Did the Mets really get their man?

The numbers are three years and $36 million, a little less than double the $6.5 million Oliver Perez got last season with the Mets to win 10 games.

The big question, at least to me, is whether Perez will interpret this as a snub or will he use this as a motivator?

“I feel very confident that he has taken steps to becoming a real good pitcher,” manager Jerry Manuel said. “He’s still very young. If he is added to the mix, it only strengthens us in the starting pitching, which would be a big plus for us, a very big plus for us.”

Hopefully, Perez will do the latter and pitch with a burning desire the next three years. Remember, at 27, he’s young enough to do this again.

Do you believe Perez will be in the right frame of mind, or should the Mets have overpaid for Derek Lowe?

31 thoughts on “Did the Mets really get their man?

  1. They overpaid for Perez too, all things considered. But it’s only a 3-year deal and there is still the hope he can become that consistent, dominant pitcher, because we’ve all seen the stuff.

    But giving Derek Lowe $60mm would have been outrageous. I was all for signing him, but for nothing more than 3/42.

  2. Well if he wants a huge payday after this new contract ends he had better use this as a motivator.

  3. I figure it he’s getting paid just short of double of what he used to get and had 10 wins last year, he owes us 18 wins this year :)

  4. Exactly what is Ollie’s right frame of mind would be my question.
    If Ollie drinks the Boras kool aid then he should be in the right frame of mind.
    Perez may be the last free agent this off season to get a 3 year deal.
    The way things are going the rest of the free agents available will be lucky to get 2 year deals. Most will have to settle for 1 year deals.

  5. He was originally asking 5yr 75M. He got the same deal as Krod who was asking the same. By that yardstick it was a good deal. He was great in ’07. We will just have to wait and see.

  6. mrmet, I am calling off my feud with you. You explained in another thread that you werent trying to mock me, just trying to make a joke. no hard feelings. The Manny saga now takes center stage. He wasnt even a Dodger six months and they are sick of him already. I wonder if a Japanese team would pay him what he wants?

  7. (6)Ray- No hard feelings. I just think we all need to see our boys on the field! The winter has been too long and tedious…let’s play ball!

    As for Manny…I tell you, this is going to be very interesting to see what happens. He’s not getting a 4-year deal and I highly doubt he’ll even get a guaranteed 3-year deal.

    Eventually some team will probably ante up and give him a 2-year deal w/ a 3rd-year option. My gut still says LA, but the longer this drags on, the more I think he’ll go elsewhere because the Dodgers are going to get fed up with this.

  8. The Dodgers are going to look pretty stupid if they offer him a 2 year deal after thier 1 year ultimatum. Manny Already looks stupid for this whole episode. Its too bad his great talent goes with a lousy personality.

  9. (8) Sadecki, this is such a wonderful thing…. I would call off my “feud” as well but Mrmet will never allow that to happen. I am so happy for you!!!!!

    PS: Who wanted OP back way back in Novemeber…. The late, not so great Chiti…..
    To Delcos: I think that OP does pitch with a burning desire every time out. I think he needs to draw down that fire to become more consistent. As for Manuel’s statement I’m still looking for that one manager to say Boy this move sure sucked!

  10. The Dodgers did MLB a very big favor. If Boras/players association bring collusion charges, the fact that the Dodgers offered 2 years 45 mil and then 1 year 25 mil helps the owners a lot. It is very plausable for other teams to make the case that they couldn’t afford an offer higher and why offer less than he already rejected.
    In the original collusion the owners were offering nothing. Remember Dawson begging for a job to the Cubs?

  11. Apparently we wanted Lowe for consistancy.

    He went somewhere else for way more than he is worth.

    After him, OP became the next one up. I am glad we got him because it adds certainty to the rotation.

    It would be nice if we would go get Sheets now, but that won’t happen.

    It would also be nice to get Manny for one year. That would almost guarantee we play into October or December or whenever the post season ends this year.

    Can you believe that Selig is the 4th highest paid MLB employee?


  12. Chiti (10) Can’t we all just get along? You got your man, Ollie. Its a happy time. 😀

  13. (13)Since you defended me so well, I will try very hard!!!!!…
    Question for you…. I now have MASN which means I will have the honor of getting all the National games which will make me much more knowledgeable about them than I was last year year which brings me to the question should the DC guy come back this season?? Just kidding, Delcos… He’s buried…. buried…. buried…

  14. There is no way he can feel “snubbed”. Dissapointed, maybe, but not snubbed, that’s ridiculous.
    He just doubled his salary while everyone else in the world are losing their jobs.

    I usually defend ball players and feel they’re mis-understood but some of the players really out of touch with reality and the real world with thier expectations of themselves. Are they totally oblivious or are they THAT hard-headed?
    The ego sure is something.

  15. had to get ollie once lowe was out…60 mil for him was nuts…36 for ollie, eh but ok

    he needs to continue to pitch well vs. the phils

  16. I was one who wanted Lowe on a 3-year deal. I believe he’ll still hold up for that time because of his style of pitching…but his contract from the Braves was crazy.

    I have no problem with Perez returning. He drives you nuts but he’s handled the pressure and maybe, just maybe, he really figures it out and turns into a dominant force.

  17. I’m glad that Omar is building the team with Pitching, Speed, and Defense….but let’s look at the opening day team shall we?

    C: Schneider—-slow as molasses, very disapointing defensively, last year was on reputation only

    1b: Delgado—slow, poor defensively

    2b: Castillo—no range anymore, o.k. speed when his legs aren’t killing him

    SS: Reyes—check
    3b: Wright–Check

    LF: Tatis/Murphy—not speed burners, fair to poor defensively

    CF: Beltran–Check
    RF: Church–Check (though to be honest, I don’t remember how fast he is)

    So essentially HALF of their starting 8 is not good defensively and is very slow. So might I ask, where does the speed and defense come into play?

