2H- 6.87 ERA

    v RH (08-.357) (07-.221) (06-.266)

  7. In his book, Joe Torre took a jab at Carlos Beltran, calling him soft mentally and questioned his leadership capabilities.

    I seem to recall that much of the same stuff was written about Mike Piazza — not by Torre, but in general — during Mike’s days here. Not so much soft as a questionable leader, but it was often brought up.

    I don’t know Beltran personally — but from the way he has played and represented the Mets, I would not call him “soft” at all.

    “Sensitive” perhaps, but not soft, in my opinion.

    As for his leadership capabilities, who is really to know? Shouldn’t someone define “leader” forst before determining whether a person is or isn’t one?

    As Chiti said (#1), we’re not in the clubhouse … how do we know how he interacts with the team?

    Frankly, when you come down to it, does a team really need 25 “leaders” anyway?

  8. unnecessary shot on beltran…he has been outstanding and underappreciated with the mets. with that being said, i would love to hear stories of him getting in people’s faces demanding more but thats justn ot him…i think that can be DWright but with veterans such as delgado in the clubhouse it may limit that..just a guess though

    i see wright taking over a big leadership role starting in ’09 but big time in 2010 when the mets will have
    1B- murphy
    2B- hudson? (if he signs 1 yr deal this yr and we find a taker for a castillo on a 2 yr deal)
    SS- Reyes
    LF- ??? F MART?
    CF- BEs

  9. CF- Beltran
    RF- Church?
    C- ????

    in 2010 the mets will NEED another big bat…jst like they should have looked at their offense this offseason but for some reason did not

  10. (10) Mr. Met: Not a surprise. There had to be a valid reason why no one would sign him.

  11. with the mets only looking at RH bat for under a mill…who could they get?

    nomar (probwants more)
    millar (close to signing with jays)
    jay payton (HA)

    why did we sign more LH pinch hit types when the mets need a RH backup for firstbase/utility

  12. I like Beltran and am glad he is here.

    He is soft in that he is not the face of the franchise that some would like him to be considering his contract.

    He has played hurt and never complained nor used it as an excuse.

    The only thing to complain about is a seeming inability to hit breaking balls on the inside part of the plate during crucial games.

    Great D, nice hitter.

  13. (10) just read about Sheets. Glad we got OP. He was the way to go after the Braves got stupid on Lowe.

  14. Well, thats why they call him clueless Joe. A lot of Mets fans have supported him in this controversy. I wont defend him anymore. A pretty cheap shot at Carlos, who was the hottest hitter down the stretch, and Has a record for postseason HRs in a season that probably wont be broken.

  15. Carlos Beltran is one of my favorite ballplayers so I have to defend him.

    Regarding his “soft-ness” well, he plays CF one of the most demanding positions on the diamond and has averaged about 155 games per year the past three years. Regarding his “leadership” skills, well, who says he’s the leader? who says he’s SUPPOSED to be a leader? he’s never volunteered for that position and has never claimed that role. That’s not the type of guy he is and it is not his personality. Besides that, if you watch the games closely enough it is OBVIOUS Beltran is the General in the Outfield. He leads and directs everything out there.

    Joe Torre is sooooo classy! Knocking Alex Rodriguez… alright, fine, go ahead. Knocking someone you have nothing to do with and know nothing about? kinda sleazy. Just sounds like an opinion to me.

  16. At the end of the day the thing that can not be denied is that considering offense and defense, Carlos Beltran is the best centerfielder in the game right now. Grady Sizemore comes in at a close second.
    Beltran is much better on defense.

  17. Scott from Pelham: You keep telling us what a great deal the bailout money for Citi is to everyone… Well from Reuters: “The U.S. Treasury Department bank bailout program received the least value from its investments in the most troubled surviving institutions — American International Group and Citigroup, a new report from a watchdog panel showed on Friday.

    The Congressional Oversight Panel report said the Treasury overpaid financial institutions by about $78 billion in its capital injections last year through the Troubled Asset Relief Program.”

    And Jeffy Wilpon told us that the Mets themselves were unaffected by Madoff. Guess what. WRONG. Look at the list The Wilpon familay ans seperately the Mets and Sterling Enterprises were losers in the Madoff scam. Also Sandy Koufax, Wilpon’s buddy. Wonder where Sandy got the tip from.

  18. Not that I agree with Torre sniping at any players in a book after he’s left town, but he’s right-on regarding A-Rod.

    While we all appreciate the immense talent of the guy, I think even the outside observer can tell the guy just loves to ham it up.

    My uncle, who works for YES, says A-Rod is exactly as he comes across…a phony.

  19. I can’t resist: Sounds like A-Rod and mrmet0805 are identical….. Thanks for the info.

  20. (20)


    I agree. 20 million a year for naming rights can be better spent when they are getting so much $$ from Joe Taxpayer.

    The mets want the deal because they know that no one will come close to the same terms if they replace Citi.

    On the other hand 20 mill is money that can be used to back new mortgages or pay salaries.

    Instead it will be used by the Mets to pay off the stadium.

  21. In four years of Carlos Beltran we have gotten one NLCS loss and three September fades. Would we have more if Beltran was a “fiery, New York guy”? Who knows? But Beltran has shown toughness coming back quickly from the collision and has generally played outstanding. Considering the long line of imported flops (I go back to Jimmy Piersall), Beltran is great in my book. The Core is not the problem, it’s the branches.

  22. (26) Dan: You pretty muched pinned it about Beltran. Remember Ernie Banks, I guess if he played today he’d be blasted for not going to the post-season ever. I guess I, myself, the late not so great Chiti is one of those imported flops!

  23. The biggest flop of all time. But then if he wasnt returned who would have ever heard of Chiti?

  24. (28) HaHa! Yes, for sure but still it was a better deal than the Zambrano trade. At least the Mets only gave up, well they only gave up Chiti for Chiti, instead of a baseball player.

  25. AROD has been outed as a roid user. One thing about those yankees, they sure arent boring.