    For now I’ll give Omar a check mark for pitching but that won’t be determined until Pelfrey and Maine prove themselves again.

  18. (18) Steve- A key reasons why I think Pelfrey will be a good player.

    1) harnessed his control
    2) gets a ton of GIDPs
    3) doesn’t give up HR

    Assuming he doesn’t suffer an injury and if he continues to raise his K/9 rate, he should be a 12-16 game winner with a mid-3 ERA on a good team.

    Considering Maine’s procedure was to simply shave a bone spur…I think he’ll be fine. That being said, unless he figures out how to put batters away without throwing 6-7 pitchers per AB, he’s always going to be that 6 inning pitcher, but he does K a batter per inning and doesn’t give up many hits, so he’s probably this team’s Sid Fernandez.

  19. (19) Mr. Met: About Maine…the surgery he had might have been minor, but surgery on a pitcher is still surgery and since he missed the last two months of the season, he has to prove to himself and to the fandom that he is ready to be the pitcher he was in 07 and the first month of 08. He must must develop some sort of out pitch to avoid like you said, those 6 to 7 pitches per AB, maybe more. Now was that because of his bone spur? We don’t know.

    As far as Big Pelf goes, he’s still going to have to prove that his second half of the season was no fluke and that he came into his own. Time will tell.

    I am just really worried that this team does not have enough offensively to seriously challenge for the World Series.

  20. Steve,

    Good points. This team if built on D has a long way to go.


    As for players being out of touch, I saw something recently where someone asked some football players some basic questions. One of which was how much does gas cost per gallon. The answer?


    I don’t think they are out of touch. Do you?

  21. (20) Steve- Agree. I just am more optimistic about the pitching than most, I guess. I agree wholeheartedly about the offense. Because I am confident in the rotation/bullpen, I do think the offense will be sufficient enough to make this team a prime postseason candidate.

    That being said, there are a few too many “ifs” for my liking on the offensive side, particularly if Church doesn’t play well. I don’t expect nos. like he did in April-May, but I figure a healthy Church could go .275 20 90 with the ample RBI opps ahead of him. But I don’t know what to expect from him.

    However, I really, really believe that this rotation, top to bottom, is the best in the East and has the potential to be devastating if things break right. Hell, if Maine does what he did last year over a full season, I could live with it. His nos. didn’t start tanking until his shoulder became an issue in July.

  22. (22) Mr. Met: I know we’re not signing him, but it sooooo irks me that they aren’t going after Manny. I think with Church that is all you can expect. I’m not sold on Daniel Murphy yet who has as much of a chance to be the next Mike Vail and certainly Tatis can not be counted on to repeat last years performance. That’s why Manny fits on so many levels…it allows them to strengthen the bench with Murphy and Tatis as well. And I just wish for once some reporter would ask Jeffy and Fred:

    “You play in the same town, you both have new ballparks, you both have your own sports networks, How can you possibly justify having a payroll that is SEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS LESS THAN THE YANKEES????”

    AARGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH—-(Thats just my frustration with the wilpons..lol)

  23. Manny,

    An article/blog somewhere points out Manny costs what the Mets receive from TARP via Citibank.

    This won’t happen of course as that money is being used to pay half of the yearly costs for the stadium – also subsidized by Joe Taxpayer.

  24. (24) Dave: My taxpayer money isn’t going into the stadium. It went into the Citibank Jet…so speak for yourself. LOL

  25. (23) Steve-If the Mets are not going to go after Manny or any other OF help, they should seriously consider Orlando Hudson.

    Can hit for average, has some pop, has decent speed, is a solid glove and is extremely influential in a positive way in the clubhouse.

    Considering he’s stated publicly on numerous occasions he’d like to play in NY and also because the market is so bad, he could be had relatively cheap on a one or two-year deal.

    He wouldn’t make the impact of Manny, but sliding him into the 2-hole would make the lineup much more solidified.

  26. (26) Mr. Met: Unless Omar can move Castillo, the Mets won’t sign O-Dawg. Or if Castillo has a season ending injury in spring training, then he’d become a possibility. Other than that, I don’t see how he can be signed. I read somewhere that Placido Polanco might be available either at the trade deadline or next year as a FA. I’d take him over Hudson and if it goes into next year, maybe Omar will eat 2 years of a contract.

  27. Did you guys know when Citi received the last 25 billion in TARP money they had to give the gov’t preferred stock.
    The stock pays the gov’t back approx 3.7 billion dollars a year in dividends.
    So the money was not free.

    On free agents
    Ken Rosenthal had an interesting column in which he said many unsigned FA should wait till the season starts before signing. Teams will see their shortcomings and pay more. If Hudson would wait till the end of April and Castillo is terrible maybe the Mets would sign Hudson.
    column below

  28. I do not have the numbers, but how much in TARP money has Citi received? I heard it was about 45 billion.

    How much of their debt is the govt guaranteeing? I do not recall if they bought someone or not like JP Morgan and Bank America.

  29. (28) perception is like possession. The perception is we got ripped…. And if/when Citi goes in to bankruptcy whoops there goes our dividend.
    (23) When i make the same complaint as you are doing, I’m told the Yankees are irresponsible or blah blah blah. Well, I wish we could change owners and make the playoffs almost every year.

  30. (28): Per the Wall Sreet Journal the gov only got 7 billion in sotck for guarantees that are in addition ot TARP money “In addition to the TARP money, Citigroup has also issued $7 billion of preferred stock to the Treasury and the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp in exchange for the government guaranteeing a $301 billion portfolio of assets.” Sounds like we need a hell of a lot of dividend money to win this deal!!!!